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With the new bluetooth pipboy will we see a surge?
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Im trying to make my next cosplay the sole survivor in the vein of this guy but mostly just the license plate armour. Thinking of sticking with a 10mm prop gun though
is there any pip boy prop that can hold an iphone 6 in it
My power armor is completely done. Making my customers' suits before I finish my personal one

Lolita / Cosplay In Public Stories

Ever been asked "are you in a play?" How has the general public treated you & what have they said?
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"Are you in a play?"
"Why are you dressed up/What's the occasion?"
"Who are you cosplaying?"
"I used to wear dresses like that when I was a baby!"
"Will you take a photo with my daughter?"
I got my first "you look like Little Bo-Peep" comment just the other day, it honestly felt like a rite of passage.
I've had little girls ask me if I'm a princess and the mothers will ask me nicely to get a photo taken with the girls, which is kinda nice.

One year for our halloween meetup, I was walking to the meeting place (a busy public square) and a bunch of drunk military boys came up and said DUDE WHAT PARTY ARE YOU GOING TO, CAN I COME???

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It's been a while, you know the drill.
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Shame on this thread not having any posts in it! SHAME!!
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Most recent cosplay, I've been busy with school so I haven't had time to really work on new stuff.
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Holly Joestar Kira, I'm p happy with this costume & it's super comfortable! Excited to get my Otakon stuff done

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"Nah, I'm just here for the Rave man."
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"Yeah, I don't really like cosplaying too much. Isn't the focus of anime cons on, you know, anime and manga?"

"If the cosplayer isn't familiar with anime or manga, or doesn't care about it, then why go to an anime con?"

These piss me off to no end. And I always hear this kinda stuff from salty neckbeards that get pissy because they think we're stealing "their territory."

If anything, we're the only important part of the conventions, and their stupid little cartoon fandom conventions would be dead without cosplayers.

And yes, I hate anime and manga, but I like dressing up as the characters. I wish I could throw them out. Elitists contribute nothing to conventions.
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deadpool cosplayers that think its okay to photobomb photoshoots etc.
here in kansas we deal with a certain deadpool that we call meth pool or dj deadpool but his name is andrew and he gets booted out of conventions everytime for being a little shit head.

we're at that point in the year where there's nothing fuckin going on
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Aside from Ame coming up

What's the Warwick campus like?
Sunnycon is on today

>What's the Warwick campus like?
Really nice, lots of quality pubs around and pretty much anything you'd want near a con
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Sunnycon was really fun today
Saw this cool Junkrat who stayed in character all day. Didn't wanna dump my own stuff this early in the thread

Can we have a thread for good gijinka designs and cosplay? Especially stuff other than Pokemon.
Wanted to make a thread after seeing this pic on Facebook. I never thought I would like an Eeveelutions group but they look amazing.
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Starting with a small non-Pokemon dump
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Apologies for Ukraineposting
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Hall shot from the archive

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What does /cgl/ think of cosplay porn?
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I think its cute when they act in character, but dumb when they turn cosplay into a fetish.
3D is gross. 2D waifus only.
All for it as long as they're in character. Also, bad costumes (as in eBay quality hotglued satin messes, not just cheap easy to clean costumes), awful makeup and being a completely different body shape/type (again, I don't mean a chubby girl with a well-fitting cosplay, I mean Tumblrwhales trying to pass themselves off as petite and waifish) are a huge turnoff.

As long as you meet my extraordinarily high expectations of looking and acting like the character you're pretending to be, it's great.

With all the Breath of the Wild hype, seeing some Nintendo cosplays would be gr8. Post em!
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we need more fire emblem desu
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from LoZ.
This is really cute

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How tall is /cgl/?
Has your height ever hindered your cosplay?
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I'm a 5'11 goddamn man and I don't cosplay
5'11" 113lbs. I'm a stick.
5'1" here. I don't cosplay much, but my height is great for jfashion like sweet lolita and fairy kei.

Now the trailer is out, how many first!! Moanas will we be seeing this con season?

>unsealed body paint
>orange white girl
>cultural appropriation
>sjws saying only pacific islanders can cosplay her
>sjws photoshopping a black Moana
>blotchy tan
>barefeet con wank
>real grass skirts
>plastic skirt wank
>"natural hair" vs wig wank
>normie website features black girl cosplaying Moana with hair natural hair

Any more?
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I am not seeing the hype. At this moment in time it seems a bit boring and I have little reason to think people would cosplay her until I see more development on her personality.
>"natural hair" vs wig wank
>normie website features black girl cosplaying Moana with hair natural hair

polynesian hair and 'natural' hair aren't the same. please save me from listening to non-poly people trying to tell me she has black hair when she just got islander hair. I'm going to hate everything about this 'fandom' i can fucking feel it

I wonder how many people will bother to stick on fake eyebrows to get that cunty smirk right.

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Last thread >>8926754

Brands/Models List (WIP):

FAQ(WIP): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-7rG9uqr-qHej3zqML5zfFXcZCA1p_aKkyFfunvN-Bo/pub

Partial Scans List:

Video about Larme Magazine (annoying narrator alert):

Petite Dollies intro to Larme and style guide: http://blog.petitedollies.com/2016/04/about-larme-magazine.html
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Damn, I wish I could find an offbrand skirt like this. You're super lucky!

Ehyphen bonbon has some good inspiration with their newest stuff.
Is Ruka MTF or FTM? I know she/he/xir takes hormones, but I've seriously always wondered about it.
I assumed Ruka was FAB but identified as non-binary? I thought I saw a post where they mentioned they were too underweight for proper endocrine function, hence the hormones. I could be wrong, however

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Everything's a fucking battle in cosplay photography. You have to put up with so much shit, and for what? 20 dollars an hour? Please.

Tell us why we should keep putting up with your attitudes and shooting you for well below market rates for portrait photography.
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Because you chose a laughable job and need the money.
Get thicker skin
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Because you're desperate for the cash in an environment where you're expendable

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Has anyone gone to AC before? Thinking of going this year but it may just be the post-AX depression giving me the desire. Is it worth going to?
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If you like party cons this is just for you.
I went year 1 in 2014 and had a good time meeting gulls and partying with them. More of a party con. Like a smaller ALA.

New location in Long Beach should be interesting
Are many gulls going?

Realistically I'm most likely heading to SacAnime

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Which booths are selling Japanese import games this year? Hardcore bilingual JRPG gamer here looking to grab some rare gaming loot this year at AX!
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There's one I'm not sure the section so bare with me. Second to the last row, towards the far left. A lot of imports. Prices were alright.
Far left as in towards the back or the front of the entrance?
Far left going towards the back. Should be second to last row. It's a corner stand.

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Anime Expo.jpg
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Hey gulls, who here's coming to the lolita swapmeet tomorrow at Anime Expo at 3 in front of the Exhibit Hall? Make sure to bring your Brand, I Bodyline and Taobao is okay too I guess but this is mostly going to be a burando acquiring event.
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Why is this announced the day before? I didn't pack anything to bring to the swap meet
Well I assumed most of the lolitas coming would be LA natives and thus commuting each day from their home so it'd be fine to announce it the night before.
Um no? People with long commutes from SD, SF, IE, OC, and farther out get hotel rooms, you walnut. Announcing an event the day before is purely stupid.

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