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Hey /gd/ I have to design some shirts for a streetwear company as a school project, any suggestions on how can i make these designs look more finished and professional?
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what's wrong with it?

Put those logos in a photorealistic mock up is all I'd say if you want it to look more real
i don't like the position of the front logo.. could be somewhere more badass to me. Either i can't help you just wanted to post, good luck
this. the polo tit pocket logo placement is played out. try same x positioning but down towards the bottom of the shirt, maybe shift it left just a bit so its wrapping around the side

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Anyone here switch majors into gd?

I originally wanted to do graphic design (being an artfag all my life) by my parents harshly discouraged me. So I started studying something that would make them proud like computer science.

After a while CS began to feel so stale and boring. It's so difficult to work on it because I just hate it so much now.

I think I wanna come back to graphic design. Should I do it anons?

My brain just isn't used to thinking in math and code all the time. I've been very visual all my life.
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Of course you should, if that's what you like then do it. Don't force yourself to do something you don't like.

graphic design is really good. I felt the same way you did about design. I got bored of it.

Just take some time off and experience life. It makes you understand how important your skills and knowledge are, how ever weak they may be.

Never forget, you aren't the first or the last. And there will always be someone shittier than you.
Thanks for the input anons.
Honestly I fell the make 90k right out of college meme.

I guess it's a good thing I'm not too far into that degree yet.

Time to make a change.

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Does smoking weed make you feel more creative? Can you work high?

I'm trying to but i keep getting distracted.
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Skull - Keep it Merica.png
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I'm a high functioning substance abuser. Tell people who say that to fuck off, yes I do my best work fucked but that's not dependent on being fucked that's my addiction

If you are alive, healthy, happy and not on the verge of killing yourself or others, and you are not on any drugs, for the love of god don't start taking any. .
>drugs are bad mmkay
Use weed to scribble things up and doodle loosely and without judgement. And most importantly, don't TRY to do it, just do it if something comes up in your head.

Later on, when sober, work on what you have. Don't try to use any software more complex than paint, you'll just waste yourself up. Weed is to do relaxed stuff, not finished pieces.

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> I'll start my fellow feelers
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i've got others like this on instagram :

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File: 51.jpg (1MB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1920x1080px

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Hey /gd/.

How can I make it better?
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remove the black outlines, make each outer piece touch the one in the middle and change the middle color to a combination of each of the others using a gradient mesh and maybe place the name of company or person tag below the logo so it appears more completed and play with the proportions make one version really small and a really big one.
File: test.png (46KB, 2168x1431px)Image search: [Google]
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Thank you for answer. Tried what u said.
Struggling to make each outer piece touch the one in the middle.
Name of company will be added with the title website.
I would use flat colors instead of gradients.

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Help me /gd/. I need to make this CV pop and have no experience, and I keep feeling like Im messing it up, what can i do to make it really pop?
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File: IMG_2205.png (234KB, 599x304px)Image search: [Google]
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I got you m8.
Don't you dare steal my clients !
op here, I just needed some advice dudes, really need to impress the people at the college I'm applying to. Id love some serious advice if its going

File: BoopPoint.png (28KB, 1446x937px)Image search: [Google]
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Schools in Norway have something called "UB" ("Youth Company" or something like that) and I made this logo for our company, got any critique or ideas to make it better?
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And yes, it is heavily inspired by another logo (Cant remember wich one it was though)
Your visual is lost with the incomplete b, especially because the p is complete and they are essetially opposites.

File: 一人で.png (1MB, 962x939px)Image search: [Google]
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I just made this trash.
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How many layers of irony are you on?
Irony is passe, I've entered an era of new-sincerity. I genuinely enjoy generic facebook memes now.
Same desu

Also,.....sad boys on point tho.

File: sierra_illustrator.jpg (188KB, 956x537px)Image search: [Google]
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>install macOS sierra
>open Illustrator
>beautiful art
>export -> PNG
>Artboards dont work anymore!?

is anyone having same issue!?

I'm on a cracked Illustrator 17.0.0
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Get a more updated Crack or buy the offical one
they are hard to find today :(

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Has anyone successfully cracked the Creative Cloud?

If so do the file transfer features work or just the applications?

Sorry if this is a retarded question, I've happily been in the stone age with CS5, but I have a potential client who wants me to get up to speed with the cloud.

I'd pay if I was certain I'd get a lot of work from them, but I don't want to otherwise..

(and Adobe has chiselled their demo down to 7 days from 30)
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what a retarded question
Stop being a faggot and just pay the 200/yr. After 4 years you finally paid what you would have for a single copy for the CS4 Master Suite, AND you got all the updated versions of the entire suite during that time aswell.

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I need some help with some graphic design. I need some images resized and shaped/enhanced if possible.

I might be willing to toss a few bucks your way if they come out pretty awesome.
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Still looking.
No one is interested in your request for free work.

File: Doomed.jpg (2MB, 3496x2536px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 3496x2536px
I have to digitize this. Aka recreate the entire thing, make it all clean and pretty, on the computer and color it. Sometimes I really hate my clients and am seriously thinking about passing this one up.
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Open up Illustrator and get crackin.

it could be worse i just had a client reject some designs that took me 3 days to make because he found someone else that could work cheaper and it doesn't seem like that i could reuse them.
sorry bro.

File: Magazine.png (342KB, 1280x1024px)Image search: [Google]
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hey anon, need advice not sure where im going wrong with this design just don't like it, suggestions please and no im not starting again!
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You seem to have accidentally designed it in photoshop
yeah I have too in my college its the only design programme available
yeah I have too in my college its the only design programme available

File: Game_Grumps_Logo.jpg (58KB, 620x349px)Image search: [Google]
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Im fairly new to grapical design n stuff, and recently Ive fallen in love with an effect, of which is like, small circles on a grid. Its much like the one used in the gamegrumps logo. Can anyone tell me what this is called and maybe how to make it?
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circles pattern
File: gamegrumpstut.png (86KB, 800x700px)Image search: [Google]
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there go.
File: Img.jpg (44KB, 384x383px)Image search: [Google]
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You know that comes from pop art, right?

File: FB_IMG_1476290426221.jpg (42KB, 680x523px)Image search: [Google]
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Post your logo parodies and spoofs
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