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Is it normal to look at your mother this way?
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No but she's not my mother.
>wait a minute, that ass
If he fucks or atleast even kisses his mom i will give this mangaka a chance again.

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she was definitely masturbating, right?
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I wish I was a cut imouto that gets caught shlicking to BL
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No, she was fucking with her black boyfriend.
She's into eroge.

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Is this the correct way to consume "burgers"?
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>he doesn't eat his "burgers" like sponge cake
The only incorrect way of eating is not putting food into your mouth.

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I spent entirely too much time on this.
Well, before this gets deleted, this show is too popular to not get a second season, right?
Well done, anon.

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What would you do if you met a girl like Hifumi?
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I don't deserve her
I would probably tease her... am I too much of an asshole?

Boku No Hero Thread
What would you quirk be /a/? Bonus points for creativity amd having a drawback
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if i Irritate / cause someone to hate me they become compelled to obey my commands
Quirk: Monster movie.
Able to turn into a monster from the silent film era
>becomes godzilla

Not to sound like a pedo or anything, but Rinne was so much sexier as a loli.
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She gives Fate a run for her money with how gay she is.

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Proper Fate/Extra anime when?
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the thing with Fate is they need to drop the male MC already.
I agree, everything should be yuri. All men need to die, forever, even in real life.
Really just the one from Fate/Extra because he's boring as shit and the Femc is so much better.

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Why aren't you watching Kakegurui right now?
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It's shit. An excuse to put hentai faces on TV, rips off games from Kaiji and doesn't even show the psychoogical struggle.
dude, kakegurui is far from being the best thign this year, but kaiji sucks
Cause its shit.

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>Although I normally eat my dinner alone now, whenever I think of the fact that Komachi often ate alone like this when I was preparing for my entrance exams, tears would start coming out somehow.
>Yet despite saying that, it does not mean that our family relationships were poor.

>Did someone throw rubbish in my shoe rack What was thrown into it were paper scraps made from sweet wrappers
>Ah, what is this, some sort of bullying?
>Ignoring me, ostracizing me was something that I didn’t care about since it was no different from before. Gossiping about me behind my back, I could understand that too as well.
>But,I don’t really understand this sort of childish action. What was the point in doing this, will someone benefit from this?
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Yumiko a good girl.
>My philosophy oflife, where an enemy of an enemy is an ally, dictated that Miura would be my ally in this case.
>Oh, no way! Miura’s going to be my ally! Miura’s a totally good person, Miura’s so nice.
>I think I might just end up liking her! Doubt that’d ever happen though!
A cute.

>“Furthermore, when I was talking to Hina about committee stuff, Yumiko was sulking because she couldn’t join in the conversation.”
>I didn’t know Miura was this sort of person.
>So cute! My imagination started to run.
Which one you norman fuck did this.
Is it explained why he's such a siscon? Is there a reason beyond anime cliches?

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thoughts on crippled girls? Why are they always the best girls in whatever they're in?
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Can't run away when you bring them to the rape dungeon :^}
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>MC dreams of becoming a military dictator and the secret police are the good guys
>genocide is completely justified
>the good guys are a military group who rule heaven as a feudal ghetto
>genocide is completely justified
One Piece
>the good guys are people rebelling against the corrupt police state
>genocide is evil
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Shut the fuck up wanpisstard. They are PIRATES they are criminals who ruin civilian lives.
Madara and Yhwach did nothing wrong.
Akainu did everything wrong.
Akainu did his job.

Why does anime look like shit now?
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What an original and thought provoking topic anon, i'm sure /a/ has so much new to discuss about this shocking revelation you have just given us
because he broke his helm are you blind? i bet anime looked better before he crashed his car

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Post an anime without actually posting it
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How do I calm myself down?

November is so far away.
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What is the target audience of this girl?

holy shit I love this girl

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