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Say something nice about my wife, Tsuneki!
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she sucks my dick like a champ.
What a coincidence, she's our wife as well.
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Can you not lie? Thank you.

My 10 year old nephew watched Netoge recently and has a crush on Ako Tamaki. Should I be worried?
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Cool blog.
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Yeah, because he has shit taste in women.

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where should I start with the Slayers series?
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I'd start with Slayer's Perfect. Its Lina Inverse's debut in you seeing her animated, and see how she saves Gourry's ancestor so he can exist in this time line. You also see best girl Naga in "perfect" form.

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ITT: Characters who did nothing wrong
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Man did you back the wrong horse
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literally griffith

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What would you do if anime was illegal?
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well I already illegally watch anime so what would the difference be?
Torrenting them already is, so nothing would change.

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Reminder that the manga will go in the Kill La Kill direction where all these gambles are just small time tests for something much bigger to come
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>old thread died because all the kids had to go to sleep early to get to school
>new thread dying with no replies because all the kids are at school
Since this thread is dying I'll ask here.
Is the Akagi Live Action Drama worth watching?
We don't need 24/7 thread for this.

Did i just got tricked into watching the best anime ever? how can anything top this?
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Yes, but you're not going to trick me. Sorry.
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I just watched Gundam serie in order
0079 is awesome
Z is kind of bad
ZZ Starts low and ends incredible
CC is pretty good
But WitP, goddamnit, how can i even go forward?
Especially that motherfucking ending theme, with the kids playing the dog on the beach cutted to the girl leaving (obviously because of the war) or the fucking guard with that sheer sadness in his eyes with a kid nearby mimicking it. goddamnit
Babby's first Gundam?

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Caught up on this yesterday, it's cute and has some fun monster designs. I like magic based on summoning, too.

But mainly I like how it's a parody of Dragon Quest (and other classic, pre-mmo RPG tropes) yet actually has a plot that moves forward. Or at least a journey they're progressing along. I miss shows like that, seems like most modern parody shows just waffle around and the whole joke is that nothing actually gets done.

Anyway, I'm glad this is getting 24 episodes, it's become my favorite show of the season. And Kukuri is my daughter.
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I want to fuck your daughter.
Kukuri is so cute, yet so sexy, yet so cute, yet so goddamn sexy.

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Just awful

Fuck whoever told me it gets better
It doesn't
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Seems bland but inoffensive

I'll watch the anime
Art look nice but thanks for saving me an afternoon
>lets take naruto and fairy tail and mash em into a frankensein so we still have a big 3 in the coming decade

This series is for the new generation man your just past the age barrier is all

I finished Brohood again and want more FMA. Should I finally watch the 03 version, is it worth it and different enough?
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Yup. The story is completely different part way through.
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heck yea my dude
Eh, If you've seen Brotherhood and/or read the manga, I'd say it's worth going back. Just to see how it differs.

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Not just a smiley, it's the physical embodiment of the POWER OF FRIENDSHIP!
What series is that?
fukking smily :DD

I thought it was just cute mon-yuri but this show is scary, if you don't embrace "diversity" in even the slightest of circumstances in the society it depicts you're sent to a "correctional facility" for your wrongthink.
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What happened?
This is a setting where antarctic reptilian overlords rule the world from the shadows and will literally swallow nonconformists, but its okay because they're doing it to protect the world from even more malevolent aliens
Is the human waist/horse shoulder considered a lewd body part? The middle piece of her trikini isn't actually covering anything indecent, is it?

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Are you ready for all those fluffy tails, /a/?
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My heart will be complete.
Is this /u/?
>male character
Another stupid flop that can fuck off.

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So, why was Misty always cockblocking Brock and Ash?
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jealous of that romance
Trying to get that harem end
>imagine spending all day in anime image board redirecting other people to different board
Get laid, perma-virgin loser

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Does anyone know the reasoning why Obito's face is all fucked up on his right side?
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I'm talking about the sharingan side, all the lines and shit.
i think it was because he was crushed by a boulder
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This. He was pinned down by a big boulder as a kid trying to rescue Rin. He gave Kakashi the Sharingan from his good side.

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