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it doesn't have a gender till you choose /a. what do?
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Male (Female) is the only answer anon.
That look with a penis.
Asexual (From the biological sense), with optional female role.
Depends on whether the goal of the alien is to preserve its own species by spreading its seed or to assimilate into the indigenous peoples by taking seed.

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Side Character Thread.
Those ones you love that never get the spotlight.
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"Main heroine"
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I want to hug Wiz on a hot summer night

Final volume plot preview.

>The love story of the boring girlfriend finally ends!
>The confession towards Katou Megumi, and the last spurt towards the game completion. Everything began from that fateful encounter that day on that hill. You’re not a boring girlfriend anymore, you’re a main heroine that sends our hearts pounding!

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Eriri wins at the last minute.
Ending cop out.

Wait for next season of volumes
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>Utaha lost

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Kill la Kill is shit
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Good for you.
I only partake of the finest quality baito, and it must be organic and prepared only by the most beta of anons. I want nothing to do with your abysmal excuse for (you)s, good day.
It's okay to be gay anon

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Hard Climbs.jpg
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What was your favorite duel in the original Duel Monsters series? I'm a sucker for any of Joey's duels myself.
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Jounouchi against Marik was easily my favorite because my boy did better against him than Yugi and only lost because of the Winged Dragon of asspulls ability, whereas Yugi and Atem had to pull a bunch of different shit just to stand a chance.
Marik vs Bakura was hype AF

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Kokou No Hito.jpg
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Thank you gentlemen for exposing me this incredible manga last night. I spent almost all of last night and today reading through it (basically ignoring work). The sense of freedom, the isolation, the satisfying feeling of accomplishment. It's all there and needs to be read by all.
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Glad it all worked out for you, anon. Now when are you gonna start climbing?

First of all, I want to lose 10 lbs to get to my ideal weight, ~145. I'm about 153 lbs now. And I need to start pumping iron (have no upper body strength). I finally got back to my local boxing group, so hopefully I can be more consistent in actually going.

So the first plan of action, train the body. Then I'll have to figure out where I'd go to practice climbing later. I live in a small place with not much resources.
I started this manga a long time ago and dropped it because I had stuff going on. I told myself that I would get back to it eventually, and here I am, years later, after my first week of indoor climbing.
While I was climbing up the wall, I remembered it and I think I'm going to marathon it soon. I'm isolated in a foreign country, grapling with my novel, so that should be a great read.

Thanks anon, for making this thread. Please have my diary desu

>Nero: Beautiful boys are good, Beautiful girls are better
>Tamamo: It is easier to have a male master
Why can't anime studios get this right?
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saber face always wins for some unknown reason
Yeah, but her master SHOULD be Zabiko since all her dialogue says she prefers girls while Caster's dialogue has her implies that she prefers boys.
Should've been Hakunon/Mumei desu.

so she went to a different school in the end?
this is bullshit
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Its an anime original ending

In the source material, the novels, Taiga left until the start of their 3rd year.
Taiga surprises Ryuuji on his way to school on the first day of their 3rd year.
Taiga explains that she made up with her mom and now she lives with her. Her mom gave birth to a son with the man she is with, can't remember if its just a boyfriend or Taiga's new step-dad.
She now lives with them on the other side of the city, and is learning to care for herself and others as she is learning to care for her new baby brother.
Everything is okay and happy end as they start their 3rd year together, boyfriend and girlfriend.
Having her leave just as soon as they finally got together was stupid.
Don't forget that he gets her pregnant and she gives birth to little doggies

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Hi, what breed of dog is most like satania
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1 bump = 1 (one) nice letter to satania on Valentine's day
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Such shit quality.
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Excuse me sir

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This is just a poor mans Cowboy Bebop right?
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No it's the thinking man's cowboy bebop.
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A combination of nostalgia and significantly less popularity will see the general opinion swaying heavily in favor of Outlaw Star.
I will admit it had cuter girls though.
It's even worse.

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charming and elegant.png
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Reminder that True Illya is Best Illya.
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True Illya is Dead Illya
That Illya is old and busted. This is the new and improved model.

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What does /a/ think of NGE? Reviews preferred but not required. Also, how did you watch it and when did you watch it?
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>NGE (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
Thanks for the parenthesis OP, I would've never guessed.
its aight
You're right. I probably shouldn't have done that.

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Griffith did nothing wrong
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Griffith a cute. Only ignorant moralfigs hate him.
I love sleeping beauty
He's extremely fuckable.

ITT: Post kissu
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File: Kissu_1.webm (2MB, 960x540px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 960x540px

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I just finished Naruto after dropping it about 2 years ago , I skipped most of the filler.
Despite its many faults, I had genuine fun watching it.
I enjoyed it.
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Good for you anon.
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Thanks man.

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