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Do you consider Dragon Ball and it's spinoffs as the best anime ever made?
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i consider dragon ball to be the worst trash for the worst scum of the earth

Why on earth would you say something so mean about this literal masterpiece?
contrarians can't appreciate it because it's popular

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Who is smarter?
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The girl who went from base to SSJ3 in 12 hours
Lelouch obviously. Light couldn't even outsmart a small boy with autism.

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kate 7.png
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That girl that does criminal things to your dick, but the universe has not deigned to make porn of her

Tell us /a/, tell us of your bluest of balls
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The truest man can find eroticism in non-lewd imagery, and use his imagination to generate an even greater pleasure.
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>2 doujins featuring her at all, both for only 2 pages
>Only a dozen or so images of her on the boorus
>The official art teases so much
My dick can't take it
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We should start a religion based around worshiping Umaru

What would the tenants of Umaruism be? How would we worship her glory? What would be the religious text?
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Chippsu is her flesh
Cora, her blood
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Worshipping lots of saints because apparently that was cool enough to get beheaded over.
It would be like a mixture of the cults of Dionysus and Hedone, but rated T.

What does /a/ think of Utena? Was most of the symbolism masturbatory nonsense, or did you find it important?
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Its not my favorite anime but it's definitely the one that's made me think the most and rewatch key scenes the most after completion.

I'm still kind of surprised something like this received enough popularity for there to be a dub.
I'm still not sure which symbolic scenes are important. This is Ikuhara "the bento box represents the entire show", after all.
I liked it when I watched it, but I'd probably be more critical if I were to revisit it. It's far too long, for one, and there simply aren't enough good ideas to sustain its length. The repetitiveness which you could argue adds to its fairytale-like storytelling doesn't suit itself to such a length either. It also tends to fall apart on the visual front; I think Ikuhara's visual language is strong but he borrows too much from Dezaki and it simply doesn't "move" well. I don't know why Ikuhara and co. don't just commit to feature filmmaking. Adolescence shows that a good movie isn't too far out of reach for them, and it's a better format.

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This mermaid is a drug addict.
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Also a cock addict.
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What is this mermaid addicted to?

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Stab her in the eyesocket.
Fug Ebina and make her watch.
Shake her until the noise stops.

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Post best girls of their respective series
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It sucks that translations for this are so slow.
It also sucks that releases are divided in parts.
That's pretty shitty as well. It took 3 months just for chapter 8 to be finished. Volume 5 came out a few months ago and the translations only on volume 2.

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Quick! Claim your autistic waifu.
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OP, are you sure you know what autistic means?
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ITT: red flag for anime/manga

>male MC
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>popular on /a/
Sakura a qt
>made in Japan

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How long until Mimika kidnaps Yuzumori?
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>Mimika kidnaps Yuzumori
>not the other way around
Came here to post exactly this. Also the artist's art gets more alien every new chapter.
>Mimika fell for the lies of the slut loli instead of finally fucking Yuzumori
How dumb can a lolicon be?

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I didn't expect an anime about gay Catholic priests to have such fun debunking shit.
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I dropped it after the Nazi arc, I got really bored with the set up for the new arc after that wild ride.
The new arc started last week, it looks like it's gonna be a new wild ride. The setting is cool but it's always the usual church, suspicious priests, murders at night etc.

So what I've realized is that the authors just wanted to create an "original" detective story without detectives.
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It might help to watch all of an arc at once, rather than watch week to week.

Also, you missed tigh suck.

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>we'll never see them in college
>we'll never meet Azusa's juniors
>we'll never see Azusa graduate
>we'll never see a second graduation trip
>we'll never see them play at Budokan

why live
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I want to see Yui get a boyfriend.
fuck off with this overrated shit

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hqdefault (3).jpg
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Was this show well received when it came out, or were people already acting like snobs claiming this show is the deepest shit ever and saying "you just don't get it!"??.

I've never seen a show with a snobbier fanabase, LoGH doesn't even count because nobody ever talks about it outside of this board.
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I love Lain because she's cute in her bear suit!
>Nobody talks about it outside this board.
Sure Op
Because she is the god of 4chan

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So /a/ what are you watching?
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I'm finally getting around to .hack//sign
Let me spare you - don't watch that pile of garbage.
It is quite literally "Nothing happens - The Anime" with an OK OST.
Monogatari. Was watching KonoSuba S2, but haven't since started Monogatari. Also have to finish Sakura Trick.

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