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Share some of your favourite, most inspiring coords here.
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Wondering if anyone here's around Oklahoma and area going to TnT this year.
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Going, excited mostly for the bands, especially Chanty since I'm a huge fan of Akuta. Only thing I don't like is we finally get a "Jfashion" booth, but it's Dynamite "I cheat and abuse all my musicians" Tommy's and DADA "I hate all my international fans"'s lazy, half-assed attempt at lolita. $1000 for dresses and $50 for tights that we don't even know what quality is actually like.
I am going! very excited to be dressing in j-fashion and cosplay :D
Oh! So there are at least 2 other people from /cgl/ going! You'll find me as Chihiro on Saturday.

It's suppose to stay in the mid-90 with chances of rain (muggyness!) so make sure to stay hydrated.

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Ask your questions, share your knowledge and discuss artist alley work here!

This is for AA not dealers, please limit questions to the subject matter.
Please try to help those with questions!
Do not advertise or spam.
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OP will start here.

I'm looking to buy a new button maker. I have a old hand held manual one but I'd like one with interchangeable sizes and that is a bit larger/better quality.
Any recommendations?
OP, if you're going to make the AA thread, include all the resource links.

>Taobao/Alibaba services
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce
People who were selling at AX, how did you do (if you're comfortable with sharing)?

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I'm a Japanese guy that works at a costume shop in Tokyo.
Were really interested in the cosplay scene in America and I have several questions.

1.Where do you guys get those costumes/wigs?
2.Are there any demands or differences in costumes/wigs from Japan?
3.Whats the HOTTEST manga/anime cosplay right now in the US

Thanks for watching, looking forward to your replies!
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1. Arda Wigs, conventions, ebay out of desperation, Epic Cosplay, Aliexpress. Costumes handmade and commissioned mostly it seems. Otherwise, Aliexpress...ebay..second hand.
2. Not sure how to answer this. Maybe better quality? I've felt fibers from Japanese companies and they're niiiice. I see a lot of front lace wigs lately.
3. Hottest...I'd say Idol stuff, sports anime, One Punch Man, Magical Girl stuff. Retro animes are a bit hit. I'm seeing mostly video game cosplays though.

about videogames, can you be more specific?
like finalfantasy7 is epic right now!

Showing your oppai is super popular

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Previous thread: >>9032901

Supercon is one week from today! Anyone have their lineups set? Entering the contest? Feeling con crunch?
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I'm not going.
I had spent weeks making and designing props for all the costumes that I was going to take, and for people that commissioned me to make props as well. However: with this new prop weapon policy the owners put out, many of the people that asked for props want a refund instead, and I essentially wasted time on a cosplay.
That seems extreme. Did you honestly think that Supercon (or any con) wouldn't have made changes to their prop weapon's policy after Pulse? I personally think it's the right call for the con and they're abiding by the recommendations (or requirements?) that Miami Beach laid out.

I don't think the weapon's policy is that terrible. You can't have realistic fake weapons, no conceal/carry, no metal props, nothing that could reasonable hurt someone - foam and soft props are encouraged. Yeah, we're all used to seeing airsoft rifles, fake handguns, pulse rifles, etc but it would be really easy for someone with bad intentions to sneak in a real firearm. The benefits of having a perfect cosplay are not worth the risk.

For some costumes, like umbrella dudes or colonial marines, it does kinda suck, but you can still wear everything else. Use props for photoshoots or to have on display at home, it's not a total waste (remind your customers of that as well).
Can someone explain to me why people hate/boycott the Broder-cons? There seem to be a lot of people with animosity towards these conventions and take a stand on not attending out of some sort of ethical reason.

What's the deal, banana peel?

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I think we have a winner for "I've been into lolita for ___ years" contest.
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This girl annoys me to no end.
I want to see her and wonderfinch fight now lol

Where was this posted?
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Anicomics just came to an end. New space, activities, ECG.
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I don't really cosplay and I have trouble talking to people, so all I want from an event is to have something to entertain me besides paying to go in cosplay and meet friends (which I don't do or have).
I think they delivered. The auditorium was hugeee, well air conditioned, comfy, and had stuff going on all the time. Kept me entertained.
I hope more events follow suit and start planning more activities, then maybe I'll start attending again.
Who won ECG?
unknown people!

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Mori General for:
>Online Stores
>Anything else mori kei related
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homeless kei general*

I want to do a Dio Brando cosplay. Specifically from when he fought JoJo in the burning mansion.

I want to do his hair without a wig. What hair products/styling methods would you guys recommend?

Also, should I dye it or bleach it?
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Pic is my hair. The only product I used was a leave-in conditioner
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shave your hair and do a bald dio cosplay because why not fuck it up a step further

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>first year in cali
>first year dating girl interested in anime
>first year going to AX
>excited even though it was last minute.
>GF goes as Rukia from killa la kill, lots of people pose with her and shit
>go as john marstan because I just re-played RDR
>spend the entire expohearing "IT'S HIGH NOON" and how my Mcree cosplay is off

What was your worst con experience? also i'd post pics but they're on my camera at home
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>Rukia from Kill la kill
Our friends surprised us with passes like the week before. we had zero time to plan, so just just put on a black sailor uniform and dyed some of her hair, I had cowboy stuff laying around and what not. the whole process was a mess
Anyone else find it funny how so many guys assume cosplayers are fake geek girls, when we have men coming to this board all the time who don't even know the names of the characters they're talking about?

Hipster hobbies edition. You know what to do.
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My friends have called me hipster jokingly in the past but I just got into lolita and now all my hobbies really do come off as special snowflake faggotry...
This doesn't sound too cringe-worthy. These "i smoke n swear n drink in lolita" types are way worse.
I don't think it's the hobbies themselves that make people cringe, it is the air of how speshul it is to do such speshul things 'whilst befrilled'

I always think these types belong in a pirate coord at a Rennfaire. It's embarrassing to be around these types out in public, I avoid them so I'm glad they boast about it so I know in advance.

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What's the deal with ACP events at conventions? I just went to AX and it seemed like every single person I knew was working for them wearing a costume for various booths. Is it paid? Is it cool? How do you get a job with them? Is there a union or something?
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Did you get any pics? Apparently there was a Guilty Gear one
ACP is the main agency and point of contact between industry and volunteers for those who wish to volunteer and work officially at industry booths at cons.
>is it paid?
No. You get a free badge. Hotel MAY be provided, but usually it's by the industry company.
>How do you get a job with them?
Volunteer positions are usually posted 1-3 months ahead of the con on ACP's website, under Events. You make an account on ACP, apply for the said event, and ACP will contact you later about whether or not you're accepted. simple as that.
Nope. But usually volunteers who have proven themselves in the past are more likely to be accepted again. People who pick up their badge and ditch shifts are blacklisted and never approved again.
As stated, badge, and sometimes goodies/free merch/access to guests (depends on booth). Generally you will work every day of the con in some capacity but figure half a day each. You get a free badge, sometimes an exhibitor badge (depends on booth), which is worth its weight in gold if you aren't one of the groups who gets early entry to the hall and you are trying to buy stuff. You may have competition depending on the popularity of the costumes/character you are applying to. If you want a more or less guaranteed acceptance pick something less fotm or less likely to be cosplayed. Acceptance may be immediate or may take some time before you get an answer. You don't particularly have to be top tier in terms of appearance/costume quality but do remember that it is part of the game.

Your job at the booth will vary depending on what is needed. You may be handing out flyers, may be acting as information sources, may be used as line/crowd control, or may just be there to look pretty. Expect a lot of posing for photos with and without attendees. You may also be tasked with helping with a panel or two if the company is holding one.

Is it cheap labor? Incredibly so. If you are short on cash, want to be an "official" cosplayer (kind of), just like helping out, or want to make network connections, it's great.

A thread for discussing laundering, storage, and minor repairs of clothing.
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I have a problem I need some help with, but first here's a nice little guide to basic Lolita clothing care.
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Okay, so I have a problem I can't seem to find a solution to. As of right now, I don't wear Lolita very often, maybe once a month, so my clothes don't get a lot of wear. I'm also very mindful to keep my clothes clean and don't wear them anywhere that may end up getting them dirty or smelly (around smokers, or at restaurants). I always wear bloomers and a blouse, so my skirts and JSKs can be worn a couple times before I wash them since they don't touch my skin.

I washed two of my skirts, and everything was fine until they started to dry, when suddenly I noticed they smell. I have no idea what the smell is, I'm not sure if our humidity brought it out or what, but they smell dirty and gross. I can't figure out how to get it out. I wash all my clothes with free and clear detergent, and I hand wash and air dry all my Lolita stuff. Baking soda didn't do anything. Someone told me to put them in the freezer, which worked about as well as I figured it would. I read borax can get odors out of clothes, but I have no idea if that's safe to use on my Lolita stuff or what exactly it does.

So, any Lolita laundry experts that have advice?

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It's obvious that the costs to attend cons have gone up over the years with admissions, hotels and travel costs, major cons are no longer relatively cheap to go to anymore. If the con is close by to you, then you are one of the lucky ones that get to save some money.

Last year at dragoncon I spent damn near $2000 and a damn good chunk of that went to hotel and travel costs.
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~$500 for AWA coming up soon, though, i'm an artist, so I actually make money going to cons, so, meh.
If it's in driving distance...
>$20 a day for food
>$30-50 depending on badge
>$50 for merch (more or less if i see anything I like)
>$20 per 200 miles of driving for gas
>$50 per night of hotel (I normally room with people/go with friends)

Going to one this weekend, for Sat/Sun together I'm looking at spending about $140. It's a smaller con but I'm paying for a room as well.
Too fucking much. When I think of how much money I've spent planning for cons, I honestly consider not cosplaying anymore. I can still pay my bills/have a decent savings but it's not a small amount of money

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Old one died
What year is it edition
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who told her this was ok
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the only thing Lolita about this is the dress, otherwise it's fairy kei or some other nonsense.

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