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What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "anime"?
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This is a frenchman
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Is there anything left to say that hasn't been said already?
Tama's Dad being the reincarnation of Hitler was a shocking revelation, anon.
That's a cat banger, keep him away from this cuties >>161895066

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Chapter 23-1

In this chapter: NTR
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Happy Labor Day/end of Summer from Orchestr/a/

Have some sweet Summer jams on us:

We've got a major need for strings of all kinds as well as flutes. If you're interested, please join us at our pad:

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So if it's end of summer, that means it's the start of autumn right?
Are you guys doing seasonal songs now? What's a fall themed song? There's touhou fall themed stuff, but do you guys do touhou songs?
Don't get your hopes up. It was just a coincidence that we finished a song with Summer in the name by the end of Summer.

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hey /a/
I have hundreds of anime dvd's and boxsets that I don't want anymore. What would be the easiest and fastest way to sell them all? I'll probably end up just throwing them all away, but before I do that I want to maybe look at selling them.
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Why the sudden urge to get rid of all your anime shit? Anyway, the only advice I would have would be Ebay or Amazon.
Also keep in mind no one will buy anything moeshit
Give them to me

"Wow this anime is shit" thread
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MC is the worst thing about this show. The girls are cute enough, but MC makes the show nigh-unwatchable. Prove me wrong.
Girls ain't even that cute. Seen 'em done better before.
Gamers! is the funniest romcom in a while. Stop spouting shit anon.

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son i am disappoint.png
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Would you disappoint him /a/?
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How can you even impress him?
by not being shinji tier whiny bitch
>dad abandons you as a child
>dad then forces you to fight aliens which can easily fucking kill you at 14yo
>literally watch dad be more affectionate toward your classmate
>dad forces you to kill your own friend

Aiko literally didn't nothing wrong

it's wasn't her fault that her retarded mother was making shit up. Also it wasn't her fucking fault that punpun was such a wimp. Also aiko can keep her virginity for her husbendo as long as she can.

A true waifu

anyhow I would totally be aiko's dog for the rest of my life unlike most of you.
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Punpun you silly boy
long slut is loooooong
hey, my only individual slut!

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I used to laugh at the idea of a waifu, back in the day. Then bakemonogatari aired. And I was hooked by episode 1. Hitagi will always be the one and only waifu for me. She's amazing and the heart boner I had in that episode was enormous.
I don't understand why did he ignore Hanekawa while she obviously fucking loved him and he loved her and not any amount of bullshit explanations can convince me otherwise.

The author just wanted to make Hanekawa suffer for some weird reason.
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Doujins when of hot steamy car sex?

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Just marathoned the first episode, when does it get good?
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>he fell for the meme
Dropped it after episode 7. Overrated as fuck.
You're not supposed to watch or enjoy it, you're supposed to skip through it while screencapping any funny quips.

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This is a loli dragon. She wants to play. What should she play?
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highway hopscotch
With my cock
pop-up pirate game

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Why do onii-chans always have to tease their imoutos? It's so mean! Nobody likes a big meanie onii-chan.
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I bet KAIJU is behind this post.
They'll turn into sluts if you don't tease them.
I wonder if there's ever been a case study about why anime makes people so autistic

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dude worm incest rape lmao.png
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Mmm...yeah, maybe Type-Moon isn't for me
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fz loli sakura dicks everywhere.jpg
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This is a worm slut

Say something nice about her
Back to whatever shithole you came from.

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>Bust sizes
>They are drawn as flat

What do they meant by this?
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They are fat
They know that flat chests are the best looking ones.
But they clearly have breasts in that image

When the hell are we going to get an Adult Goten series already?

He's more than capable of being Goku 2.0. Nobody would even complain if they did it right. It's time to move on from this current cast of Z Fighters and extend beyond the end of DBZ.
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Goten was a stupid character who literally only exists because corporate demanded a new young boy character to replace Gohan so that the stupid little 8 year old shits over in nippon would keep on buying SJ. No one cares about him nor should they.
How would that be moving on if he's Goku 2.0

Also he's unlikeable and irrelevant.
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Toriyama doesn't care about Goten. Also, Goten would never look like that, he changed his hairstyle before EoZ because he didn't want people to confuse him with Goku.

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