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How is it possible for one series to have so many god-tier ED songs?





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Can't decide whether I prefer ED 1 or 3. Both fantastic though.
They're all great but ED 1 is just too iconic for me to not like the best
The only thing that kept me from falling asleep during op1 was that abrasive use of 7/4 time signature halfway through like being stabbed in the eardrums

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I'd take reality over instrumentality in a heartbeat.
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reminder you can't fap to chines cartoons in intrumentality
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Movie was pretty direct about the best not being inside Instrumentality.

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Was he autistic?
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No. I'd say the opposite. Kino is free spirited. Hermes talking isn't a mere delusion either

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New SHAFT mahou shoujo anime. They finally released an episode. I guess it wasn't just Pachinko after all.


The 2nd episode of the 7 part Prism Nana OVA has been uploaded to youtube. So far they have only been shown in limited screenings.
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Looks pretty SHAFT-y
>It's real
God dammit. I was looking forward to a potential new troll.
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Admit it: you got a boner when this scene happened.
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God I still want to fuck Misato. I don't even care that she's used goods.
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is Misato a Shotacon?
Implying I don't always have a boner.

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Welp. ~5 years and 12 chapters later.

Fuck it, I really liked this manga and wanted to see this get serialized and I'm sad that it was treated this way. It could have stomped on the shit that's put out today but the lazy nigger Okamoto Lynn just didn't give a fuck and literally forgot about it for a year before he found it. This sucks.
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Too lewd for a christian industry.
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in NTR scale from 0 to 10, which one is this?
Shit/10, dude didn't even lick her butthole.

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What does /a/ think of nichijou?
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Forced animation aside I enjoyed it.
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Great anime
It is generally well liked and considered one of the better comedies, but if you were here when it was airing
Also the manga is up in the air if I recall correctly.

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You haven't forgotten my name have you /a/?
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no i havent sweetie

For an anime that completely changes anime industry and probably the entire history of humanity, /a/ seems unpleasantly indifferent and ignorant.
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>dude devinatart tier effects
>dude LN adaptation

this shit will get btfo by team pop epic
What about it is that important other than being really pretty and animated by Kyoani? I don't think I've ever seen anyone hyping it up other than for those reasons.
Has anyone ever hyped up a literally who source material anime adaptation with no impressive studio or notable anime staff?

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Only one month left anon. I hope you didn't forget.
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2011 was 6 years ago.
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dont forget moot 4534.jpg
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>Don't forget Moot!!


Season 3 fucking WHEN?
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Hopefully fucking never.
what? why?

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This is Altair, she can destroy your favorite character in a fight.
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No, she can't.
Oh yeah? well Altair is ugly.
Delete this

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Your tending to your farm and this dude slaps your daughters ass. What do you do
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cut his dick off
Join him.
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tell him that's not my daughter

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you guys ready for new chapter this week ?
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I'll post last chapter.
File: watamote_c119_002.png (253KB, 870x1236px)Image search: [Google]
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>I also met Mr. Hayao Miyazaki around this time and he really loved animation and how to approach mecha type stories. Until then I had never thought about playwriting for animation. It was a really great period of study for me.

>These things as well as everything I learned from Mr. Miyazaki in terms of characterisation and how to build characters, not to mention the various other theatrical and dramatic elements that I learned from Mr. Takahata. If I hadn't met these two individuals and learned all these elements from them, then it's very likely that Mobile Suit Gundam would not have turned out in the same way.


How will Gundumbfags ever recover?
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What is there to recover from? He's saying that he learned from Miyazaki. That doesn't make Gundam any less Tomino's work.
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This is so funny since so many anons on /a/ are always questioning what Miyazaki has done for the industry.
Ah, so that explains why Tomino's work is all shit.

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