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Who are some main girls that remains the best girl even after many other girls have been introduced?
Pic related.
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Is that the millenom girl?
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>his favorite studio's anime isn't nominated to Oscar
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>The biggest snub for me was Chris Miller and Phil Lord not getting in for [The] Lego [Movie]. When a movie is that successful and culturally hits all the right chords and does that kind of box-office — for that movie not to be in over these two obscure freakin’ Chinese fuckin’ things that nobody ever freakin’ saw? That is my biggest bitch. Most people didn’t even know what they were! How does that happen? That, to me, is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.
Every single film nomination given to 2D and 3D animated movies in the US is a sham, none of them are actually judged on their merits at any point during the selection process, the judges don't watch them unless it's "with their kids", because they will never EVER shake the stigma that cartoons and 3DCG stuff is kiddy stuff.

They literally give out nominations like candy.
I don't give a shit about rewards.

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>No Shaft
>No Trigger

Didn't know Newtype readers had such shit taste.
This is like Burgers naming Mcdees the best hamburger joint.
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>work animators to suicide
>labelled black just three years ago
>high QUALITY animation
How much did aniplex pay for first?

I can't tell if this anime takes itself seriously or not
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I can't tell if people take this anime seriously or not.
It's a part comedic LN.
Chad's my favourite character,

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Lupin thread! Show some love for our favorite gentleman thief.
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How did /a/ find Bloodspray of Goemon? I love it for what it is - a Lupin film bringing it's own spin to the table, but I can't help but feel the plot could've been alot tighter
didn't like it. I'm enjoying that they're focusing on stories for each of the other characters. Hoping they do Zenigata before they call it quits.
golgo 13 vs lupin who win?

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Why is Gilgamesh so great?
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He jobbed to everyone.

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Name two or three characters from separate series you'd like to see interact and how would they interact with each other?
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because they'll hate each other almost immediately
yoshikage kira
yagami light
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These three.

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Is it just me or does the Planetes ending fucking suck balls? Hachimaki was a fucking asshole to everyone for like 10 episodes and everyone just forgives him after SPACE TERRORISTS attack, Tanabe becomes a fucking housewife to this piece of shit who's leaving her for 7 years, Claire gets married to a dumb pussy who let her defend him while he cowered in fear (seriously where did this even come from?), and nothing changes with INTO's world domination. Probably the worst part about this is what happened to Tanabe who somehow is still in love with Hachimaki who didn't even talk to her for a year besides some autistic screeching.

The entire tone of the story was aiming for a sad ending, and the tone just shifted completely in the last episode. It's like they tried to shoehorn a feel-good ending in, which is sad because Planetes would be 10/10 without the shitty ending. Excluding the ninja episode, though.
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It sounds like you wanted everyone to die and be miserable. Hmmm.
Let me guess you didn't even watch it
Early Planetes is bacially 17 minutes stupid shit and 3 minutes really awesome with cool music.

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It's been over 10 years since Code Geass and no anime has beaten it yet in terms of trainwreck quality.

So what anime can be considered the second best trainwreck of a show?
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I dunno Sam Flam got close in a good way and valverave got close in the full retard way, so those are probably next.
1. Code Geass
--- power gap ---
2. Samurai Flamenco
3. Guilty Crown
4. Kakumeiki Valvrave
5. School Days
6. Eden of the East
7. Marwaru Penguindrum
8. Star Driver
9. Kill la Kill
10. Fractale
Mayoiga.There was no trainwreck in the anime itself to speak of - it were the threads on /a/ that became a trainwreck. Quite an interesting development.

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Does any one know what the most expensive anime made was. When I watch the credits to this show, practically every studio, graphics company, recording company, and producers did some work on it. Hellsing Ultimate is the only other show I know of similar.
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TTGL can't possibly hold this record, the quality suffers massively only a few episodes in during the time they ran out of money and people still like to pretend it was an artistic choice and not one necessitated by lack of funds.
>the quality suffers massively only a few episodes in
You watched a shitty copy then. I have the DVDs and they are excellent...except for those last 2 episodes on disc one that skip and stutter, but that's Aniplexe's fault.
quality means artistic quality went down not the video quality dumbass

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What is she gonna grow up to be?
I'm a little bit worried about her future tbqh
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housewife is a comfy fallback desu
She's going to start out as a Gravure model doing nudes. Then probably porn later. Oh wait, I'm thinking of that Strawberry Mashmallow girl.
Professional emoji user

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You will never know the pure stupid joy of eating bananas for breakfast!
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4chan is a US website. Bananas are plentiful here and common breakfast food.
It's fairly common, I think it's dumb to eat tubes of radioactive sugar for breakfast though.
Does it count if I make a banana and strawberry smoothie every morning?

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How come this show is the most popular anime in Japan right now?

Is it because of the World class writers?
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It is a major cultural icon. Just like Gundam and Godzilla

But /a/ told me Dragon ball Super was shit
>Is it because of the World class writers?
That and the painstakingly crafted animation.

What is your opinion on the current season?
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Absolute dogshit, worst in years.
I'm not watching it.
Somehow Vatican is the best show.

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Admit it, the black star dragon ball saga was fun.
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great concept poor execution
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I admit I really liked GT when it first came out when i was a youngling.
The problem is that when you look at it objectively you see how shitty it really was in hindsight in comparison to the real deal.
Regardless I still have a soft spot for SSJ4.
I'm watching GT for the first time, about two thirds the way through so far.

It's not saying much, but it's much better than Super

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