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Post cosplays or plans/progress of characters you rarely see
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Yet again, a new larp thread
previous one

And in the spirit of the last part of the previous thread, now this one has 135% more autism
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>135% more autism
finally a thread for me
it's for everyone anon, not just for you
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The last thread poofed, so I wanted to start a new one. Post any Ladybug cosplay you see! I, for one, am excited that people have started cosplaying the villains because they have some really fun designs.
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Well, Chinese shops are doing overtime in selling costumes and some cosplayers even launched a website selling ladybug-patterned spandex by the yards so now wonder there are many ladybugs around, pic. related.

Weird that the official merchandising is still not out.

Weird too that no latex cosplayers have been shown.
Even more (aka bump with contents). Some get the fine patterns almost right.
Oh shit is this at acen? i saw her and her wig is FANTASTIC

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Mfw my friends always wonder why I never let anyone help me with cosplay and when we do a group and we agreed to make stuff for each other and I make all of their stuff and we get to the con and I learn they didn't make any of my shit only each others. Feels bad.

Any stories of you being fucked over for cosplay or regret a decision you made regarding it?
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People in this hobby fucking suck sometimes

I made a cosplay group with a bunch of friends and we filled in all the roles and it was going to be an awesome time. That day comes, 2 come in another outfit and then say to me that they're getting the actual outfit from someone else but that person is busy and cant give it to them, mfw a few days later I realize they never even intended to wear the group outfit to con

Oh and one other person in the group didn't even hang out with us for more than 30 mins because their other high maintenance ass friend never let them
Friends did this to me, then as I'm working on the stuff they didn't make for me, they tried to tell me how they did theirs, which was with hot glue.
I was like nope, I'll take my time making this look good...
Have a college friend tell me about her cosplay group from her hometown. The self appointed leader was rich, and bought her cosplay. So while everyone else was working on their outfits, she'd yell at them like why aren't you done? We have to practice the dance! (They were doing love live)

The only person the leader was cool with was my friend since "oh you've been busy in school in America, it's ok."
They pretty much silently kicked her out the group.

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I went there, and I took a couple of pictures with my shitty camera. Enjoy!
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Look like 4chan can't auto-rotate pictures. Oh well, deal with it.

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can we have a cosplay titties/cosplay fap thread?
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Is anyone going to cosplay as Toobie from Nier?
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damn, that doesn't even look like outlandish cosplay, looks like high end lolita stuff that you could pass off as fashion forward

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It's nice, yes.
lol no.

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Anyone going to AFW this weekend? I thought I saw some people post in the thread last year so might as well try again.
Any restaurants I need to hit up this weekend?
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El búmpõ
Peep this Naka-kon rip off graphic design lmao
Pls no bully.
It's the only other Kansas anime con

Hey seagulls. Recently decided to redo my wardrobe, and since I like normalfag punk, I thought it might be a good idea to try to steer my lolita wardrobe more in that direction as well.

Share your inspo, ask for advice, post trainwrecks, save me from myself.
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Gonna dump some pics I like to kick it off

Ouji also very, very welcome.

>this coord is almost rly cute but it seems a bit too busy to me?
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circusy ouji.jpg
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I'm a sucker for circus themed shit
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I'm not sure how I feel about the pastel contrast, but i think I like it a lot?

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Hey /cgl/
I want to learn how to sew better so I've been thinking of buying a sewing machine. What's the best machine for beginners? Also every time I go thrifting I always see a couple of machines that look like they're in decent condition, but not sure if I should buy used or get a brand new one.
What machines do you use?
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The potential for a vintage machine from a thrift store to be a good buy is fairly good. Just really look it over, make sure the needle plate is undamaged, make sure the hand crank moves everything, ensure you've got the power cord and cable. Call the local sewing shop and ask how much a tune up on a non computerized machine is. It's usually fairly cheap. I've been sewing on vintage sewing machines for 3 years and hate sewing on modern ones, only do it when I'm using the embroidery machine. The low end models like the one you posted won't sew through many layers and you won't get probably more than a year. So either save up for a janome or buy vintage.
Janome and Kenmore are my go to machines, especially older models. They're meant to last, and easy to fix.
Noted. Actually about to hit up a couple of thrift shops so I'll look for the things you talked about. I think I want to practice with small projects before actually trying anything serious so I'll go with vintage for now. Once I'm more confident with my skills then I'll buy a newer one.

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Post con depression thread

Anyone gonna dump those /cgl/ meetup photos?
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>tfw didn't go to /cgl/ meetup to hit on the ugly-mediocre chicks
Feels bad man.
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Whoops posted in the old thread.

I wanted to go to AX really badly, but I didn't want to go without dressing up in some way, so I let my other hobby bleed into this one a bit and I just wore my gucci Crye stuff and a bunch of /k/ related patches.

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Share your feels. Be sure to keep them cgl related.

Previous thread >>9078542
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I wore my new Lizard (Spider-Man) costume to ABC, and everyone I passed yelled "Here come dat boi! O shit waddup!"

Damn it.
>Do you have fond memories to think back to? I think you'd regret not doing it more than doing it. The hollowness of dreaming of what might have been hurts more than the bitterness of what came and went.
Word. It's hard to help, though.

I feel so silly. I only met her irl once.
I really want to get back into cosplay but money is tight right now and I'm currently looking to get a new job so I'm not sure where I'll be living so it's hard to plan for cons. I'm so motivated right now but can't do anything about it! Maybe il start planning things out and sketching etc

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Post inspo, self, discussion, etc.

Will start with a small inspo dump
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bruisepristine (1).jpg
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>mfw people try to say the name Lolita has nothing to do with the book

Okay, so I've been in this fashion for nearly 10 years and have done hours upon hours worth of research into this topic and have found nothing concrete explaining why it's called Lolita. Everyone has been saying it has nothing to do with the book since the dawn of time, but there doesn't seem to be any real evidence supporting this claim. There's several different theories about how the name has come up, but none have any proof, just some random person blogging about it.

So yeah, I'm just gonna come out and say it; I think it does have something to do with the book. Lolita is not a word foreign to Japan, in fact they use that word to describe little girls in a sexual context far more than Western countries do. I'm sorry, but it's not a coincidence. If you can give me solid proof as to name origin besides speculation, please do.
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>Hours worth of research
Did you even try googling "lolita" in Japanese? One of the first results is the Wikipedia about the fashion, with a section titled "Origin of the Name".
A translation on LiveJournal:
There you go, anon.
I think the reason lolita is called lolita is because the fashion was an effort to counteract women being sexualaized so maybe it was an effort for young girls to take back the word from its pedophilia context?? idk just my therory based on things ive read

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Why do they always end up like this?
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maid cafes usually choose their volunteers based on one of these three ways.

>1. the maids know someone
you can tell if a maid cafe is like this because usually the girls are well… not that cute or well put together.
>2. the maids are hired based on someone’s personal preference for girls.
you can tell if a maid cafe is like this because all the girls will have similar features, like brown hair with blue eyes, or all Asian girls. (pic related, Anime Expo's maid cafe)
>3. the maids are hired based on their actual qualifications
you can tell if its like this because the maids are usually cute, energetic, and there is actual diversity

surprise surprise, #3 is the least common.
SacAnime's maidcafe was actually like #3 in 2013-2014

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