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New CoF thread, old one is at 323 with nothing going on.
>errybody get pumped to lose your shit over gold shoes edition
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aaaand I'm done defending... holy cow.
just now read that voldie post with the iron and man there are nothing but cringe comments.
also way to out yourselves, retards.

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Lemons and teddy bears edition
Old thread: >>9102785
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i love the print, but the colorways don't do it for me sadly. i'll probably still buy this just because of lemons.
That would be lovely with that heart lemon purse by To Alice. Does anyone know if it's still available anywhere? I can't seem to find it. Their taobao site crashes my browser due to them having EVERY fucking image display at the same time. >:/
It's still available. I just searched the store for "lemon" 柠檬 instead of loading every image >https://world.taobao.com/item/45080626871.htm?fromSite=main&spm=a312a.7700824.w4002-8023218195.19.aULIXQ

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ITT: Solo cosplays or cosplay groups you want to do but can't because of reasons.

Post them!

I've always wanted to do a Joshiraku group, but it's hard finding 4 others that would want to or even know about the show.
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I don't know where to find people who would do the other neets
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Spandex is too terrifying.
I want to get 10 other people to cosplay The Eleven Men from Steel Ball Run with me but that'd be really hard to manage and make sure everyone's clothing was identical.

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Artists Alley Logo.jpg
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Old Thread >>9092341

>Taobao/Alibaba services
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce
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Do etsy favorites turn into actual sales? I get good traffic and a lot of people are favoriting my items but nobody ever buys. Now my items are just collecting etsy fees. Selling online is so hard.

That usually means your prices are too high if you get a lot of favorites/views but no one bites.
Really? All my prices are very standard... $1 stickers, $12 charms that are double sided and 3" big. I can't go any lower than that. Is there another way to get more sales?

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With the game having been released just before SDCC, I was wondering if anyone will be putting together cosplay for their team beforehand. I've been considering doing a last minute thing because it will be hella comfy workout clothes.

If you've put something together already based on your avatar I'd love to see it!

Also, go team Instinct.
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>Also, go team Instinct.
Basic bitch
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>not Valor
I'm thinking about making a team flag to wave around though.
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>not Mystic

>those t-shirts

Post cosplay that makes you laugh
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That's cute though :)
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Gatherings by the stairs every night including preview night at 8pm!

Breaking my 16 year streak, I wasn't able to obtain an SDCC badge, so I won't be hosting any of the gatherings. Well, maybe one night we can try to figure out. I will come to San Diego and chill with gulls and live the con vicariously through you.

So what are your cosplay plans? Exclusives? Hopeful Panels? Schedule When? Etc...?
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Emmet reporting in, just got my pass today and looks snazzy as shit. No cosplays plans. Do my usual plan like ever year just get as many autographs as possible, go to whatever panels interest me, snap some photos here and there. Haven't looked at anything going on or around comic-con so my plans aren't concrete. Tho this will probably be my last year if I get accepted into military
Looking through the schedule this weekend.

Was a shit year for tickets in my personal group (friends from college). I got T/F/Sun and that was VERY lucky. Lots that straight up didn't make it.
>got 4 day
>still in the air if I want to go, or go part of it, because Kyary

I've been feeling nostalgic for old school decora, and need more images for inspiration. No mahouprince modern shit.
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Why havent i seen to many R6 cosplays?
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It looks too genuine?

I imagine a full team would make members of the public walking past a little uneasy in the current world state.
I saw you at AB this year. I think I said "You're pretty good."

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What is your opinion on wearing cosplay to a movie the weekend the movie is released? (Costume is related to the movie)
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idk, i think it's cool. probably be less weird if it were a really big release or something with a really large fanbase

one of my favorite memories as a kid was going to see Harry Potter when it first released and seeing all the people dressed up as the characters. i was so excited that other people were so in to it.

i mean, once you're inside no one's going to see anyway. if it'll make you enjoy the experience more, go for it!
I made a Jedi knight outfit to wear to TFA the night it was released, and that was really fun! Star Wars is a massive fanbase in its own right, so there were loads of other people in casual fan gear and a few other costumes. I'm absolutely going to make something for when Rogue One hits the theatres; I don't think there are any other movie franchises I'm as pumped for as Star Wars (and would thus go stand in an hour's line before a screening).

But like the anon above said, Disney, DC, Marvel, Harry Potter, Ghostbusters - all the big fanbases with distinctive and recognisable costumes are great fodder for dressing up. You should check with a theatre beforehand to see if it has guidelines - mine doesn't allow masks, bodypaint, or prop weapons, so lightsabers and aliens were out.
Do it at a midnight showing or a special event. Any other time, even on the same weekend, might be a little much.

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Hello there seagulls.
I have some questions on the subject of embroidery.

I have some textile to embroidery, but I am quite shit at sewing. I know that some people use workshop for that, but don't have enough that would be worth a annual membership.

Still, I know that there are business that do that professionally. Make a bunch of brand marked T-shirt, ect.

Is there a place to make small scale embroidery like that ? just a bunch of tabard, or the corner of a tunic.

I'm good enough at illustrator and should have no trouble to provide the pattern.
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If I were you Iwould either commission a friend with an embroidery machine or take a look on etsy
>embroidery machine
are those common among cosplayer ? or old lady ?
Those things are expensive as fuck so they are rare

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I've noticed some posts about ruining coords with peignoirs in Lolita. What advice is there for styling them, and what should be avoided?
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Lurk more.
avoid wearing a peignoir that is longer than your main piece. it can be done, but usually looks off-balance and bad. I like to see ones in colors other than neutrals being incorporated into a coord.
I'd say strive to style them nicely: closed, or decoratively pinned, or with a belt, etc. I hate seeing a big, droopy peignoir just hanging open on a person like a mosquito net. make it elegant, or fairy like
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One that is the same length as your skirt or a little over is fine. But don't let it take too much attention from what you're wearing. The ones that tie right above the waist are ideal
As they don't mess with the silhouette too much.

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Obscure cosplay thread
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File: Cosplay for Ants.jpg (4KB, 60x87px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Cosplay for Ants.jpg
4KB, 60x87px

I got you
lol well played
Pic related is the title character from Bibi Blocksberg.

Hey /cgl/, have you seen this guy running around at any cons or festivals?
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No, we haven't seen you running around at cons or festivals.
Ugh ok ok, OP. This weirdo is apparently going to the same festival as me in a few weeks.

Who the fuck is he and why are you interested? Is he some kind of creeper?

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>dat shoop
dont be jealous
>jealous of their fraying and unironed costumes

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