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Who is fucking ready?
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Screw Närcon, let's talk about Confusion. Look at that list of panels!

>inb4 "ugh cosplay is not consent"/"ugh transpanels"
but its already over
isn't the general consensus that närcon absolutely sucks now

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Old thread:

Sherlock Holmes has found his way into lolita-edition
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how long before we see a superwholock coord
bump bc people are still using the old thread for some reason
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this opens the door for more doctor who bullshit and I am not happy about it

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Last thread is autosaging.

Are you cosplaying today? Did you already head home?
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Couldn't get off for Sunday so I left last night.

This custom signature I got from the studio Trigger people is why I will never go back to shitty ACEN. They never get guests even half as interesting or relevant.
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Posting my salt from the last thread, since it's dying.

Sorry again for how loud my voice is in the recording, but holy hell. I posted this nonsense in the con facebook, and I'm curious as to how they'll respond. The way they've defended their staff harassment is flimsy as it is....
I've had a lot more fun than I thought I would! I thought my cosplay was cringe tier, but I got a lot of compliments and requests for photos. All in all pretty cool!

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Which one would you like to accompany you at a con?
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B obviously
It looks like there's a Selkie at the top of the stairs, I'll pick her
why would you pic kanything other than B

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Share your feels. Be sure to keep them cgl related.

Previous thread >>9089129
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I went to my first con without my cosfam and ended up going home after just five hours. I spent seven and a half hours driving!

Two homeless guys hugged me outside the parking garage while the attendant just stared.

Just sold my doll and I am deciding if should sell my other one. I also want to go through my Lolita closet and sell any duplicate prints I have. I don't know why im still so attached to these stuff and just have second thoughts once I decide to sell them. As a collector, I would love to give them to people who will enjoy them more than I do but I also want my stuff with her
I've been waking up with feelings of dread every day for weeks, and working on cosplay is the only thing that calms me down. That and watching Simpsons clips on YouTube.

Not one in the catalogue, so how about a wtf sales/bad homemade thread?

Starting off with these "bridal converse"!
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Does anyone remember flounder lolita? She has a web shop.
It's make me sad
isn't this thread the same as >>9090377 ?

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Does anyone else think Cosplay Music Videos are some hyper cringy bullshit? Its usually bad music as well, 60% of the time its really terrible EDM and half the cosplayers are girls cosplaying League of Legends.

Most CMV's are excuses for perverted second rate photographers trying to get girls to let him film them.

Who else feels this?
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This goes without saying

Name a single CMV where there's mostly dudes in it
honestly the only CMV's that I'll watch are Sneaky Zebras
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CMVs where the camera moves more than the cosplayers are kinda dull

At least have them dance to a song or something

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What kind of glasses do you girls think are the best options for classic & gothic lolita?

And with this I do mean prescription glasses. Wearing clear glasses when you don't need them is like faking a disability for attention.
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For the sort of costume approach that seems the most popular, circular lenses, whether tiny or huge.

If you wanted to look good, I'd go with oval or rounded rectangular, depending on your face, you know, things that look good anyway.
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As for the normal glasses part, this girl looks great with normal frames that match the black of her clothes.
this looks so frumpy, which is a shame 'cause she's cute.

Last thread is in autosage.
Ask for help, advice, and give answers.
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Should I just get a wig for every cosplay since my hairline is fucking my shit up?

Tryna do Nathan Drake, but I doubt I can get my hair to look right.

Regarding the costume, obviously only have the basic stuff right now, but I'm working on making the shoulder holster, and am wearing these clothes come rain or shine to give them a more worn in look. Also waiting on one of those watch straps that he's got. Still trying to get rid of that baby fat stuck on my face too.
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Meant to post this pic with it.
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Does anyone have a full image of the candy bars from Deus Ex? I want to print out the labels and cover up actual candy bars and pass them out as JC Denton.

New Menhera thread, other one seems to be autosaging!
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source of this pic? was in nakano yesterday and i swear i saw a girl that looked exactly like this getting pics taken, her outfit is super cute

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Share those nightmares come true whether it's crazed stalkers or accidentally dumping your container of hemming pins into the carpet.
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Dumping some caps to get it started.
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Well, have any of you goobers incorporated 3d printing into your costumes?

I'm considering buying one so I can build Enclave power armor from Fallout 2, but I'm worried the shoulder piece will be too big to make, even if split up.
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well everything can be split up, you just need to put it back nicely. i wouldnt recommend printing full armor to be honest. i have used it for smaller things though. goggles,belt buckles, other props.
JFC, 3D printing something that big is retarded, unless filament has gotten a hell of a lot cheaper and I didn't hear about it
>not knowing about the 3d printed Space Marine costumes
It's possible, anon. You just gotta use your imagination.

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I'm going to my very first convention and would like tips on how to not seem so new
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don't know how to properly make a thread?
literally no one will notice/care that it's your first con so don't sweat it

some tips:
1.) bring a cosplay repair kit if you'll be in cosplay
2.) don't forget to drink water and feed yourself; pack food if you want to minimize spending costs
3.) also get some sleep at some point
4.) download the scheduling app if there is one, otherwise
5.) if the map/guide is only on paper, take photos of the maps and panels you're interested in with your phone
6.) stay away from people that rub you as creepy or unsettling
7.) have a budget and try to stick to it
8.) don't ask cosplayers for photos if they're eating or actively busy with something else (if they're just talking to friends it's usually ok to ask though)
9.) if you want to go to a main event like the masquerade, line up early
10.) carry around a phone charger just in case

that's all i can think of off the top of my head, let me know if you have any other questions
For the love of God, shower and use Deodorant. The lack of hygiene at cons is a nightmare

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so it seems acparadise got breached?
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>using a word like "pwned" in an email about your info's security being compromised
Oh my god, how unprofessional. This is why I will never have an ACP account.
The email is really obviously from an external website that tracks address dumps, not from ACParadise...
There's a service that notifies you about breaches like this called "have i been pwned", thus the pwned.

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Post about lolita shoes here. Ex: Brand vs replica quality and all that jazz.
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I like my brand tea parties. Suck it poorfags.
>wearing a women's 11
I'm going to upgrade to them after I inevitably destroy my replicas.

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