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Does anyone else find this logo incredibly ugly? At first glance it resembles dominoes or a boardgame die, but the asymmetry is bothering me. While the actual controllers are well balanced on each side, the logo representing them is not, and with the full huge in-your-face placement on the controller and dock it's that much more obnoxious. Most devices settle for the icon or text logos only.
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whoever designed it should be beheaded
File: switched.png (14KB, 844x448px)Image search: [Google]
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I edited the proportions a bit, could be slightly better
>circle radii are different too
Oh hell make it stop

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let me tell you folks there's a tremendous problem with her logo, a tremendous tremendous problem and we are going to make americas graphics safe again and we are also going to make american design great again because we're going to make americas graphics wealthy again because look at what's happening out there look at canada look at all these places and you can see the problem that i can tell you and we're going to solve it bigly believe me this i can tell you

anyone else think they're voting trump just because of his campaign look? just look at hers it's like a fascist symbol stamped on everything. not to mention the brown shirts hired to push people around in the streets..
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The five minute suggestion looks like a plane flying into the WTC
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File: 1438918534681.gif (496KB, 500x455px)Image search: [Google]
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Hello guys, I have a photo studio and I just designed our logo, this is a try, I'm not very good at illustrator but what do you think about it ? I need honesty, and not trolls or mean responses, I'm just trying to improve myself.

The circle represents our integrity and dynamism (therefore the red color) and the yellow round letters represents our fun at work and in our photos.

Any ideas on how to improve it ? Thanks for your advices
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~~senpai noticed your baitu
sorry i'm french, i don't speak Japanese
An aerial view of 2 big, mishapen turds floating in a commode


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Is there a better pixel-art than this?
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File: rlyz0.gif (127KB, 672x808px)Image search: [Google]
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Of course there is better pixel art than that, not saying it isn't great looking.

I agree. I'm real proud I managed to never spend real money on that one. The temptation was there.

I actually don't have any pixel pictures on this thing so I'm just going to have to recommend that people look up Kid Radd.
Please tell me this is a thing.

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Why is this board so empty in comparison with other boards? Was this board always like this?
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yes it was worse a couple years ago moot even asked us about merging gd and 3 however thanks to wsr thete has been less request and dumb frog posters
i often come here to see people posting their stuff but people rarely post here and when they do it's memes and requests
Because this board doesn't typically discuss cartoon porn, trannies or Pepe

File: Palmer.png (285KB, 600x848px)Image search: [Google]
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Working on a classic cigarette box mock up. This is what I have so far and not finished yet. Tips so far plz jabronies.
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Well since it's unfinished it definitely looks unfinished.

Did you hand letter "palmer"? it's sloppy.

I like the figure.

Colors need tuning, and you should fucking finish shit before posting, our critique is fairly worthless otherwise.

I hope you can do decent details because this could be ok.
The lettering is a font called "the bold font". It looked cool but the spacing is shit. I'm going to replace that for sure.

I was most worried about the figure in the middle the most. That's why I posted it unfinished. That took the bulk of my work so far so I didn't want to waste any more time if I needed to replace him.

The figure is fine - for something not done, but, seeing as it is so half done, there's not much more to discuss until you progress.

File: DagM8LogoLoading.gif (1MB, 1080x1080px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1080x1080px
Any critique on this logo? Also, trying to find a logotype that fits it. It's an octopus morphed with an '8'.
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File: 1476923239472[1].jpg (36KB, 580x386px)Image search: [Google]
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Thinking about odudo, but it's not free.
File: Q.jpg (50KB, 600x450px)Image search: [Google]
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I don't like the way the top of the octopus is the origin/anchor of the animation. the middle of the circular 'face' would work better I think

File: cirenpyre.png (198KB, 800x800px)Image search: [Google]
198KB, 800x800px
song cover I made for a friend, opinions?
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this is thrown together based off of what he had already made, so facebook kind of destroyed the flame design he sent me
It's not good. Aesthetically unappealing, difficult to read, feels vapid.
did you expand the image? it's not that hard to read

File: Colors+-01.png (83KB, 2480x3508px)Image search: [Google]
83KB, 2480x3508px
Made this because I was bored and I'm posting this just in case someone is needing.
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dont get it

File: piglet-1332259.jpg (4MB, 4008x2667px)Image search: [Google]
4MB, 4008x2667px
Beaner here
so, I just designed a book for a company and published it and its going to be sold nationwide, however, i used pirated fonts, 2 avenir next pro fonts and 4 palatino fonts, how fucked am i?
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Why didn't you make the company purchase the fonts? Why didn't you align font choice with the company?
How does an amateur like you even get hired?
they saw what i was doing and they really liked the fonts, but they never knew they had to pay for the fonts.
Am I fucked or not? I live in Mexico
Am i saved if I purchase the monotype library suscription?

File: Of mice and men.png (397KB, 1400x1920px)Image search: [Google]
Of mice and men.png
397KB, 1400x1920px
Why not try your hand at a /gd/ challenge?

Design a re-imagined cover and spine of your favourite book, here is mine.
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No one?
bruh, this takes TIME
I'd participate if the image for the thread wasn't complete shit

File: Jesen-01.jpg (2MB, 8000x5000px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 8000x5000px
i'm new be gentle
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u r a nigger
Do you have any other seasons to contrast it with?

File: 3.png (440KB, 640x531px)Image search: [Google]
440KB, 640x531px
Assignment was to do a line drawing using photoshop. Dunno where to go from here. Help me out guise
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File: nicehair.png (255KB, 640x531px)Image search: [Google]
255KB, 640x531px
heres the original image
File: huntercollage.png (4MB, 2192x1446px)Image search: [Google]
4MB, 2192x1446px
also i made this collage. is this a decent idea?
File: 8cGbepjRi.jpg (663KB, 2545x1491px)Image search: [Google]
663KB, 2545x1491px
The background is hot garbage, and how exactly is it a line drawing?

Visual noise is masking the fact that there's nothing interesting here. Drop or at least tone down the tacky posterisation effect

File: Bird_Ip6.png (605KB, 758x1342px)Image search: [Google]
605KB, 758x1342px
Learning how to use illustrator so I made an iPhone wallpaper.

Please r8 so I can improve. Thanks.
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the silhouette is hard to recognize
File: pidgeotto.png (53KB, 689x775px)Image search: [Google]
53KB, 689x775px
Who's That Pokémon?
Lol well it's supposed to be a cardinal but I have to admit it does look like goddamn pidgeotto too

File: 1474584321118.jpg (5MB, 5821x4226px)Image search: [Google]
5MB, 5821x4226px
Hey /gd/,

Just joined /gd/ irc chat but there's nobody.

Would you guys be interested in a Discord chat ?
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No, I'm not interested in either one.
But im afraid I don't have much time to use those chats

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