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What's the consensus on this show?
I read the novel after watching the first episode and they pretty much condensed that whole first volume into one episode.
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The pretentious quotes at the start of every episode aren't needed.
The plot is surprisingly interesting.
Character design is great, specially the eyes.
Sakura is the cutest.
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>whole first volume into one episode
love is all
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I gotta agree about the eyes.
Especially best girl here.

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Why is it so fucking good?
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Kakegurui thread?
Kakegurui thread
>beer tastes good
immersion = shattered

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just fuck already.jpg
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After years of procrastination, I've finally finished the manga. What are your thoughts about it?
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I was thinking earlier about finishing it
Dropped it after they got to the island.
Never picked it up again

I heard it ended extremely unsatisfyingly. I saw the thread about it and anons were raging hard because it was such bullshit
It didn't feel satisfying enough for me. I kind of regret going through it for such a shitty ending.

They were right.

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Tell me again why this is allowed?
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No, you tell us why it shouldn't be allowed. The burden of proof is on you.
theres nothing wrong with being pretty
better tell me why is it not fucking ecouraged

Whats up with his pants
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His bladder is constantly exploding so he rides low to avoid people realizing he wears a diaper.
He's at that phase

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is he right is tien the most hated character in dragon ball super by his creators?
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forgot link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42HNvl0e26I
Yes. The Yamcha meme is a ruse. Tien is the real buttmonkey.
I wouldn't use the word "hate"... rather ignored, maybe because he isn't a Saiyan, Android, Namekian, Goku's best friend or a joke character like Yamcha and Yajirobe... unfortunately when someone isn't popular and doesn't have much to contribute ends up being harmed by writing and/or ignored, look at Nam... he was a cool character, I think he would have been an interesting z fighter, but after his arc the character had nothing interesting to contribute and wasn't popular.

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ha ha ha
why did she bend down to take a shit and let her dog die

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Name character more handsome then the world famous italian superstar, Parco Folgore

protip: you can;'t
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>literally the stage spark
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This guy could've been if he wasn't a huge fucking failure at life.

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Death Note is fucking garbage, dropped.
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fuck the studio instead
Fuck everyone involved, this started out great, I was having a fucking blast, then Light starts working with L and the show is not as good but it still has its moments. Then this shit happens. and just after L is on even ground with Light about the Death Note. I won't even watch the rest, any conclusion they might give will never be good enough
That's not what the mangaka intended but the studio forced him to make shit out because of the huge success and they fucked up things.

Why do gundam protags have such high chance of being fucking psychopaths?
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He's a sociopath.
I mean killing a lot of people does not make you one?

Thats the main theme of Gundam. Do you not realize war creates psychopaths?

Is baseball the most boring sport out there? Watching this because I heard it was a good romance but the sport is so unexciting.
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American sports are so fucking boring in general.
It's like they're built around being televised so people can have parties at home and drink and stuff their gob during the commercials and the downtime.
Only if you have a low IQ
He posted, a week after the Koshien.

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How that make you fell anon
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14-sai no Koi.jpg
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Good. She's fucking creepy.
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I don't understand what's going on
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It's all a metaphor to represent puberty
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What's not to get? It's a pretty straightforward coming-of-age story.
just call it deep and pretend to like it

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Is this the comfiest anime this season?
Is yoshino the cutest protag?
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She's a bitch.
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she's cute and perfect
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dying worm.png
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Was Sakura created to suffer?
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what the fuck rin.png
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That would be our boy Shinji.
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