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Let's see your plans for this year
Previous thread: >>9034226
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I feel like I havent made a real costume in FOREVER so I'm pretty pumped
So my sister and I have a room at the Hilton Thursday-Sunday and it ended up being a lot more expensive than we remembered, so we're looking for people to stay with us. Don't steal my lolita or be annoying all weekend and we're cool.
How many people do you all think will be there this year? Last year saw a 29% decrease.... I feel like we're looking at another decrease.

Dragon Age time!
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dagon age time!

Can we have OTT acceptable gothic Lolita thread? Crazy but acceptable coords
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Maybe not strictly Lolita but looks cool
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Last thread will be autosaging shortly, so here's a new one. Old thread >>9021114

Brands/Models List (WIP):

FAQ(WIP): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-7rG9uqr-qHej3zqML5zfFXcZCA1p_aKkyFfunvN-Bo/pub

Partial Scans List:

Video about Larme Magazine (annoying narrator alert):

Petite Dollies intro to Larme and style guide: http://blog.petitedollies.com/2016/04/about-larme-magazine.html
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summary of last thread:
>pink Milk skirt shitshow
>ehyphen bonbon is overpriced, we know
>larme kei meetups - the good, the bad, the ugly
>best brands for your buck
>swankiss fall collection releases, promptly sells out
>the larme kei facebook community is a poorly dressed cuddlefest
>substyles are stupid
>offbrand larme kei: when you try so hard but you don't succeed
Ok so how about a resource list of 'off brand because fatter than Larme brands' sources and potential places to look.

I'm assuming since there is some brand overlap, sizing is about like gyaru and many westerners are both taller and fatter.
If you're fat, then don't j-fash.

Old thread is kill: >>8982629

ITT: We talk about anything related to crossplaying (males cosplaying as females & females cosplaying as males) and crossdressing
- help /questions / seeking advice to improve
- pictures of good crossplays
- selfposts
- your personal story of crossplaying

To help this thread to start off some anon asked:
>Not op, but how did you guys realize you don't mind cute dresses? I'm sure you didn't just wake up one day and decide you're okay with wearingwedding dresses looking kawaii as fuck.

So, what was your personal reason to start crossplaying/crossdressing?
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Sissies aren't allowed here
Traps are awwwwright though
I'm working on my megumin cosplay, this is what it looks like so far.
I was thinking of wearing shorts under it, but what kinda color / type would look the best with it?

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I want to do a Tropico El Presidente cosplay for next summer.
Any suggestion?
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Army surplus stores are your friend
There are not surplus store in my zone.
Any other suggestions?
Surplus stores exist online too. What country are you in?


As starters, there are a ton more.

If, however, you would rather try making the costume. I's recommend a nice olive drab gabardine or twill.

Hello~ Let's post pictures of black girls wearing successfully Lolita Fashion. Because they're so pretty with these frills. Feel free to talk about it but please, no racist comment. Tea & Love. <3
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Go back to tumblr
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>no racist comment
Your heart is in the right place OP but you need to consider where you are. Asking 4chan not to be racist is like asking the sun not to set. It's gonna happen, just ignore and don't reply to the obvious bait that's going to show up here sooner or later (it always does).

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How the heckle do I even get my cosplays out there. I wish more people could see my stuff + give me feedback. Help.
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Create a cosplay page, post lots of progress pictures and good shots of your cosplay, do things people haven't seen before, don't say heckle.
>don't say heckle
or say heckle just way to often, make it your catchphrase.

do youtube videos of every con you go to, every costume. and finally

git gud
say heckle if you want markiplier-tier fans

What does /cgl/ think when obese people cosplay? I find it incredibly disgusting, but it's mitigated when they play a character accurate to their body, like Ursula.

Fat cosplay thread?
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It's usually pretty bad.
My thought is as long as their cosplays are made properly for their body and they choose appropriate characters, than I have no issue with it.
The ivy in this pic did a nice job with that and harleys suit isnt too tight. These two are overweight but far from the obese monstrosities that lurk at every con.
A woman is considered obese when she is above 32% body fat. Both of those women look like they're about 40% body fat or more. Just because they're not homebound doesn't mean they're not obese.

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Time to share those feels. Keep 'em /cgl/ related, alright?

Previous thread >>9111577
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>tfw my con crush got married

Was my cosplay not good enough for him?
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Let me just get one thing out of the way.

It is NEVER. OKAY. to fart at a tea party. Take it outside.

And no, not even if you think you can do it quietly. In fact, those smell the worst! This is a space for cute girls to be cute, and nobody wants to smell your butthole!

I'm actually getting fucking mad writing this, because I went to a meetup last week and somebody dropped a butt bomb right behind me. And you bet your petti that I got stares. Lolitas don't put all this effort into being pretty so you can pin your rancid winds on them.

Jesus fucking christ, my eyes are actually misting up a little, just remembering this. Whoever farted on me, I hope it was fucking worth it, you nasty cunt. Was it that hard to take it outside? Or shove your pimply ass out the window before you blast shit air all over a room full of pretty girls? Or hell, maybe you could have just shoved a cork up that unwashed hole of yours before it ruined the comm??!

If you're even reading this, you know what it's like to spend hundreds of hard-earned dollars on dresses and stuff, right? It's a lot of effort to look cute. So you can imagine how disrespected I feel when I put on my full coord, drive two hours to a party, and be on my best behavior while I sip tea, only to have some fifth-rate ita shoot a rancid tornado out of her ass.

This was four days ago and I'm still fucking pissed. I thought I was over it, but no. Every time I forget, the anger comes back stronger! If you can't control your ass for an hour, stay the fuck out of my lolita!
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>being this butthurt over a fart.

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Serious question: how do people go to comic-con? I'm a local and can't ever get tickets when they go on sale. They're gone in seconds and this has been the case for years.

In fact conventions IN GENERAL seem to be way more crowded and exclusive nowadays. My friend up in Seattle says in 2011 he bought his PAX badge two weeks after they went on sale, and that by 2013 they would sell out in an hour. What happened?
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It's very hard to get SDCC tickets. And people fight for them on the Internet. There have been many people who have queued up to hopefully get at least one day and missed for years. I was lucky that two years ago I got three days after four years of battle of the waiting room. But after you get one day, you can get full event passes next year when the preorder process goes up. Preorder is only for those who have had passes before and want to renew them. But if you don't renew, you lose you ticket and it goes into the open registration bank. If you want to go and didn't renew, you have to fight the waiting room again.

Now that certain conventions have more media coverage, it is going to get harder and harder to get in. Much of SDCC is online merchants who buy up all the exclusives so they can resell the items for triple the prices online. It's how the convention scene is and sucks but it just means you got to really take what you can get.
>Preorder is only for those who have had passes before

>how do people to to comic con
More money than sense

Etc etc

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chocolate print.jpg
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New chocolate print but pic is for ants edition?

Thoughts on it, gulls?
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old thread: >>9107961
I want to love it, but something about the execution just feels really underwhelming.
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macross delta.jpg
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Is there any chance of Macross Delta cosplay in the west or is it just too obscure thanks to the fact it will never have a crunchyroll/funimation legal stream?
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I've already seen a Freyja and that was months ago. I'm planning a Kaname as well, so it's not all that unlikely to see some or get recognized. After all, Macross isn't obscure.
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This is from my tiny middle of nowhere con.
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Kumo Kumo.jpg
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I have been so hype for Macross Δ since it was first announced and seriously can't wait to cosplay from it!
I adore Freyja, but I know that I'd suit Maki Maki best so I'm torn as to who to cosplay (first).
Though I have Freyja, Makina & Mikumo wigs ready on TaobaoRing waiting for me to have the funds to order. Though it probably won't be for a couple of months yet as I have fabric for a Sheryl cosplay to buy and countless Δ merch on pre-order.

This is the only Δ cosplay I've seen as it was shared in one of the fb groups I'm apart of.

Let's talk about con panels, seagulls!

Recently I was assigned as panel coordinator for a small con that wants to grow a bit more so I've been thinking a lot about how I can improve things and give attendees a really great time and experience. I'd love to open up panel submissions to the public, but also have maybe a couple I can help organise.

So what kind of panels tend to be big hits and/or what sorts of panels do you like the most? And have you ever run any panels yourself? Anything ambitious would be interesting to hear about.

Personally I'm worried that I'll get a lot of SJW-type panels submitted, but I think I might be able to reject them on the basis that since our con is heavily involved with a lot of community and disability/mental health organisations, we can't risk non-professionals giving out bad info or unintentionally creating an unwelcome atmosphere. I may even be able to put one together myself with actual professionals and community workers in order to make sure we have something for those looking for that kind of experience.
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Not really going to express what panels to allow or whatnot, but for the love of god, please do only ONE for each fandom; having multiple from the same one is so offputting
Yeah, no worries there. Nobody needs 3 panels on Undertale, that's for sure.

Only one I'd consider is Pokemon because it really has a universal appeal and way too many aspects.
If you don't open submissions for the vast majority to the public, you won't have panels. I've run a huge variety of panels. Probably my best turnouts were for live movie riffing. Lesser known fandom stuff can get big crowds too. I did a Batsu games panel and filled up the room entirely. Did the same for a panel focusing on amazing anime series that younger fans or more mainstream fans wouldn't know about.

Fandom panels for series with annoying fanbases are not worth approving. SJW ones are an irritating trend... maybe let the least shitty sounding one through and that's it.

It would help to ask panel submitters what their panel experience is and the extent of their expertise on the topic.

Old one autosaging. How did she even think this would look good?
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desu at least the hawk is styled. I'm more concerned about that limp haired girl in the hat. get some volume.
Is that theosakaneko?

I don't like undercuts/shaved sides/whatever but the worst thing is always those gross stringy sideburns. Why do they always have those? The whole thing would look so much better without them.
Eh, I like that on some people, not her and not me though. When I had undercuts, which I had several and I always shaved those off. They grow back hella fast though. That could be part of it.

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