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Haven't seen one in the catalog

Whats the going rate for Jane Marple OPs like pic related?
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Depends on the print
That print goes usually for about $320-$450 depending on its cut. You do have to be more specific with what you are looking for though because Jane marble can be cheap and expensive second hand. Just like with all brands.
Yeah, I was talking about this specific dress >>9109447 cause I consider selling mine.

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what makeup can't you try and be cheap about?
or really what kind of makeup just doesn't work unless it's the real deal?
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>Foundation/BB cream
Tried to skimp on BB cream once and just grabbed something from Target. My face was not happy with me
for me it's eyelash glue...
don't wimp out on it... they fall off so easily.....
Foundation, concealer, circle lenses. Also recommend going just a bit above the bottom $1-2 tier for eye shadows and blush for less chalkiness.

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72 hours out and no thread. Any STL Seagulls attending? It's relatively cheap, so I might head out just to get some shit signed by Al Snow or something.
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My first STL con in a long while. I just hope the thug culture of Saint Louis doesn't find it way to this con.
"Natsucon?" Lol really? They literally just changed one letter from Katsucon.
Should be fine since it's in Collinsville.
Means summer con
>it's always in july

Is this really a thing?

Who's going?
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Wow, this tiny thing got a thread? I saw them advertising at U-Con at UConn, but I don't really care about the guests. Decided to go to PopCult Anime Con up in MA instead that weekend to chill and take cosplay pics.
Hate to say it >>9107955 but Terrificon looks bigger than your gayfest con.
Yeah, I'm sure it will be bigger, but it's more corporate, so that makes sense. It's been a while since I've gone to a small con, so I'm feeling it. The hotel that PCAC is at is really pretty. I'd rather chill with friends for the weekend and get nice photos taken than go to the casino. To each their own. I'd be interested in seeing how Terrificon goes and maybe consider going next year.
sage for not actually contributing anything.

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Old thread is in autosage
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Share your feels. Happy, sad, whatever! Be sure to keep them cgl related.

Previous thread >>9094594
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>mfw baby actually gave into shitty Chinese lolitas whining about muh rassism

I feel like a part of me died

so baby ignores where they come from?

a pity they'd rather suck Chinese lolitas cocks than run an honorable business
I'm minorly ticked off that a Baby staffperson says "Americans don't have a good eye for cute things" and other shit, meanwhile Chinese girls get vaguely insulted and Baby drops everything to cater to them.

I guess the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
I mean, Americans don't have an eye for cute things, at least not the "kawaii" aesthetic. Everything that is an attempt on cute is tacky as fuck.

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Show your own creations. OC cosplay, own/unique design etc. Credits of related picture to Wolf Queen Aska Kjelu Russ.
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bump for interest
I'd love to cosplay my own characters but alas I don't look even remotely like any of them.

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am I the only person who still wears OTT Sweet? is it really dead? :(
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I still wear it, just because OTT Classic is in right now doesn't mean I personally enjoy blending into my grandmothers couch when I sit on it.
I still wear it, it's the style that got me into lolita.
No and no.


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You're never too popular to make horrifying mistakes edition. Old thread >>9082185
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How did she think this was okay? I am genuinely confused. Was she high?

You know those outfits that you could see an anime character wearing and not bat an eye, but translates horribly into real life?

Yeah. This is one of those.
Some beauties tagged punk lolita on tumblr.

So Voltron was pretty decent. It's pedestrian but it's got good bones to work with.

How much Volton cosplay will there be? I'm looking forward to good Lance and Keith. All my friends are hung up on "Space Daddy" Shiro.

I'm thinking the paladin suits are going to be awful when people try them.
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Shiro is top qt, but I think Keith is going to be the most popular because he's the virtuoso type and an easier bodytype to aspire for.
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A thread for discussion, questions, coord advice, inspo photos for j-fashions other than lolita. Lolita is still welcome though, especially coords which are influenced by other styles.

>which j-fash styles are now dead? Which are rising?

>Which j-fashion do you wear and how often?

>Who are your non-lolita j-fashion icons?
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Cult party and dolly kei are dead sadly
Thank you for this thread.
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When I first found out about j-fashion I was 12-13. I knew about lolita at the time but didnt really like it. I was super in love with decora however. At the time lolita was still very oldschool and I didnt have a mature enough taste to enjoy it. But when I rediscovered lolita years later, OTT era had happened and I fell in love. I now appreciate and enjoy oldschool though

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I've seen a lot of people making whip chokers and I was wondering the best way to do this? Do they pipe directly onto the choker or pipe onto something else, peel it off when dry and then glue it onto the choker? And I'm guessing they use a fabric type choker and the silicone stays well?
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I have a ton of cute Animal Crossing amiibos that I really don't need. I kind of want to pry off their little stand and make some cute phone and 3DS cases with them. Thoughts and inspo?
Amiibos seem like they'd be way too bulky, but maybe that's just me. I'm not a fan of deco that's thrice the thickness of the object being deco'd. Amiibos can get kinda heavy too, the AC ones are pretty thick.
This is surprisingly cute. I imagine they use a flexible plastic base or something, I don't know if silicone would stick well enough to fabric to not come off when it's worn a few times.

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Time to post your Dealers Room/AA loot! Here's mine, starting from right to left courtesy of someone that's both a Lolita and a gamer!

1. Tales Of Special Edition 20th anniversary Memoriam artbook

2.Breath Of Fire artbook (wanted to find Sora No Kiseki/Falcom artbooks as well as FFVII and Xenogears Perfect Works but this is all I could find at all the artbook vendors, ah well I'll collect all the rare JRPG art books there are!)

3.A Sweet Mildred Classic-style bunny JSK

4.Lolita/Fairy-Kei accessories such as two bows and one of those colorful hair accessory star thingies, a pony ring, a sparkly purple bear necklace, an Alice in Wonderland pink rabbit necklace and a really sparkly decoden crescent moon wand necklace.

5. A sexy little pink catbell choker I got from AA for all my kinky needs

6.More AA stuff in the form of pins and acrylic charms to represent my fandoms: I got two adorable charms of my two fave Eeveelutions, Sylveon and Flareon in teacups; double-sided with their shiny forms. Slyveon, Flareon and Espeon pins as well as a Sailor V pin since she as well as the Black Moon Clan are my faves of Sailor Moon so I had to get her to match the other side of my SM fandom!

7: The original Lunar Eternal Blue for the Sega CD! One of my fave JRPGs of all time along with all the rest of GameArts offerings. I've only ever owned and played the PSX remake versions but as a hugee Lunar/GameArts/JRPG fan I couldn't pass up getting the original and seeing what it was like in its first form.

8. And finally, probably my luckiest find in the entire convention: A Sailor Moon Black Moon villains fanzine/art book featuring two beautiful pics of my SM OTP Prince Demande/Saphir from the AA! I hardly ever see any AA stuff focusing on the SM villains, let alone the BMC, LET ALONE this ship! The fact that it was also pretty much my first find in the AA makes it really seem like it was fate, the fandom gods were definitely smiling down on me!

This is just 1 out of 3 pics.
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Part 2: Closeup of my accessory/pin/charms side of the haul
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Beautiful pic of my OTP from the art book
File: image.jpg (844KB, 1536x2048px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Pic 2 of my OTL from the book: HNNNNNNNG MA BABIES!!!!

>tfw: so this is what it feels like to find ship art of your OTP at a con

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Post your horror stories buying, selling, or commissioning.

>post ad in Cosplay Commissioners group on Facebook for swimming fabric Ariel tail
>a few people comment, but one of them has a really nice portfolio
>asks for a quote
>she asks for measurements and sends links to different fabrics that would work
>after I pick one, she quotes me $110 plus shipping
>seems pretty reasonable so I agree and send the payment
>end up waiting a month for the first progress photo
>photo is blurry, but the tail looks nice, though she didn't follow some of my requests
>at this point I just want the tail so I ask when it'll be done
>"well anon, I have a con to go to the next 2 weekends, so sometime after that"
>a little mad since I already waited a month but whatever
>almost another month goes by and finally the tail is shipped!
>open the package eagerly once it comes and my heart drops
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>loose threads everywhere
>holes along every seam
>"swimmable" fin is actually a foam board
>well look at the pics I previously posted
>everything about this is awful
>awkwardly but kindly message commissioner about my disappointment and say everything wrong
>she goes on to blame me because "well stretchy fabrics are difficult to work with and I should've kept that in mind as I was picking out the fabric"
>but she agrees to a partial refund of $70 plus I have to pay for return shipping
>accept it and send the tail back but then go to paypal to get my remaining $40 back
>send paypal messages and everything
>paypal sides with the seller
>lost $40 for nothing in the end.
Holy crap. Name and shame.
She gave you the fabric choices, she should have known that she sucks at sewing. Can't fault you for that.
I own an Etsy shop and work primarily with this mermaid spandex. It IS NOT swim safe. Bleach and salt water destroy it.

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old thread: >>9057701

Itabag FAQ and Beginners Guide v. 2.1
Read the document first before asking basic questions that have been answered time and time again like "is making a bag for ___ ok?" and "where do i get the heart bags??".

Buyf/a/g Guide
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google doc link broken
why does wego insist on putting the glitter filled clear material on all their pastel bags but the clear on the bright bags, i want the pale yellow for my jyushi bag but i hate the glitter
No it isn't?

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