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hentai lines that really make you think
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teen thread
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>impregnating feet
I love this

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Is this a trap?
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but.. why's she(?) have that voice? it's deeper than her older sister.
No, just perflation.

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What would you do if Sylphynford Tachibana was your rival?
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Beat her and then bully her.
Make her play a better game like Tekken.
Beat the shit out of her.

Reminder, S2 is coming.
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Will it try to backtrack back to being a zombie survival series or will it double down on becoming a shounen powerlevel series? But the most important question is will she wear her cute outfits again for the IkoMAN.

>everybody forgets Biscuit from s1
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Best girls of their respective series
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Thats not Frankenstein
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Did you guys also had tears in your eyes at this part?
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Why this part? The next panel with Akagi sleeping felt sadder but even then you have better emotional moments in the manga
I meant it was like conclusion to me.
I felt like Akagi and Washizu won't meet with each other ever again and Washizu will die unfulfilled.
I know we have 7 chapters more but this chapter could be the last one.
Washizu is cute.

I didn't like this the first time I watched it a few years back, but I just rewatched it and I'm at a loss for words. That was amazing: possibly one of the greatest love stories ever told. The love between Haruka and Yuu is so pure, so beautiful, and so captivating. I just don't see how this was unpopular or how this doesn't have a million seasons. All the fags who say "HURRR YURI SUCKS IF IT'S NOT JUST BAIT" are really fucking gay.

I'm astonished. I could really feel the love. Bravo Deen, bravo. Bravo.
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I vaguely remember these young ladies being thirsty as fuck.
I guess that's just the fluoride in the water working.
Sounds like years of shitty anime have successfully lowered your standards dramatically.

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First time watching it. It is in my top 3 anime of all time so far. I'm at the Dark Tournament right now and Kurama just transformed into his original form. My question is

>Does YYH ever get bad or become less quality than the Dark Tournament?
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As soon as Yusuke becomes a demon.
Wouldn't it make more sense for kuwabara to be part demon, because he was already able to sense sprits
YYH is my ultimate favorite anime... but even I sort of start slipping in the Sensui saga and beyond.

Togashi did not want to continue the manga when he was working on it. He had failing health and lots of stress and his editors forced him to continue, and it shows in the story line. You still get some cool characters and the fights aren't half bad... but it's a definite step down from how great the first 2/3 of the show was.

I did like to see Chuu, Rinku, Touya, Jin, Shishi, and Suzuka come back, though - say what you will about Togashi but he's a lot like Oda in that his characters tend to be memorable and unique to others in the series.

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Why is there no actual Touhou anime if there's official manga, side stories, spin off games not made by ZUN who have canon stories and more? What's stopping an anime from happening?
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I can't say I know much about that but from what I remember ZUN doesn't want each character to have a canon seiyuu, so no anime.
This. There also are doujin animes that are pretty good
>>>/jp/ has the answer

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What are your opinions on Dr Stone I think it has amazing potential
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Kind of tame desu ,got better when he parted ways with his old pal.
The art sure takes some getting used to, but now I find it kind of charming. Storywise I like it when Senkuu is sciencing, that's pretty fun.
Focusing on Senkuu was definitely the right choice, he is the most interesting part of the whole thing.
only wsj manga I'm reading alongside op. hope it wont turn to complete shit too soon like tpn

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The hiatus man
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Anon, you posted the wrong picture.

MC isn't a beta faggot.

Girls have good desings.

No cliche crap we usually see at anime now.

Fells like a 90's anime storywise and visually.
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Not anime kill yourself
>we usually see at anime now
>Fells like
gee I wonder who wrote this
But the anime in question is utter shit.

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She's getting her own spin-off series too, right?
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it's called extella

You mean the one where she gets upstaged by Nero?
>she's a harbinger of destruction Titan
>but she has a human-sized version
>but wait she's actually a loli
>by the way, she's 14,000 years old

I wish.

I was happy when Akari missed the bus and couldn't spend the day with her friends
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fuck YOU
Yeah, she was better off. Her friends were cunts

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>5 years to go

One day
Only when Fate and Saber-faces stop printing money

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