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David Vincent's voice acting panel was complete bullshit today at Anime Austin due to his failed attempt to not be biased, he chose the woman (who claimed to be a mother) to do the picking for her and she chose a literal pedophile to come on stage.

No offense to David Vincent, but PLEASE choose your volunteers yourself dude.

Also Anime Austin and Anime Overload was the same con. If you didn't go, you didn't miss much.
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Also if you're good at smash, just go the anime cons for the free money, I swear to god if another low ranking texas smasher wins more than $50 at an anime convention tournament again, I'm going to break the consoles before the event.
>make maybe $10 in profit after subtracting all your costs
>for 4-8 hours of "work" depending on how big your bracket is
Not worth it.
The winner of the tournament got $96. Full payout.
Basically got paid $24/hr.
Fucked up.

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Almost every lolita I saw was very ita
There was one that looked like she literally had downs, kinda felt bad, the others were okay though
Any good cosplay?

Sup /cgl/ cosplay newfag here. This will be my year going to a convention and after taking a bunch of pictures of cosplayers, I want to give it a spin for myself. I am far too unskilled with any form of sewing or crafting and a con I plan on attending is coming up in a couple of months, so would any of you happen to know of someone who is CURRENTLY open to a cosplay commission that can be completed and shipped before the end of August? I was hoping to request a samurai 2hu, or perhaps if they're experienced enough with armor crafting; the Firelink armor set from Dark Souls 3. If any estimates on prices based off of the difficulty can be inferred, that would be appreciated as well.
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>Wants a complicated comission done in less than a month
It's not required, but it would be nice. I would just be happy were it made, truth be told.

...dude. Even China couldn't pull it off that fast. Please at least just google shit before you ask.

Also what's your price range. I'm going to guess you're going to have some sticker shock.

>How long have you been in lolita?
>How many main pieces do you have?
>How much brand vs offbrand?
>What styles do you mostly own?
>What would your ideal number be?
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>How long have you been in lolita?
I've been into it since I was a junior in high school (4 years) but I've only been wearing it for less than a year.
>How many main pieces do you have?
Two main pieces right now
>How much brand vs offbrand?
All of my things are bodyline right now
>What styles do you mostly own?
Sweet which is a weird thing since I'm goth and punk when I'm in normie clothes
>How long have you been in lolita?
Heard about it in 2008, only got the financial situation to start seriously buying pieces in 2013
>How many main pieces do you have?
6 ops, 20 jsks and 10 skirts
>How much brand vs offbrand?
75% brand, most of them old school baby. Offbrand is evenly split between taobao and handmade
>What styles do you mostly own?
Gothic and sweet in black colourways
>What would your ideal number be?
What do you mean by this?
07/15/16(Fri)07:49:40 No.9102530
377 KB
377 KB JPG
>How long have you been in lolita?
>How many main pieces do you have?
Five main pieces - including one I'm currently trying to sell right now, one skirt, six blouses, and three shoes.
>How much brand vs offbrand?
It's mainly my main pieces that I try to keep strictly lolita brand (AATP, Bodyline, etc); I have two offbrand blouses; and I have one pair of offbrand shoes. All the other things I use for lolita - like headwear, accessories, and legwear - are mainly offbrand.
>What styles do you mostly own?
Gothic, classic, mainly black items (except for blouses).
>What would your ideal number be?
Someday I'd like to get to 15 main pieces and blouses, enough to where I could wear lolita at least once a month. My wardrobe is still pretty small.

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It's been going on for years now but what exactly is this fashion called and what classifies it?

It's tumblr "aesthetic" matched with pastel goth , general "kawaii fashion" and american apparel tennis skirts with anime/japanese references to everything.

Shit thread but legitimate question. Trying to consolidate what this scene even is.
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/fa/ pls go
We usually call it animetrashswag but that's only a joke name, that's just fandom fashion.
sounds pretty appropriate. thanks. didn't know if this was under j-fashion or what.


feeling existential the last few weeks

>i love cosplay
>it might be a waste of time tho
>then again, life is meaningless

anyone have positive, uplifting, non-hook up convention stories?

the thirsty and the glamor models are kind of what's getting me jaded about cosplay/con culture
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cant we just have a good old depression thread instead
ugh damnit
you make a good point
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My first con was three years ago so I'm relatively new to the scene and I'm a poorfag who doesn't live especially close to any cons so I don't get to go to many each year but my first con was honestly one of the if not the singular best experience of my life, I was so nervous in the weeks leading up to it because I was working on my first cosplay and I didn't know exactly what to expect since the only things I had to base what a con was like was hearsay and convention music videos i was obsessed with back in like 2009 and I thought it might not live up to my expectations. I ended up going in a shitty AoT cosplay with an untrimmed wig, bad makeup and all but people still recognized me and asked for my picture. I was so surprised with how friendly everyone was and how positive the environment felt. I was so enchanted by everything that I ended up missing the events that I had originally chosen to go to the con for. I look forward to every con so much even if there aren't any guests or panels I'm interested in because I love the feeling.

I think that with every community there's always going to be a positive side and a negative side and there's no real way to escape that so you have to make an effort to appreciate the positive side and do what you can to improve the negative side in addition to keeping it as something that will effect you minimally, if that makes sense? I love cosplaying and I love conventions so it always makes me sad when people leave the community or anything, especially when it's based on things that don't directly effect the person, like glamour models for example.

I'm sorry this was very long and rambly but I hope my points come across.

Anyone on /cgl/ working on a costume? I'd love to see some nice helmet and armor work.

Other varieties of costume also welcome.
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Doubt you will see any tokucos.
After Decade left Cgl toku cosplay talk has almost disapeared.
I wish there was a way to contact him about this stuff but he seems impossible to talk to.
He literally responded to me last month in the help thread
I'm working on a gouraiger/thunder ranger costume. Making the helmet now, still at the starting phase

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Is the love of lolita slowly dying?
Cheap Brand easy to buy secondhand. No more blood bath sell outs. No more drama. No one posting online or caring anymore it seems.
Old thread>>>>
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I would say it's the opposite. More and more people are aware of it and getting into it.

AP increased their stock and are re-releasing more so there are less blood bath sell outs and thats great. They sucked. Why would you want to go back to that? Also there is a new release every week and I don't think even the rich lolitas care to keep up with that. There are more dresses available and it's amazing.

A lot of us are older and really just don't give a shit about drama. Again, it's kind of better that way. I'll leave that to immature HS mentality girls.

No one posting or caring online? What? I don't know where you got that from.

Also it's summer and in my experience the number of meets significantly decreases due to the heat, and people going on vacation, etc.

Just because lolita is different now, doesn't mean that the shitty old ways are great.

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Now that it's over. Can we talk about tea party and subsequent pop-up shop events?
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I wanted to hear about this since I did not go.
why no posts?
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ap paris.png
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The Paris store will be permanent
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That's good to know.

I may go to France in a few months and want to know if there will be any con or event, or maybe stores to visit while I'm there

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Hey everybody, do you know if there's going to be a stream for the finals? Cause I really want to see it live, but I've heard there are no cameras allowe so I'm not sure.
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are there pictures of the winners yet?
I literally cant find any information about who won yet, has anybody heard anything?
ECG Solo

1 - France
2 - Spain
3 - UK

Best Make Up - Spain (Solo)
Best wig award: Danemark

ECG Group

1 - France
2 - Finland
3 - Romania

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Why are there so many bitter poorfags in lolita?
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Jealous of people that can afford Lolita or brand?
Too lazy to get a better job or save money so they just complain thinking that'll do something?
Not sure exactly but that's my thought.
I waited til i had a solid job before saving and prioritizing my spending so I could have that burando. I'm 21.

its not that hard, guys.
Sticking to groups that are RL meet-up centered and to places where your real name and photos are looked up helps avoid them. So do good meet guidelines that require actual coordinates after a couple of meets. They usually drop out sooner in these places. I'm sure the threads here are full of bitter poor fats criticizing and even many lolita pretenders, you can tell this easily by many of the replies and posts.

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Old thread a kill: >>9048821

Thread Guidelines:
- cosplay and lolita welcome
- please list your location and any shipping restrictions you have
- leave contact info you actually check!

General buying and selling tips:
- have feedback ready if you can
- have proof pictures ready
- always ship with tracking
- never do a transaction with someone you're uncomfortable with
- don't name & shame without contacting the buyer or seller first

Introductory tips:
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AP's Magical Etoile Square OP in Mint - $130 + shipping. Bought from Lolita Desu and worn a few times. No visible flaws.
BTSSB Sailor Blouse - $40 + shipping. Bought it secondhand and never wore it. Seller said there was a mark on the back but I'm having a hard time finding it.

Using pics I found online because I'm not home. If you're interested, email me and I'll take some to send to you. I'll also track down measurements as well.

I ship from the US. Open to offers and trades for other AP dresses/blouses/etc.
File: Collage.png (3MB, 1879x885px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 1879x885px
Selling lots of things, DETAILED COLLAGES FOE EVERYTHING: http://imgur.com/a/B8uq9

1. Angelic Pretty whipped ghingham ruffle OP (2015) New without tags, 230$
2. Never worn cute medical-themed dress + apron + tiny nurse-like badge with heart. L size, might fit XL too. Will be oversized on S-M. 80$
3.Wego corset lacing ribbon backpack, VERY thick and sturdy construction/material, I have another wego bag and it's 2.5x times thicker. Ribbon will not come undone, however you can cut it off and change to another one. I've never used it, since no mars and perfec condition, but I've checked how much you can fit into and it's about 5 medium-sized books + pencilcase + smaller stuff. There are also two pockets on the inside. 76$
4. Funeral Procession Of Rose~ Aria Blooming In The Twilight OP in dark blue. Tried on once.
Very beatiful OP, has lots of details and collar is removable so you can wear it with other things. 250$
5. Cute ballerina style shoes with ribbons. Size 8 USA, 39EU, never worn, even have plastic wraps on the soles still attached. Ribbons can be changed. 30$
6. Boots with ribbon ties, new and unworn, bought a long time ago. US 9, EU 40. 35$
7. Melissa jelly shoes, new and unworn, US 8, EU 39. 40$
8. Mon Lily shoes in size L, have been worn once for about and hour or two, have wery small marks near the soles which do not affect the look in any way (pictures on imgur). Very good quality, heaven to earth in comprasion to Bodyline. 64$
9. Ghingham Fint dress with embroidered seashell border, new and unworn. Quite long, will fit S-L 83$
10. Sailor OP, material feels like suede, very soft and nice, note that it's very short so if you are over 162 cm I would not recommend. Will fit XS-S. 25$
Prices are quite negotiable, shipping will be about 15$ anywhere.
File: sales.png (901KB, 935x540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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selling sets, open to offers and possibly trades (black, XS/S)

shipping from the Netherlands


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Previous Thread: >>9059973

Previously, on Dutch Thread...
>We learned why Amsterdam has no proper cons >>9061216
>Huis ten Bosch (and Tully) was on NPO3 op Reis >>9061631
>Mandatory CosplayNL drama >>9061513 >>9061382
>An Animecon staff member made a post on his private account about illegal gun props which lead to a long discussion in our thread >>9064304 >>9064493
>The Slenderman cosplayer turned out to be an autist who never heard of boundries >>>9063917
>Some American Seagull is looking for someone to ship a bottle to her >>9060141
>"Date a Maid" raffle >>9068805
>OtakuNL is a douche for multiple reasons >>9067883 >>9070488 >>9070507
>DCH is going to expose most Dutch seagulls! Better barricade your doors because this guy totally means business desu >>9071144

Convention news
>Tomoplay updated their programming
>I've heard some rumours about Gerjan doing an "Alternatief Slapen" for Nishicon, but it hasn't been confirmed yet.

Next five conventions
>TomoPlay (July 2nd & 3rd, Berghem NB) is a retro video game, card and board game related meetup. Tickets are €2,50 or €5 including the shuttle bus from Oss CS.
>Castlefest (August 5th - 7th, Lisse ZH) is an outdoor midievil/fantasy convention. Ticket prices change every month so check the site.
>Tropicon (August 13th, Duisberg, Germany) is a pool/beach cosplay party located at a 30 minute drive from Venlo (LB). Tickets are €5 and can be purchased at the door.
>Abunai! (August 26th - 28th, Veldhoven NB) is the other big anime convention. Hotel rooms are all long gone and day tickets are running low so buy yours while you still can.
>Amsterdam Comic Con (August 27th & 28th, Amsterdam NH) is a comic fair very similiar to DCC, except this one is hosted by Showmasters. Tickets start at €15 a day.
The full and more detailed convention agenda can be found in the pastebin: http://pastebin.com/QaZ23aUA
Finally, if I missed anything, feel free to post it in the thread and I'll add it to the pastebin and/or in the next OP.
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But we still don't know who or what DCH is!?

Anon plz help.
Good luck, I'm behind Vincent Law, Kazkis Hauer, MCQ, Monad, One, Senex, and Swan; a total of seven proxies!

>How and maybe more importantly why?
It's probably just some fag who recently got insulted by us. Could be the Slenderman Autist, OtakuNL, or maybe just a bad troll.
>Dutch Cheese Heads (gaming clan, no members are into anime, cosplay or in a relationship with someone who is)
>Discus Club Holland (nothign posted about 4chan)
>Some Dutch Wikipedia user with two contributions on "Sardijns" (some dead Italian-like language)
>Drum Corps Holland
>Dortse Computer Handel
>Dutch Cyber Hero?
>Three random letters to make it sound all mysterious

So there is a thread on overrated cosplay photographers so how about one for really good photographers/inspo especially con photography. Personally, I'm a macro nature photographer and tend to avoid portraiture due to being an awkward potato with people but cosplay photography seems like it would be pretty fun at cons but can hall photos ever look really good? How do people get around the location and equipment limitations ect?
Photographer: Janet Drake Photography and Costuming
Cosplayer: Knightess Rouge
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honestly it's going to turn into the same thread as the other one as far as negativity goes

use walls/clear as much as the background as possible
use angles if you can't do either
File: image.jpg (437KB, 958x2048px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
437KB, 958x2048px
>use walls/clear as much as the background as possible

Why? I like shoots with scenery. Maybe for hallshots, sure, but if you're having a paid shoot, why not?

Photo by BumnyTuan, I like her photos because they're more like a story than a portrait. It just feels more natural.
File: image.jpg (89KB, 708x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89KB, 708x500px
Oops, BunnyTuan*

Another photo by her.

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Old thread reached limit

Useful Links (that are still active):
288 posts and 151 images submitted.
Magical always has great stuff.
Where can I find Magical's stuff?

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