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How do I get in the mood for a show that is completely different from the last one I watched?
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That should be the second show's job. If it can't then, it's a garbage show.
Push the reset button.
Lots of lube.

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I am aiko I real life and it's fun to masturbate as her!

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welp I should make a better OP next time
wow /a/ has became slow
Sorry about your thread OP.

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Do you think anime is going mainstream, and do you want it to?
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it's been "mainstream" for years.
It's been mainstream for a while now, but there is a clear separation of which shows are watched by mainstream audiences and which are more obscure. Majority of seasonal anime goes unwatched but shows like Boku no Hero Academia are fair game


This is the best girl. Rei a shit.

That is all.
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>posting the ugly rebuild version
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>Shinji's face first shown in photo in Misato's possession
>Misato's face first shown in photo in Shinji's possession
God, digital anime is so ugly.

Little one, who bears up alone in such deep sorrow, never lose that strength or nobility, even when you grow up. I give you this to remember this day. We will meet again. This chocolate will lead you to me one day.
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Thanks, Utena-sama
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Be honest with me /a/. Did you cry in the "First thing from daddy" scene?
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Yeah, confirmed I was still alive.
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Cried manly tears.
Who the hell is cutting onions? Damn ninjas.

Nishimiya is innocent. She is forced to apologize every time. Once a bully - always a bully it seems.
These kids are fucking retarded.
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Nishimiya is a special snowflake and Shou is Mangaka's bad boy redeemed fetish
>I have never been bullied hard for being deaf
>I call it being a snowflake
no, she's not. She's treated alike.
She is a snowflake because Manga gets out of its way to show her as purest life for on planet. She wants only good for others and never blames anyone and blames only herself.

People have limits. There are good people and there are special pure snowflakes

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>pirated anime for 19 years now
>Anime industry still not dead
Ku Ku Ku ku
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How was anime piracy in 1998?

>How was anime piracy in 1998?
You traded VHS with yellow subs and made copies.

We had VHS recorders which took 2 tapes.
The West does not and never has fueled any meaningful part of the industry. As long as nips continue being technologically deficient things will keep going as usual.

Is there any better representation of Victorian England in anime?
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this show will be a bigger disappointment than no man's sky.

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Loli are for old men, you can't prove me wrong.
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Loli who are old men are superior.
That's a really sexy elementary schooler
Cute daughterwife

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Leopards like the swim
>he doesn't keep his tanks in the pool
Just another day in the motor pool

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How you feel about Super is irrelevant, this is the best OP from this year and I dare you to prove me wrong
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>generic battle anime op but with shit animation
>anything of the year

SnK did it better. Naruto did it better. Pico Academia 2 did it better(the second one) and so did Re: Creators

The best opening of the year will go to Inuyashiki or Dies Irae if Einzatz,GREGORIO, Jubilus and Der Vampyr are something to go by.

Sorry I deleted it. The second one is nice, better than Super definetely.

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Just post manga/manhwa panels that are funnier without context.
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relationship goals
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girls of the wild.jpg
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Why did they cut his fight?
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You didn't watch the OVA ?
It's a joke. Action shonen baby's like you probably fail to see the humor in it.
It's in the OVA.

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This is a terrifying vampire
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>vampire eating human food
Did she vomit blood after that?
I could hear and even FEEL the fabric slipping off her feet there

Now tell me if that isn't awesome animation.

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