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Joke cosplay thread. Non-serious cosplays with the intention of getting a laugh / being ironic. Post past costumes, current projects, or future plans.

I've just started on a cosplay of the merchant from RE4 but when you open up his robe, instead of guns it's mixtapes. Just started so no pictures for now.
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This was from animenext
This is amazing and could win a cosplay contest.

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Tell me about your plans.
Cosplay or anything else related~
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What's the best way to get the word out about cosplay photoshoots? I hosted one last year and despite having it listed in the cosplay.com forum's schedule, and posting about it here and there weeks beforehand, I think the only people that came (maybe 10 total) were ones I spotted around the convention and gave them info about it.

Is there a better more universal way to advertise?
I can't fucking wait. It's gonna be sad that there's only one more in Baltimore.
Facebook has never steered me wrong. Make a FB event for the gathering and spread it over various Otakon FB pages. Also make a post on Instagram and Tumblr, and tell people to spread the word around. Though I also have great luck just telling people word-of-mouth around the con, having the social media presence does help a LOT.

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So uh...

...is anyone going?
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Thread over, I guess.

I keep hearing two things:

1) Midwest still has the intimate feel of an early-2000s con, and while the guests aren't all that good, if you're into panels and activities, it has that in spdes.

2) Midwest is run by a rapist.

How true are they?
Isn't that a Kopf con? No thanks, I like my cons without rape and actual pedophiles in the ranks.

Dump your patterns, one and all.

Bonus points if any angelic soul that can read Russian could tell me what the text on the long body piece says.
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pardon my shite drawings
i don't speak russian, but i think this is what it means
er, and to clarify, where it says muzzle is the top of the muzzle

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Looks like the admins are finally doing something about their site. Watchlists are back and descriptions are shown without having to click on them.

What do you think of the site? Any complaints so far?
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Cool, maybe 'no replicas' will actually be a real thing now and replica posters banned. Time to test this out.
I'm probably just dumb, but how do I access the testing site? I still have the old one
You have to sign up for it on the old site and wait for an email containing the link to the new one.

Any good Tekken cosplays?
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I want to do a good King cosplay sometime.

I might have to contact a fursuit crafter to get his head/mask
That would be awesome. I'm assuming you're big like King is.

How often do you wear it? What are some of your favorite blogs?
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I thought this board only covered street style from Japanese origins?
Post this in the menhera/gurokawa thread
No it really doesn't belong there either.

Reference Request Thread!

I am looking for pictures of Camilla's back From Fire Emblem. I have a few to dump for those looking for characters.
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Last thread at autosage: >>8837877

This thread is for ouji and aristocrat (aka "boystyle") discussion. Boystyle refers to the masculine counterparts of lolita and aristocrat fashions. There is a lot of overlap between these styles, and different people use different terms to describe them. So, consider this a thread for those whose style is on the right half of Buttcape's Lolita Family Triangle: http://www.kawacura.com/moripress/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/0dmmLH6-350x350.jpg

>Shopping spreadsheet

>Blogs for current boystyle releases, news, and info
buttcape[.]blogspot[.]com (Currently mostly offline but we hope for a return soon; currently has a better-organized list of shops though!)

Google your questions before asking them here.

Read the whole thread before asking questions here.

OC and selfposts encouraged! Randpm picspam discouraged; we've seen most of it by now.

DISCUSSION TOPIC: Where can we find some good fucking hats already?
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will post the Gothic and Sweet tutorials from this set also, just because
that is the goth, here is the sweet
3rd for nouji & fujoshis being the sissies of ouji world?
New nouji task: self-made mad hatter hat.

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Share and discuss your favorite /cgl/ related apps here!
Be it games, wardrobe apps or cute apps.

Contributing with Nikkiup2u 2. It has plenty of bugs but it's a complicated version of the first game. Cute clothes as usual, and you can watch ads in order two get random clothing for free.

Another cute one is Dress up Ragazza. It's not as easy to get clothing, but it's a fun one.

What are your favorite apps?
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Probably a long shot but are there any cute sewing or other craft-related apps?
Go back and find that file OP and give it a name for fuck's sake.

Don't leave your files as unnamed.png, how will you know what its supposed to be in the future? I know thumbnails exist but this is just lazy.
Romantic Diary. Crossover between NikkiUp2U and a dating sim.

i'm not even a gothic lolita but i think it looks really pretty, post coords and stuff.
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it's usually good 4chan etiquette to start off threads like this with a small dump of your own, anon
Can we discuss gothic vs. kuro?
I still think kuro coords are still somewhat gothic even if they have some sweet elements.
Kuro relates to color only though, not style. For a coord to be kuro it has to be entirely black and that's it, and black doesn't necessarily mean gothic.

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It's been a while since we had one of these threads.
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File: image.png (531KB, 1136x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Haven't had one of these in a while!

Here you can post your experience with commissioning cosplays and the like, or horror stories with terrible customers.

To start off
>Can you do a commission for me for free?
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The absolute worst: "Your work looks sooo nice! I was hoping you could make me this for me. I'm looking to spend $50-$100." (This = complex thing with lots of fabric. I hate this more than "could you do a commission for free?" The tacky cheap polyester Chinese factory version of that character is $120. And I know you know that. It's so insulting. I don't expect people to know just how many hours it takes and how much good fabric is, but *obviously* good quality custom work is more expensive than cheap mass produced.)

Runner up: "Could you make this thing? I need it for a con in three days." NO. Saying you're willing to pay for express shipping does not make this a reasonable request.

Second runner up: "Could I get quotes for these five complex outfits?" That shit takes serious time, kid, and I'm 99.9999% sure you're wasting mine.
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>have a friend who commissioned a wig from a popular commissioner
>doesn't give the commissioner a deadline because "i don't need it right away"
>months go by
>surprise, no wig yet
>friend starts bitching
>lol i thought you didn't need it right away?
>really what did you expect???
>more months pass, she's getting saltier and saltier
>the wig arrives
>it's . . . really beautiful, actually
>my friend loved it but she continued to curse the commissioner's name and wrote up a bad review anyway

Apparently "no deadline" really meant "lol jk send it to me in a few months or I'll get buttbothered~!"

The commissioner no doubt had time-sensitive projects and other obligations in their life (like a day job) that were more urgent than a wig project with no deadline.
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>"Could I get quotes for these five complex outfits?" That shit takes serious time, kid, and I'm 99.9999% sure you're wasting mine.

This, so much. I've recently had quite a few people ask me if I could do a bunch of Overwatch stuff and most of those designs are complex and would be expensive as hell, not to mention very time consuming.

Other favorite is I've personally had someone tell me to make something worse or not as good of a job so I could do it for cheaper.
Bitch I have a personal standard and that's insulting as fuck to say to begin with.

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Post blog recommendations here.
NOT TUMBLR. There's a thread for that over in the catalog.

In particular, I'm looking for blogs on Larme, lolita, himekaji, and uchuu-kei.

To start off, here are some relatively well-known and previously quoted blogs from past threads:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Feel free to self-post! New or underrated blogs are a plus.
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I've started a brand new blog! Will be posting Liz Lisa and himekaji/larme mainly. I've had 0 views so please check it out. My post is a magazine scan.

>Risa is addicted to xxx
Do the people who make this magazines even know english?
of course not. english is just for decoration

Sonic of one punch man
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I wasn't expecting it to move and now i feel like I need to vomit
That's...worryingly bad.

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