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There hasn't been one for a few days, so post your hair inspo/questions/concerns here.
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To start with, if anyone has any questions about bangs, check out anon-chan's bangs in j-fashion guide. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1bOtnwgB9nh1HPKFPGY50JqtjibooeHZ6a3TCsOfAkDQ/edit?usp=sharing
Just gonna dump for a bit to get the thread going.
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So I've been looking for ways to get my whole body a certain colour, and I came across someone saying you can use food colouring to stain your skin.

Unfortunately soaking in a bath full of green food coloured water has had no effect.

Are there any makeup/cosplay specific skin dyes/tricks that anyone has actually used here? I'd love to know of any.
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Ben Nye body paint. Make sure to seal it afterwards unless you want everything you touch to turn green.
Any professional brand of face/body paint will do the job, although the paint job will take a long time and will require more than just painting yourself one color. The same way your face looks funny if you only put on foundation (and no contouring or highlighting or blush), your features will look flat with just one color. You'll want to get at least three colors, one main color plus high and low light colors.

As >>9127248 mentioned, Ben Nye is good, as is Wolfe FX, Diamond FX, TAG, Global, Cameleon, Kryolan Aquacolor, Mehron Paradise, and if you're feeling bold, you can look into liquid airbrush paints like ProAiir. You can apply paint with brushes (I'd recommend big fluffly brushes like kabuki brushes), sponges, or airbrush. Be sure to set and seal your paint with setting powder and spray to preserve the paint job and prevent transfer.
Sharpie bath or gtfo.

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favorite sonic cosplay ?? would love to see a blaze the cat or shadow !
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Why did this series become such a Reddit autist paradise? I had so much fun with these games before Sega was kill and now everyone who's into them in obnoxious levels of cringey.
simple character designs with one dimensional personalities that are literally color coded for easy identification all set in a world of pure good vs pure evil.
Ironically, it also makes it easier for autists to understand.

How do I into Ouji as a male?
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Start by cutting off your dick.
>buy ouji clothes
>wear them
Well, where should I shop?

I just want advice on where to find high quality pieces, what constitutes a good outfit, etc.

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I can't find any tutorials and I'm not sure how to go about making a soldier 76 mask. I'm pretty new too cosplay but I want this to look decent. I have a friend who works in a 3d printing lab who could probably print the base. or is that a bad idea?
What materials should I use?
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Also check the archives, there have been lots of overwatch threads.
Thanks a bunch!
Oh look, another male making an entire thread dedicated to asking to be spoonfed help for his cosplay.

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I was wondering, /cgl/, we often hear about anime/manga otakus, idol otakus, train otakus,and the like...
But is there any lolita otaku? Like, girls "obsessed" with lolita? Or even "kawaii" things other than animu and cute girls/Jfash?

Is any of you obsessed with something? If yes, why? When did it start? Share your obsession with us!
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Pretty sure it exists? I've seen dolls otakus so...
I'd probably call myself the lolita equivalent of an otaku. I spend all my free time on lolita related stuff and over half of my income on it. (Basically everything that isn't used on bills. I live very modestly) lolita basically takes up my life at this point and has for years. I'm not very cute though and autistic as fuck, but I assume most Japanese otaku are high functioning autists themselves. You kind of have to be to devote so much time and energy to a very specific and niche hobby with no tangible rewards.

I wouldn't call myself a lifestyler though, I don't do the whole tea and macarons thing and I don't post pictures online. I know I'm trash.

We just call them lolita, anon.

It's hard to be in the fashion and not be able to recognise particular prints or dresses, if only because you need to differentiate between something that goes for $500 on the secondhand market or $150 to make sure you're not getting ripped off. The really famous prints become a discussion topic once bidding hits $500. All lolitas have been indoctrinated about good lace vs bad lace. There's so many substyles you often need to study up on which one you're trying to coord, otherwise you end up looking like a clusterfuck. You learn to save your money for AP's fall releases if you like sweet in darker colours, or for Halloween if you like gothic-sweet, or you learn where girls sell secondhand Moitie if you're into gothic lolita.

Lolitas are basically frilly dress otakus, it's part of the hobby. If you aren't all that obsessed with lolita you'll quickly lose interest and drift away after the first dress.

Maybe you'd like to change the topic and ask what cgl obssesses over instead? You'd get a more in depth answer than "yes, lolita otakus exist"

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Best thing i'e ever seen. Do you have a friend to do Kyle? Because your cosplay is as good as shit without Kyle.
No, but I found this cosplay.
Aw man that's sweet! I bet he's an atheist.

What cons have good after hours/hotel parties?
most social/lively comms?

also story thread
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Usually cons with an older population, like SF cons, have better parties. People have more money, and everyone's above drinking age.
Dragoncon, MTAC.

Colossal too but the party scene has become too much of a frat douche paradise unless you're only hitting up private/exclusive parties.

But yeah what the other Anon said, older crowds = more parties. Sometimes small, shitty cons can be good for parties because there's nothing better to do but it depends on the age of attendees.

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Hey /cgl/
Just wondering if anyone has seen this little series?


and I guess Loli vid thread?
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Yes Tyler, people have seen your channel.Trim your wig and fix your makeup and maybe people will actually want to watch it.
why is her name tyler
I know of a girl named Kyle.

Post the good, the bad, and the ugly of the two top Aksys fighters
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Closet of Frills: No Legwear Edition
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dank memes bro
More like meme edition amirite
going for this bait because is wearing stockings.
fucking white stockings.

>pale people problems

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Amecon HYPE Edition
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Arriving in wasp ridden Warrick tomorrow?

Are you cosplaying?

What are you looking forward to?
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even though I'm doing rewears and the weather is going to kill me

What are your secrets cgl?
>am friend with a lolita
>has a ddlg fetish
>is mentally unstable (but she's k when she is on her meds)
>kind of a typical spoiled kid who whines to her boyfriend when she doesn't get what she wants
>bandwagon jumper, all of a sudden she is a huge pokemon fan, anime fan and loooves Harry Potter and Sherlock.
>think i am her BFF when we don't even really know each other
>don't really feel super comfortable around her
>discover her family is on the well-off side, goes to Japan and Italy every year
>She even gift me some expensive makeup
And basically the only reason i am friend with her is because she has money and i can get free rides from her "daddy" and her sometimes.
To feel less of a horrible person i try to listen to her and help with kind words when she feels totally down.
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You lucky sob
My secret is that at cons, if I've forgotten toiletries like face wash or even razors, I use those of whomever I'm rooming with without asking. If they leave something I need in the bathroom or shower, I consider it fair game. I know it's wrong, but it hasn't stopped me.
So that one time we roomed... and my dildo was all sticky... oh god...

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Cosplayer: SwimsuitSuccubus
Character: Raven from Teen Titans cartoon

Post cosplays you think look perfect and what makes them 10/10 in your opinion. Credit the cosplayer if possible and say what character they are.
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OP here.
What I think makes this a 10/10 is the choice of fabrics. I see a lot of Raven cosplayers use wetlook spandex or vinyl/faux leather for the body suit and I think that usually looks terrible and always clashes with the fabric used for the cape.
The cape looks excellent and well made. No wrinkles and thick fabric so it isn't slightly transparent when spread out.
The boots match the color of the cape and look accurate to the character's.
Makeup is perfect and the face paint matches the color of the legs. I've seen many Ravens have darker or lighter face paint than their leggings color. She even shaded her lip like the Raven's in the show. A lot of Raven cosplayers overlook this detail and either paint their lips all black or the same color as the facepaint.

Wig and gems look good too. Would have liked the wig to be a little shorter but all in all perfect cosplay.
if only the make-up was good
The fabric choice for the bodysuit is actually awful, anon. I don't know what you're smoking.

ITT: things that have stopped happening and conventions pic related
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I'll tell ya what hasn't stop, bad BO
favoring lottery system over first come, first serve system
I don't know what I'm looking at

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