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was it punpun?
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It's up to your imagination.
So was it punpun from the parallel universe tried to tell his young self to go with Aiko to kagoshima?
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Has there ever been an anime where the childhood friend wins?
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Plenty of them.
Usagi Drop

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Kill myself.
My desk is a bit unsteady. One of the legs is too short. I think the Death Note is just thick enough to fix the problem.
Jerk off on it first, then give a bunch of thots a heart attack.

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>Welp, Shueisha said it themselves that they want Black Clover to be the next Naruto. Take that as you will.


So how much better is Black Clover than Naruto?
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First chapter is a reskin of naruto's first chapter, so it's actually worse.
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>Shueisha gave BC the stigma of becoming the next Naruto and now its cursed much because people will always make the comparison between the two.

New Toriko confirmed! Looks like MHA dodged the bullet and now can branch out by itself rather than people trying to make comparisons.
It's like Naruto in which it handles the MC's motivation, how his goal and the journey to achieve it looks all over the place, and the unshakable feeling of "I think this guy (or the rival) have something to do with that huge fight back then"
It's also like FT in the way it handles powers (magic): "Arbitraty Magic: Arbitrary Magic Techniqueâ„¢" and how the MC relies on "Power of Never Giving Up" and actually shout it everytime he goes into battle

TL; DR worst of both worlds

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People idolize over Haruhi Suzymiya because she acts like a guy. You ever wish you could have a girl as a friend, just to hang out with like one of the guys? A girl that would have the same interests as you, the same enthusiasm, the same keen observations and sense of adventure? How about a girlfriend that you could just hang out with, have fun with, and not have to listen to her whine and complain and leak. Haruhi Suzymiya is that ideal "hang out with" girl. She has fans because she has all the best traits of a guy friend you can hang out with, only she happens to be a girl. Understand that when people idolize over Haruhi Suzymiya, they idolize over the personality of a cool guy friend in a girl's body- an ideal friend/partner who has the best of both worlds, and would be nearly impossible to find.
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>the same enthusiasm, the same keen observations and sense of adventure
You seem to have some misconceptions about me.
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>nice body
>a bit sadistic
>still a tsundere about lovely-dovely stuff
>literally a god
what's there NOT to like?
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Wow that's some ancient pasta right there

Why is nobody talking about the best show of this season?
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>**3,214 (***,319 pt) Kakegurui
Maybe because you don't lurk and miss all the threads?
I really liked up to ep 4 or 5 then it became a villain of the week anime, so dropped it.
The same reason I dropped Jojo part 3 and 4, I cant fucking stand that format.

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Feeler for "Wolf and Parchment" an ongoing manga series.

The young man Cole dreams of one day joining the holy clergy and departs on a journey from the bathhouse "The Spice and Wolf Inn," owned by his savior, Lawrence. The Winfiel Kingdom's prince has invited him to help correct the sins of the church. But as his travels begin, Cole discovers in his luggage a young girl with a wolf's ears and tail named Myuri who stowed away for the ride.
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>catches her man in flagranti groping another woman
>instantly knows it's just a misunderstanding
>still trolls the fuck out of him
>then proceeds to ask him out on a date
Perfect. I wish there were more women like her in my chinese cartoons.
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She's just special
10/10 would betray mankind for her.
Also would make MC's life a living hell just out of spite.
Literally the only good Elf.

Where to start with Fate/Zero, etc.?
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Read the visual novel.

If you're american and hate reading, watch Fate/Zero and then Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (2014).
Don't start it at all.


Who is the best anime dullahan?

For me, Lala's my #. She's just so adorable and mysterious. Plus she has great legs and birthing hips.

Honestly I love all three. They're all unique and have fun and lovable personalities. Plus their respective series' are top-notch.
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I'm still mad.
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What would you say to him
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u look like a fag
It's going to be daijoubu.

I can't unsee that one eyelash is ticker than the other

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Korean raws for chapter 172 are out.

Ain't one so I cannot translate for shit.
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Why does someone do something horrible like this?
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>I actually laughed at this
Something is very wrong with me.
You laugh at things you find funny.
Kek, i'm gonna try that

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Togashi's comment wasn't about the manga, but about a some japanese food company he visited. HUNTERFAGS BTFO
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Togashi should just do the writing and let Sorachi do the drawing since Gintama's ending this year
So I guess no HxH until 2018.

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