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Summary in next post
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Credit Erinyes (MH)

- Guy tell them to go out but Ray is thinking about the danger they ll face, their pursuers and so, and thought that if they submit now to his will, they'll lose everything which is linked to Minerva, basically their only hope to get out of this world.
- But he's worried for Emma, but Emma hits the guy in his crotch and he eventually released her. She's been scolded by gilda & ray.
- they tried to escape the man shot and a bullet that grazed emma's hair.
- not sure about this part but seems emma figured out he doesn't really want to kill them .
- Man threatens them and said next shot don't gonna miss.
- they still refuse to give him the pen and to to go out. and emma told him the exact opposite of what he did previously, " friends , hope and feeling are not unecessary things to get rid of"
- then the guy started to act strangely.
- he muttered some stuff and some names popped out, lucas, john, mazui... then he passed out
- emma and ray strated to explore the shelter to look for medical supply while don and nat are staying besides the guy. The other childrend are looking for a place to sleep.
- anna and Ivet ended up find a strange place. the name of people who seemingly escaped is engraved in the wall of the room, with the word "HELP" and "poacher" written countless times.
Reminder that ray x Emma is endgame with Norman becoming the antagonist
Remember when this manga was good?

>Nero will never make you alcoholic eggnog
Did anyone else catch episode 13?
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Is this an OVA or something?
Watching this made me want to rewatch the entire series. Why aren't there any blu-ray rips out for this yet? Was it really that unpopular of a show?

Yeah, it's a side story OVA that finally got translated today
That's Angelo pictured though

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Why wasn't Naruto more popular with the girls?

>blue eyes
>blonde hair
>is a genuinely good person that helps others
>son of the 4th Hokage
>his life goal is to become the hokage himself to protect the village
>is not edgy like Sasuke even though he doesn't have parents or anyone really
>is willing to learn and become stronger
>has a great smile

I just don't understand, he's the perfect male
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>air headed
>dumb spiky hair
>wears orange jumpsuits

I wonder why
Kids are annoying, that's just how they are, has nothing to do with Naruto specifically.

>air headed
He's actually a prodigy and the reincarnation of Ashura

>dumb spiky hair
It's just a normal manga hair, I don't see anything wrong with it, in fact I like it

>wears orange jumpsuits
Goku uses orange clothes and that is the most iconic piece of clothing in all manga/anime. Your point?
My point was about why girls wouldn't like kid Naruto and you expertly missed the point entirely

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ITT: anime adaptions that are better than their manga
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Lucky Star
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1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th stage of Initial D

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Who was your favorite when anime was airing and who's your favorite now?
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I used to be retarded and fawn over Chika-chan, but now I see Mari is the rational, adult choice.
It was Maru at the beginning but it became You after they turned Maru into a retard.
(You), all the time

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 ▲  ▲
( ⩌△⩌)

Is this the biggest asspull in history?
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not even the biggest asspull in bleach
Hunter x Hunter is a deconstruction of logical power-ups.

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Time for more SYD
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"So did you know that the meaning of a kiss changes depending on where you kiss them?"

"The forehead means 'friendship'"
"The cheek means 'hospitality'"
"And the lips means 'love'"

"So the nose?"
"What was it?"

"It's something people fit for people with smell fetishes"
"This suddenly got vulgar"
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I fell asleep last thread before the chapter got fully edited, my bad.

So here's chapter 438.
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This subcultured bitch is going to become next year's memehamster and you know it.
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No if the anime end up being shit.
blame /v/

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How come Gyarus are always depicted as benevolent, kind popular girls who are always willing to help others?
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Because that's usually how the stereotype is seen?
Adding in them being sluts wouldn't sell merch.
Because no one likes the bitch ones
Abe wants you to cum inside them.

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Moments that made you feel rage. Who was in the wrong?
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what happened next?
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She was getting railed from behind by her brother's friend

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ITT: Anime you watch with your dick unzipped
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Every anime I watch.
>tfw the anime bombed because of no uncensored BDs causing the manga to get canceled

Feels bad man.

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Yep. Uh huh.

oh boy
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Is cotton dad a dicklet?
>this shit again
>Words, Words, Words, penis joke
Fumita does it again!

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Is this the best CGDCT show?
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Rize is my cocksleeve
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Only for people with genius level IQs.

ITT: shows that existed
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isn't that from NHK?
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