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Is it worth watching, /a/?
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I don't know
Depends whether you liked SAO or not.
I'm pretty conflicted. I've seen one episode. The MC is a fat fuck and I swear, i've never seen such a pathetic, autistic nigga in all my days. Does he get any less annoying?

I just noticed how well done is Hyouka. Also how the characters blink a lot, it really feels natural.

But I don't remember seeing this kind of stuff on other animes.

Was KyoAni the pioneer?
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>posts 'forced animation -the anime- '
>asks about forced animation unironically

you got to make your troll posts a bit more subtle than this /a/non.
>kyoani created blinks in anime
How fucking delusional can you get.
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She's very likable though. I want her to step on me while calling me pathetic and split in my mouth.
ami a best

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What did you guys think of Terror in Resonance?
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it's ok, nothing to great.
Everything's good except the ending...
Not bad. Watchable if you don't have anything left to watch...

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Netflix killed the franchise.
I don't understand why people licence IPs only to make something totally different with only vague connections.
I don't think it's worth the free marketing.
I disagree, I think if it didn't have the Death Note title it would have very quickly dropped into obscurity rather than people trying it just to see how bad it is.
It's probably got great viewing figures, even if everybody who clicked knew it was going to be awful.

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What is you opinion about Oomuro Hanako (8)?
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My opinion is that she needs a dick in her.
Hanako has a cute belly!
For upsies and headpats.

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Only 3 months until winter begins and the return of Berserk...or will he be a cuck and make us wait until the end of winter in February?
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It's gonna be shit
i've grown to like the abuse
Go back there

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Did he view every female he knew as a mother figure ?
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He didnt view Asuka or Ikagi as mother figures did he? I may be wrong, been a while since i rewatched the show.
Do people often kiss their mothers on the lips?

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so, what does it really says?
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the pleasure of being cummed inside
the pleasure of being cummed inside
the pleasure of being cummed inside

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Utaha is best
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Utaha a best.

Eriri a shit.
Megumi > Eriri > Utaha
Utaha a shit
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Utaha a shit
Megumi a cute
Eriri a best

Name a bigger bitch than this girl.
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Dark elf or Tater elf?
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Erufuda is great, you could bribe her with fries to do anything you wanted.
>hard worker
>takes her shit seriously
>delicious brown
>phat ass
no contest, dark elf is best elf. potato elf is fucking potato.
Is Erufuda a wood elf or a high elf?

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>enjoy a manga
>pic related happens
>not licensed in english
>licensed in french
>don't know any fucking french

What kind of feeling is this
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Find french scans and just type all the dialogue into google translate.
There's always worse anon.
>being french
>reads in english
>it's actually liscenced in france
>searches for it
>scans absolutely NOWHERE
Every single time.

It's the feeling that you need to learn some fucking French. You seem capable in English, about 1/3 of which is words derived from the French/romance languages.

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kyoani techniques.jpg
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This is why KyoAni is called special
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What's the best directed Kyoani anime?

Free Eternal Summer
Kyoani doesn't simply makes anime, they make art

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>Harem manga/anime
>MC isn't a beta bitch boi
How come this isn't more common?
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Because the MC is supposed to function as a self-insert for the viewer.
What i don't get is why you wouldn't want to self insert as someone cool and capable.
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This: >>161894896
Also, it's something of an entrenched cliché. There's no medium more incestuous than anime, so you constantly see the same clichés return in a lot of seasonal shows (especially bottom of the barrel harem). I'm pretty sure you could rig a computer in such away that it shits out a harem anime plot every month (and who is to say that isn't the reason why they keep popping up almost every season?).

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