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No wonder she brought Sekirei back. All her other manga are flopping. She's going to end up like the GTO mangaka. Every new series she starts will fail, so she'll be forced to come back to Sekirei over and over.

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I'm still mad that Akitsu didn't become Minato's Sekirei after being foreshadowed since chapter 3. When does chapter 3 of the new manga come out?
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>I'm still mad that Akitsu didn't become Minato's Sekirei after being foreshadowed since chapter 3.
That's just a consequence of her getting sick of the series and rushing it to a conclusion. Akitsu deserved better than what she got.

>When does chapter 3 of the new manga come out?
September 15th.
Where the raws at?

Umi is the best Love Live
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Nico > Pana > Nozomi = Umi > Rin = Honk > Maki > Eli = Kotori

That Umi is very sexy though.
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Nico > Pana > Nozomi = Umi > Rin = Honk > Maki > Eli = Kotori > Shit > Aqours
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Umi is love.

Umi is life.

Its been a long time but there is no need to worry, we're on the verge of season 2 in October.

What were your thoughts of season 1?

Who is best girl and why is it Hana Midorikawa?

How would you fare in school prison?
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Does Bulk Bogan go there?
>season 2 in October
>thoughts of season 1?
Good, but the manga was better
>Who is best girl
Risa, Chiyo, or Slut-senpai
>why is it Hana Midorikawa?
She is absolute trash, worst girl
>How would you fare in school prison?
Probably get emasculated, so in other words, pretty well

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How would you react if a hot Egyptian girl invited you to meet with her personally live in television?
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Show her my Exodia.
Ask her if she wants to see my slifer the sky dragon
I will only go if she promise to give me a card that can defeat Exodia.

Say hi to the biggest tits ever
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They weren't that big in the cards!
Nozomi means nothing to me now
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Say hi to the bestest girl

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The MC has a girlfriend, and later on he meets another girl. Later on, the MC and the new girl go around Japan. Then later on they go back to Tokyo.
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The anime I am thinking of is DANGEROUS.
Demon girl serves isekai customers

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Still waiting for the strongest archer to appear
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This old man.
Arjuna because I enjoy his character arc, Nobunaga because she's fun and her abilities are silly but actually pretty good, GARcher because GAR, and Goldy because he grows on you over time and with each appearance.

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Serious question : what is their relationship ?

after watching hana i can't shake off the feeling that araragi is obsessed with his sister.
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That's completely normal for brother and sister.
they're not that close, araragi just talks a lot of shit
just finished giving my little sister a full body massage

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You're on public transit and you accidentally unplug your earphones/headphones (or your wireless headphones turn off alone) and the last weeb song you were listening to blasts from your phone throughout the dead silent vehicle.

>What song?
>How does it feel?
>What do you do?
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If you had even a tiny bit of self-awareness you'd realize that you can't hear shit on public transit and nobody gives a fuck if you're listening to high pitched shrieky jpop.
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>headphones unplug
>music stops
>nothing happens
Even so, the only anime music I have on my phone are a couple tracks from FlipFlappers OST, no way anybody will recognize them.
my phone automatically pauses the song and nothing happens

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Is there any historical figure that wouldn't be improved by becoming a girl?
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Is there any historical figure that isn't dead yet?
the ones that are already girls


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talk talk talk
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Carol please!
Carol can stop hijacking this manga any day now
I wanna drink some little cotton candy

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Why does SAO get so much hate on /a/?

It's a solidly decent anime. Serious themes, mostly well developed characters, and good animation. For example, season 1 devotes some time to the emotional implications of getting trapped in a virtual world, and later on the Konno Yuuki story arc is actually very touching.

I get that it has massive flaws: Kirito is a pretty shallow character (his loner phase lasted like 2 episodes), Asuna starts out promising then also becomes shallow, etc. I'm not saying it should be considered an amazing anime - how about a 7 or 8 out of 10?
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>unironically thinking SAO is anything other than garbage
bro I asked a fucking question
I genuinely want to know why it's "garbage"
If you google a bit you will find pages and pages of reasons why it sucked. Why would people waste any more time trying to explain it? Watch more shows and maybe you will understand eventually.

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You've just turned into a Navi, /a/.
What would your Navi name be and what would your abilities do?
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The ability to bait and shitpost at mach speed

I'm starting to hate this show but I can't abandon Sofiel
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I was arguing with my friend about it the other day, mainly about Charioces overall plans.

I'll put it to you as well, would you consider Cheerios actions, justified if he DOES manage to seal/kill Bahamut forever? I figured yes, since the amount of lives he'd save if he wins would be way more than the ones that were lost during his reign.
I've hated it since the whole Nina/Cheerios romance started and it's fucking episode 20 and they still haven't gone into detail on what the fuck he's doing. It's too late to even care at this point. Although I was pretty surprised El got shanked by some barely relevant character out of nowhere.
Bro I've been seething every time Nina's face is on screen for 10 episodes.

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Kaguya a cute.
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>underwear peaking out the sides of her pants
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