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Revolutionary Girl Utena is a meaningless show.
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you genuinely have to be a japanese theater scholar to get anything out of it, everyone else is a poser
That isn't true though. Although my older sister works in theatre so maybe talking to her so much is part of why I was able to get it.

It just requires more thought than your average anime is all. Man, is there a less obnoxious way to say that?
You get about as much as you put into it, my brainlet friend.

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>acquire a way of killing people that makes it practically impossible to track you down
>almost immediately become the prime suspect once some autismo detective starts his investigation
And he's supposed to be a genius?
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Well there wouldn't be much of a plot if he was never caught, so obviously light instantly knows about the death note and who has it.
being a genius subjects you to overconfidence in your decisions.
He's an idiot, if positions were flipped L would have never been caught.

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And nothing of value was lost

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Some anon posted a couple of pages from this new manga yesterday, and I thought it looked really nice.

I just hope it can develop without turning into never-ending tedious battling. I also prefer it when this kind of story keeps the real world somewhat relevant and not just something quickly forgotten.
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Going to post a few pages.
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Girl is drawn in a nice style.
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Could you outsmart him?
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>take shinigami eyes
>kill him

Yeah, don't fucking interact with him in person to begin with and pass him off as some creepshow.
Interacting with L is like playing a Telltale game. It doesn't matter what you say or do, you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't

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Was she a masochist or just retarded?
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Mashochists are retarded so both.
She's in love
She's a comic genius.

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Ehhh, bored. Let's get down to business

76: Everyone's own places
[Side] Waiting in vain, saying 'you here yet, you here yet?'
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Ogimoto House: Inosuke

[Side] The curtain of night falls...
"You're late!!"

"The day's already ended and he still hasn't come!! Souchirou, you dumbbutt"
"I'm gonna make my move"
"And pig assault its chest!!"

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"Mice!! My swords!!"

Tengen's familiars: The 'Shinobeast' Buff mice.
They underwent special training and have high intelligence.
As you can see, they have enough physical strength to carry a sword on their own.
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"Time to go kill some demons!!"
"Pig assault!!"

The 'Kyougoku House', where Zenitsu and Hinatsuru went missing.

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>better direction
>better ost
>better art
>better season 1
>better openings
>better endings
Why do people unironically think that FMAB is better than FMA 2004?
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The story gets convoluted once it splits from the manga. It also has inferior production values despite its better art.
Because its plot is not absolutely fucking stupid.
better story

Honestly the only thing that is markedly better is the music. The original series has an amazing soundtrack.

I found the best girl.
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No, this is best girl(male)
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Wrong Hoshinomori.

End of evangelion was a fuck/marry/kill.

He fucked Rei, married Asuka and killed Misato.
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Nigger im gonna punch you.
pretty much
This thread is going to gain traction.

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What was his problem?
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Being literally rеddit the character
He was just a normal man in love. Love will do that to you.

Why is this 14y japanese girl so tall
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Manlet detected.
166cm for a 14y is freaking tall
It really depends on where you live, in most western countries that's probably average height.

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Where's my season 2?
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How awesome it would be for this to get a season 2 instead of part 5.
I could feel their tears from my computer.
When they add a male character
Which is both NEVER
Uni is flat enough to count as a male

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What do you expect from season 2? Even though it will never be released.
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Scenes featuring Miuna fully or partially naked.
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hair loops.jpg
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A well executed time skip, with Miuna being a mother.
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>Miuna and the JAV trap

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this is your fetish for tonight
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Watch it anon
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Who is gayer Yua or Lily Gaystone?

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