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Hey /gd/, I made this shitty first draft of a logo for my band in ms paint.

As someone with zero, ZERO prior knowledge of the subject, how can I move on from a clearly ms paint piece of shit logo like this to something that looks at least a little more polished? Not looking for criticism of the design itself, I know it's shit too but it works for a bunch of college students just trying to get local shows. Just wondering what I could do to make it a nice looking piece of shit.
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I think it's very telling of you that you called it shit 4 times in your post. It could easily pass for a popular band logo, it's not bad at all.

The thing which makes it look so obviously from paint is the low resolution and lack of "aliasing". That's what gives you those hard curves which you don't really want in a logo. If you did the same design in a program like Photoshop or Illustrator (easily pirateable) you wouldn't have that problem.

Another thing to help it look polished is just it's presentation. The text is in a dark colour and you've put it on another dark coloured background. Throw it on some white.
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For your purposes you won't need more than a basic vector software package. You could use corelDraw or adobe Illustrator but I would recommend Affinity Designer if you're on windows as it's free and less of a hassle than pirating.

I would recommend the following changes

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Is this tablet any good?
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>/gd/ - consumer purchase advice
fuck off
Isnt that model like 3 years old.
I had a similar one but it didnt have pressure sensitivity. Just make sure it has all the features that you want out of a tablet. I would save up for and intous though.

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Is it really true? Is the world running out of good logos?
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It's Pacman and Ms. Pacman doing a 69
I think it's a beautiful yin/yang.
This is a pretty good simple logo. Only thing I don't like about it is the typography.

That's actually a really cool interpretation and I'm kinda disappointed in myself that I didn't see it before you mentioned it.

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Pixel Art Mario.jpg
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I need help creating pixel, I get tips, look up tutorials, but whenever I got to do it I fail horribly or I can't figure out where to start. I literally can't even make classic 8-bit mario, what the fuck is wrong with me? Am I just a big piece of fucking trash?


>Picture of pixel art mario, looks simple enough but can't do it
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just count the dots in the image or something like that
there's usually a pixel art general at ic
also i made this rar with all the pixel art tutorials i found some were posted here years ago
I've been making pixel art in illustrator for a little while now. It's pretty comfy.

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It can be about anything and everything.

>pic unrelated
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$30 ok? i have paypal

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Do you guys think more complex, stylish logos (designs that were seen around the 90's-00's) will make their comeback? I for one would welcome it.
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1960-72 is go tier.

Unfortunately, until phones triple in size, or phones start displaying directly in your retina, we will be stuck with ultra minimal flat over tones. So I guess give it 5 years.

I keep trying to explain to my friends that 60s-70s gd is the literal golden age for design.
They just don't get it.

Fuck though, what a time that was. Fucking crazy art, architecture, film, music. Like they go from badly designing shit in the 50s (though some of it can look pretty good) to masterpieces of design. I'm honestly jealous of the people who got to live through that period. Shit must have been amazing. With the exception of 'Nam, I guess. Though the Cold War probably brought on a lot of what influenced the style. All that emerging technology, space exploration, all kinds of stuff.

Fuck I love it.
The era's design inspires me more than the shit nowadays. Some of the new stuff is cool, but it's hard for me to think we'll have anybody that'll become an instant classic, in any field. Like some of the great directors of the time. I mean fuck, movies probably will never be great again. It's just shit to get normies' money. "Hey guys, remember Tonka Trucks? Yer gonna love a movie imagining of it!". No real vision anymore. Fuckin memberberries.
I would agree, but
Fuck that. 60s-70s architecture was the worst.

File: Rory Logo.png (29KB, 793x793px)Image search: [Google]
Rory Logo.png
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Hey /gd/ I asked a friend of mine who studies graphic design to design me a logo for use across business cards, websites, watermarks etc and this is what he came up with. I'm a photographer so he incorporated an aperture in the logo, its an R since my name is Rory.
Since we're both relatively new to this world we're looking for some critical advice or feedback. What would you guys do differently? It doesn't look quite right to me.
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I don't think I've ever seen a photographer use a shutter in their logo. Very creative and unique!

Also the polygon shutter clashes with the R's curved leg.
I see flying pizza slices or paperplanes.. Also, looks kind of unfinished for some reason.
Boring but inoffensive

File: 6_One_Stop_LOGO.jpg (578KB, 2905x1310px)Image search: [Google]
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I pass one of these stores every morning on way to work.

The typeface annoys the shit out of me. Thoughts?
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Also, ridiculous use of bold/regular/light font for the tagline. Why?? These fuckers apparently have over 700 stores in the UK you'd think they could come up with some better shit than this
The spurs seem a bit sharp, but the general shape looks like it's communicating it's idea pretty well. Open strokes [welcoming], fairly geometric [reliable], non-offending.

Everything you want in a local store.

Why does it annoy you?

The dividers seem unnecessary, especially for the tagline. As I said, using three different font weights for the tag too.

I think rounder spurs would definitely work better. It just looks cheap to me. Also, dislike the colour scheme

They have 700+ stores so obviously the paying public don't agree with me or give a shit

File: IMG_6453.png (119KB, 480x280px)Image search: [Google]
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>Mine: Embattled Clothing.
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File: Volcom_Circle_Stone.jpg (40KB, 960x960px)Image search: [Google]
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I don't skate anymore, but Volcom's logo has always had a special place in my heart.

I'm a sucker for symmetry.

There's a lot of cool logos in skateboarding though.
Element is another good one that comes to mind.
File: Adidas-Logos.jpg (71KB, 1414x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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for me it was adidas it's weird their products were twice as much as generic ones and i didn't usually mind paying that much just for having something made by them. nowadays i try to avoid any logos on clothing.

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Who else misses skeuomorphic design
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I just want this flat design meme to die.
File: ios-redesign.gif (1MB, 720x494px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 720x494px
Not me, Flat design is the future.
It will. Its just s shitty trend.

File: 5432556.png (175KB, 530x604px)Image search: [Google]
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Photoshop's official Facebook page is full of middle eastern fucks trying to promote their shitty artwork, and i mean each and every comment section of a post is filled with them.
Why is this a thing?
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It's mainly Indians.

India's population is high
But lack of jobs
So they go for jobs they can get from different markets
They try and self-teach photoshop
Don't have western taste
Don't understand western trends / standards
Don't understand western promotion

It's hard for them too, you can't really blame them. Definitely annoying though.
Behance's comment section is the same.
Non-Western people should be banned from designing

Sorry but they are just not visually or culturally informed enough. Have you seen some of the shit on spec/contest sites? I almost feel bad for then and for how unaware they are of even the most basic design principles.

I don't blame poor Indians for trying to hustle with some 90s PC and shitty freeware design package. But they simply don't have the skills, the technology or the taste to be designers. They should stick to washing Elephants

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Does anyone has all 84 styles?
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>website is a crazy full javascript presentation with advanced branding and visual direction designed specially for the font release
>font is literally a slightly tweaked Univers

Yikes, I thought only Neubau did this kind of shit
>Yikes, I thought only Neubau did this kind of shit

Blind as fuck
top: Neubau's ocdonutsteel typeface AP Regular
bottom: Univers LT Medium with the letters A,m,n 5% condensed

Wow, two completely different typefaces !

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I want to start selling prints as a small side income.
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File: acb.png (235KB, 598x652px)Image search: [Google]
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fuck off
First reply by someone who's mad and jelly. Guess I'm on the right track, thanks.

You need to attend to class, realize what design is, then try to sell something.
More importantly, if you don't trust our judgement try landing a job as a designer in any studio and see.

This take on harsh criticism makes you look stupid. We now you are an amateur. Now we know that you're also clueless.

My take is that design isn't for you if you can't take honest critique. You are not made for the job.

File: savebtuton.png (14KB, 82x66px)Image search: [Google]
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Hello guys, just recently started learning graphic design so be kind pls.

I had my emplyer buy me the suite cs6 adobe so I could help in that department (small company) so no worries there.

But for the life of me, I can't seem to find the save button (pic related).

So if some kind anon was able to locate it for me, it'd be sweet.
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Data -> Save
Export / Save for web /
CTRL+S, you imbecile

File: itJT21Vl_400x400.png (31KB, 400x400px)Image search: [Google]
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At what point did this turn into a heap of shit performance wise? I booted it up recently to draft up a book cover and it chokes on a canvas with basically fucking nothing while barely using a single core and less than a 1gb of ram
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CS6 was the last best of all the adobe products. I still run AE and Premiere on it. All I ever need. Fuck CC
I actually think CS3 was the last of the good ones. Name a feature that you like after CS3.
This isn't about features, but performance. CS6 still work smooth as butter in modern machines, but (for example) the newer After Effect versions have REMOVED features, I shit you not. And multiprocessing is gone too.

But yeah most of the new features are shit too. The GPU preview in AI is great though.

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