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Comment your cosplay here and ask for criticism
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Not posting your own first

This isn't even a well concealed asshole thread

Anyone going to Bowlahoma this year? Last year was pretty fun and I'm excited to go to a bigger and better event this year!
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I'm returning this year.
I'm planning on going again this year!

The swap meet last year was really nice, I had a lovely time.

Hopefully there's more things to do besides shop this year, though!

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Discussion for those of us who were around /cgl/ before 2010.

A few questions to start off the thread...
>what year did you first come here? how did you come across it?
>what was your favorite subject that was popular back then?
>do you like the board better now?
>how did the board affect you as a lolita/cosplayer?
>what do you miss, if anything, about the olden days?
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Super bored so alright

>09 (I think) transient from /g/
>drama was deserved. You fucking randoms with STDs and not telling people you need to stop. Now it is just shade and calling everyone fatties or jealous
>no, barely stop by
>I actually sewed something, went to a con (although I still hid in corner). Big step for me back then. Now I have meetings for a living with the occasional work. Kinda a turning point in my life.
>09 as well
>no all of you guys are fucking weird
>i used to be terrible. now im slightly less terrible but i dont go outside so who cares
>talking about shit that actually matters and not having dumbass threads about how hard it is to be skinny and white kek
Most refreshing opinion I've seen on here in a long while.

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Almost time for HyperJapan and Amecon edition

Working on any costumes for cons coming up? Post them!

Last thread:
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Hyper Japan cosplay guests have mostly been announced. One has printed 300 prints that he'll be selling. Doesn't realize no one in the UK buys prints.
Did anyone else see Kyary Pamyu Pamyu at koko's the other night? It was such a good gig!

Neat tour t-shirts too, I just wish the merch stand had had more merch.

Sorry if pic related is huge, posting via mobile.
Taking part in the fashion show at HJ, was worried about my coord until I saw that some girl is doing the same style as me. She's so ita that she's going to make me look 10x better and I am so thankful wow

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Last thread: >>8981662

Share bands, pics, songs, memories, discuss and speculate about the upcoming Malice Mizer session, etc
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The legend is alive
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Borderline off-topic since these are new pics, but Lareine 2015~2016 edition

Describe your dream lolita website.
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Not necessarily a website, but I'd love to see more integration. Essentially what I think would benefit the community most would be a social hub (a la Facebook or Lacebook), an archive (Lolibrary), and a sales comm (Lacemarket) that have crossover.
So you can set up your social page, then integrate with your Lacemarket account so that people can see your listings in a separate tab on your profile. Then integration with Lolibrary to have a WTB tab and closet tab for showing off your collections (like PoupeeGirl) where you can upload custom photos, tag the item's Lolibrary page, etc. Maybe even the ability to have a tab for an Etsy or Storenvy for users that own and want to promote their own J-fashion stores.
Integration could also be useful for tracking statistics of sales -- seeing when sells the most during the year, or what for which years, for what price, in what countries, what the most popular items are (of this month, this season, this year, all time, etc.) And statistics of closets -- ie:
> Sugary Carnival JSK was owned the most in 2011, sold the most in 2014, the most popular colorway of all time (for owning) is pink, and blue (for selling). It's sold the most to users in America and owned the most by users in Japan.
It would be neat to have achievements too, and a 'lolita level' similar to those "How Lolita are You?" quizzes. Things like "In the fashion for 10 years!" and "Bought first brand item!" that you could attribute on your timeline to certain dates/years like Facebook, which contribute to your overall EXP. Flairs next to usernames for main substyles (with a maximum of like 3) like Reddit has would also be useful.
If I had the programming skill for it, I'd do it myself in a heartbeat. Sadly I only know enough CSS and HTML to make my Tumblr cute and not much else.
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I would love to have a pinterest alike website were you can save all your inspiration with tags combined with Lolibrary so we can see the pieces of each coord easily. We would be able to follow our favorite lolis. That's why it would be cool if this would be linked to instagram and facebook so make it automatic or something.
I'm don't like saving my inspo on my pc. I's not that organised and it's not easy to find something when you have it in mind. A inspo boards website online (so you never loose your stuff) with a good search engine would be great.
yeah it's called pinterest

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It's that time of year again. How many anons will be coming to Anirevo in Vancouver this August? If anyone wants to set up a /cgl/ meetup there should be one.

For the anons going to Anirevo, what will you be cosplaying?
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No cosplay. Just go to relax. The career only life is tough
Still waiting on a decent Vancouver convention to happen.
I put my eggs into the nihon fest basket and boy was I disappointed.

Won't happen, the fact that something like AE has been running close to 10 years without any improvements says it all

Post the good, the bad, the lazy. Bonus points if it's actually handmade and not bought.
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//handmaking a hoodie you can buy for cheap.

unless youre talking about versions from the mobile game youre not making much sense.
What color hoodie do you guys recommend for Totty. It's so hard to get his color down because it varies between like a lavender and light pink.

Any people that cosplay as STALKERs or any kind of post-apocalyptic slavshit characters?
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pls respond ;_;
its a slow board, post your own shit first
I thought about it, a couple years ago, but it's basically on the same level as hardcore airsoft operators.
You buy a bunch of Russian military surplus, buy some patches, then walk around with a vodka bottle and an airsoft AK or an acoustic guitar.
I know Nugget Enterprises has real live gorkas in stock, as well as Stalker patches.

New mail thread! What do you have on the way, seagulls?
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Where might one find that blue dress?
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Here's the tiny incohesive closet child purchase I made for my birthday.

the good, bad and terrible

>recent convention encounters?
>gemsona cosplays?
>more clones?
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that wig
Are there any good Peridot wigs out there?
>inb4 Gekroent wig
This debate comes up nearly every thread
Better and cleaner than her first try. Looks like she used a different gem too. The wig itself looks like the cap is too big for her head, but arda is known for having large cap sizes so I won't hold it against her.

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It's been a while since we had the last indie thread.

>ITT: anything related to Lolita indie brands: new releases, questions/seeking advice, reviews, etc.
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I'm currently gathering different things for a TB order. Apparently they are mostly cheap things which make the shipping quite expensive. So I was thinking about getting a neat jsk from soufflesong/Neverland Lolita.
How is your personal experience with them?
I am kind of interested in their Lady of the Cross JSKs. Does someone own said JSK and can make a short review/share their personal opinion about it?

Talking about these:

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hello /cgl/, I've never cosplayed before, but I want to, so im trying to work out the specifics of my first costume
It's nothing too complex, outside of one specific piece.
I want to cosplay as the Hacker from System Shock, pic related.
The thing is though, He has a neural cyberspace interface.
It's seen more clearly at around 12 seconds in this video
In layman's terms, He has a plug on the side of his head that allows him to connect his brain to cyberspace.
I checked the guides in the sticky, but couldn't find anything about creating something like this. I'd like to be able to have some sort of mechanical piece on the side of my head that stays in place, so I can have a wire running down from it to the laptop I'll carry.
>TL;DR how do i make a costume prop that looks like I have a pluggable jack on the side of my head?
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Oh look, another male posting an entire thread about needing help with his cosplay
nice try at b8 m8
ask on the help thread

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It's summertime! Time to get your picnic baskets and straw hats out!
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