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I hope you paid for that anime anon, Or atleast saw the ads that support the anime.
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I downloaded the manga that I still haven't read. does that count?
Artist aren't supposed to be well paid
No. but if you buy the figurines or other merch it will ok.

As long as money exchanges hands.

But they should still afford food and shelter

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Thoughts on this tawawa?
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If everyone is a titmonster then is anyone a titmonster?
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Reminder for the mod/jan that this is an anime.
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It's amazing how garbage this series is.
At least scarface is cute.
I actually chuckled this chapter.

I'm seriously not a pedobear continuation...
>Why is Nene such a retard?
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meme muslim god.jpg
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Who is the best DxD girl and why is it Xenovia?
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I love Asia but I know I'm in the minority on that.
The eyes are just too big in this show
Boring choice but no one still tops Rias

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Johan Liebert. Where do I begin?

Firstly, he wasn't any different from any human is. He doesn't have any super powers, no Super Saiyan, no Getsuga Tenshou, no Gear Fourth, no Sage mode. None of these. What he has is human abilities. And yet he is scary.

1. He MAKES people serial killers.
2. He makes said serial killers do his bidding.
3. Said serial killers are scared of just even hearing his name.
4. He talks people into suicide.
5. He's basically a phantom. People don't know he exists.
6. Everything he does (kills, burns place down, etc), he is unwavering on the decisions.
7. Best of all, after killing a person, he doesn't flinch the least bit. No reaction whatsoever. Just like killing a mosquito.

Everything he did seems realistic, what a human could do. And the fact that everything is realistic makes him THAT much more scarier. Would we be scared of an Aizen? Or a Frieza? No because we know for sure that even if they exist in some corner of the universe, we would have a 0% chance of meeting them. But someone like Johan Liebert possibly could exist among us, living as a normal likeable citizen. The realism is what makes him that good and that much scarier.
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Yes, is not a shounen series.
>Comparing shonen villains to a seinen one.
Wish you had put this in the beginning so I would’ve stopped reading then.
Just plot armor.
He would be an autist irl

Just finished this. Am I a pleb if I got teary eyed at the end of Okadashit? Also, What did I think of this?
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It was a forced drama but not much as After Story, at least people die here.
You're a pleb if you ever feel any emotion besides detached ironic bemusement.

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Asuka is listening to music! What do you think shes listening to?
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Shinji's sobbing.
Linkin Park.
$uicideboy$ and Rammstein.

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What anime does this apply to?
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Kemono Friends
probably most actually
Gurren Lagann

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Umaru will consume the world and usher in a dark reign of CORA and GEIMU
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No fuck off.
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Will we ever again know Emilia-tan's wondrous lap? Will we ever have a season 2?
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hopefully yes and hopefully no
But the two are the same thing, anon...
Haven't been to any Re:Zero threads in months. Has there been any actual comments on S2 by White Fox or Nagatsuki?

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secret s/a/nta threads when
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I dunno, Christmas?
Take a hike, bitch.
wrong girl, man

What do you think of this show?

I've been an avid watcher of chinese cartoons for the past 4 years and no other romance has topped this for me.

Hira and Chinatsu deserved better closure, but the rest was fine and it seemed real enough to remain perfect until that fantasy tier ending sequence that gave me diabetes.

Also what's up with shotacon xmas cake
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Good cgi
I usually hate romance because of all the melodrama, this was a nice change though.
Nice show, great ending, fairly overrated by some people because a lot of the interactions in the middle were pretty lacking.

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But who was the bear?
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Hidenori's brother.
Plot twist
I'm honestly surprised there isn't a market for these type of anime

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Is Anno running out of money or something?

This isn't even the first time either. Why does he keep whoring out his characters for all these shitty promos?

Sells merchandise.

NGE is huge in Japan. Why not use the characters to merchandise? Rei and Asuka are like Mickey Mouse in Japan, everybody knows their face if not their name.

Only thing I don't like is all this pachinko cross-over.

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