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Previous thread >>9070139

We had a good discussion in the last thread, lets keep it going. For all those ladies who have a SO, what has been your gf's reaction to lolita fashion?
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I was really happy to see how many other healthy relationships the other gulls have!
My boyfriend doesn't understand why I'm interested in lolita fashion and doesn't like how much the pieces sell for. He's into other expensive hobbies like motorbikes and cars though so I'm confused why he can't connect the dots. I still wear it on weekends regardless of what he thinks of it.
my bf is actually super supportive of my love of lolita and is wanting to get an ouji coord to wear with me!

he's super into warhammer and videogames, so he gets that some fun hobbies are just pricey, so now he wants his own outfit because ega reminds him of Bloodborne

New thread since the old one is saging

let's start off with this girl. Seems to think that she is good enough to be efamous and rants that she's not invited to cons
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hipster snow white was eating poison apples before it was cool
This looks like a middle schooler's Halloween costume
But somehow... she's cute...

Post cosplay photographers who love themselves way to much. Over cocky, e-fame hungry, sad little people.
I'll start. #premiumcontent, aka Elys**m.
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salt general?
This thread is bait for sure but just so everyone knows don't book with Dave Yang. He only edits your photos if you're his friend. I got mine back completely untouched after about 3 months of waiting. I guess he forgot about them. Not that I really care about skin smoothing, special effects, etc but it was part of his $175 package.

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Old one reached bump limit!

Rules: Please, make at least 4 suggestions for others before posting your picture, otherwise no one will suggest anything for you!
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I'll start then!!! Waiting for more people so i can help too.
Came in late in the last thread. I'm more of a vidya cosplayer since I can barely keep up with any show.
First pic really reminds me of Mabel from Gravity Falls. I can also see you as Leliana from Dragon Age in her chantry robes or Miranda in her Mass Effect 2 outfit.
Kylo Ren. You've got a good face for that character.

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Is anyone going to Hoshicon in Charlottle, NC? I don't wanna be a lone Lolita
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I was thinking of going, but I don't have the spare cash to cover a hotel room, and friends can't make it. Might just drive in for Saturday but right now I am 99% confirmed staying home.
There's going to be a lolita fashion show on sunday? I believe?? You definitely will not be alone.
I'm thinking about going, but can't quite decide. I've heard a lot of iffy things about this con, but I have a friend who I haven't seen in a while who's going, so I kind of want to go anyway...

Hey guys I hav a con coming up and my gf and I want to wear Team Instinct armbands from Pokemon Go to show our affiliation, but honestly I've got no idea how to go about it and I thought you guys would have the best knowledge about this kind of thing. Should I make a patch or a decal or just paint it on??
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I'd commission someone to embroider the design onto the armbands for you, make sure to find a decent sized image of the stencil.
How soon is your con? https://www.etsy.com/listing/451603452/pokemon-go-inspired-team-iron-on-patches
get some freezer paper and an exacto knife.
pull up a pic on a laptop the size you want it
turn up the brightness and trace the pic on the paper side
cut out the image, iron it on, paint

Is Wakfu the French Homestuck fandom? Or is it safe to cosplay it?
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What is it?
>the french homestuck fandom

not even close you sperg
No way. Homestuck is the Homestuck of the french fandom.

If anything we need MORE wakfu/dofus cosplayers

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I want to do a cosplay with gag breasts. What would be the best material to imitate anime jiggle physics? I basically need something with the movement/consistency of water balloons (obviously real water balloons are out of the question).
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Go hard or go home. Real water balloons.
seriously this. they work.
I've had mine for a month and they haven't popped. go to party city and get nice balloons for this.
I double ballooned mine just in case too. hell, I've even dropped them on the floor several times. still havent popped.

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Toe sucking Edition
Previous thread: >>9051009
Anyone going to prereg today?
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I'll be there (me >>9092065 )

So what is this convival thing? Is it just some bar promotion? Cosplay or not at it? First year I'll have to actually look into of con shit now that its closing at 9.
Before the other thread autodeleted, the meetups are at 5 pm and 9 pm on Saturday. The 9 pm meetup is by the stairs, not sure where the other one will be held.
It looks like a couple of different events scattered through the city. Bands, shows, dances. They're hosted by the con so cosplaying shouldn't be an issue.

Old Thread >>9080572
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Has anyone tried out the new lockshop wigs yet? I've owned a lot of theirs over the last few years and those new ones look like shit. the manufacturers changed or something. any reviews? specifically the new mermaid wigs?

I may be moving to dreamholic now but theirs look really messy all the time. I need a new Lolita wig and I feel lost. haha
My friend got a newer Lockshop wig as part of a wig grab bag from Lolita Collective. Not sure what style it was, but it was shiny like a costume wig and the wefts fell apart just from taking it out of the bag. By the time we got it packaged back up to exchange it already had a bald spot on the cap just from light handling. Luckily she got an older model wig that isn't falling apart in our hands. Can't say that this will happen with all the new wigs, but proceed cautiously.
Oh man I was just looking through this issue with my new beau last night. He wanted me to show him sailor lolita and the men's counterpart to lolita. It feels nice to have found someone who really digs you and thinks youre cute in lolita, but like not in a creepy way or anything.

Roneryfag here.

What would be a good character to cosplay as to get hugs at cons?

I don't care about sex. I just want affection.
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File: Groke.jpg (13KB, 365x273px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The Groke
just make one of these weeby free hugs signs
or do some fujoshit cosplay like that twink from black butler

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old thread: >>9074597
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what is closet of frills?

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Are some german /cgl/s besides dustin here?
I'll attend Tropicon, it will have its premiere this year at the 13th August.
Maybe some seagulls can meet there.
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Another german seagull here. I will probably be too busy with gamescom at that time.

But if you wanto to meet there, feel free to join us at the cosplay village!
Do you come in cosplay? I feel uncomfortable in anime cosplays, since Gamescom is so big and mainly about games.
it's alright. Anime cosplays are welcome there, too.

But remember it is a huge event and heavily crowded. Better choose your cosplay accordingly.

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characters other than d.va and mei edition
old thread: >>9068579
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posting a mini dump to get things started
File: image.jpg (89KB, 640x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anybody coming ?
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Seriously, last year got ridiculous, what we thought was people waiting for the train was actually a long-ass queue of people waiting to use the 3 ticket machines.

And if you come all 4 days, buy a Navigo Découverte card (5€) at a metro kiosk and charge it with a weekly pass for zones 1-5 (21,25€), and you'll get unlimited transportation in Paris and the extended suburbs. Much better than buying RER tickets (4,35€ x 8 = 34,8€), and this way you can even go towards Roissy airport at the end of the day to catch an empty train.
Last year attendant here. I cannot emphasize it more:

Get a Navigo Découverte beforehand (like, on Wednesday or whatever is the day before you come) or buy the RER B tickets in the MORNING. Else you will wait for a shitfuckload of time. Happened to me 2 years ago, decided not to do the same mistake ever again.

DO TAKE the train towards Charles de Gaulle then catch the empty train rather than going directly towards Paris because of possibly literal thousands of people waiting at the platforms. You will for sure have a seat. Trust me, staying up for minutes fucking hurts and I do not recommend it to anyone. Especially with the Euro happening at the same time, it's just gonna be WORSE. (Finals will be in Stade de France which has a stop on the RER B line.)

Also, brotip: do not forget to prepare the tickets like 2 minutes or so before getting checked because if you don't you will end up slowing the queue down for everyone. It might seem trivial for you but these add up with the forgetful people.

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