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What is the worst anime that /a/ has ever seen?
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Everything that is popular.

Pic related I assume. It is mine as well

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Will Kazuma get a harem end?
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He doesn't want one, he just wants a quiet life with Iris or Megumin.
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This is your alt account's party.
>Archpriest, Level 25
>Thief, Level 100
>Dragon Slayer, Level 100
>Wizard, Level 14
>Iris or Megumin
>become future King and live with a smart, strong and loving wife who's only major fault is becoming too much like Kazuma
>or move to a backwoods village with crazy chuunis and a hothead wife who has high INT but even less wisdom than the aforementioned sheltered princess

hard decision

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But he loved Guts. Why would he do this?
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Because he loved Guts, and Guts betrayed him. Guts deserved it all for failing to protect this sacred smile.
>Guts wanting to leave and then coming back after a year is "betrayal"
>spend 3 years providing everything for a soldier, literally make him your favorite
>become best buddies, about to have everything happiness
>that some soldier decides to leave one day just because
>le why is Griffith so evil XD
Guts deserves to suffer

Wide is love.
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Why is that girl so fat?
It's an illusion.
I needed my weekly dose of tennis.

Nasuno is actually fat though.

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Boy, Girl and the Story of Sagrada 4/5

Subs actually on time
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so is cat girl going to let Kei sacrifice her cat friend?
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After next episode you won't have to suffer anymore ;__;
Did best girl win yet?

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Fall 2017

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Is this the Oreimo killer?
Oreimo was the Oreimo killer.
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>Haganai author
>but Kantoku art

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But is there anyone who can beat All Fiction?
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Medaka is such a clusterfuck of shitty manga. I am glad it ended

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Pantsu episode
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Yuri Motorbiking
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>show is called Two Car
>is about motorcycling
>Yuri NTR
>Yuri witches
>Yuri spies
>Yuri retards
>Yuri animals
>Yuri Yuri

And now Yuri motorbiking. How many more things can Japan yurify? Yuri football next, with shower room orgies after each game? Maybe yuri in space.
Ange Vierge director right?

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>invent perpetual energy
>instead of bringing about world peace and ending world hunger, builds some cyborgs to get revenge on some kid who was only doing the right thing
What the fuck was his problem?
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>Red Ribbon Army
>giving the faintest of fucks about world peace
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nigga was petty and lusted for world conquest

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Who's ready for some /ss/ cuteness?
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Okay now how did HE pass the entrance exam?
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He's the traitor.
he can make friends eldritch abominations
he controls animals take a fucking guess

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Get your Oolong tea (flamable) ready guys, because it's Grand Blue time.
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Golden Kamui/kamuy thread please. Thanks.

So there's a rumor of an anime being made, but I doubt that shit.
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Please be made by a good studio.

>expect a tale about the hero defeating the demon King/Queen
>It's actually War Time Economics and Agriculture: The Anime
I'm not sure how I feel about this.
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Tax evasion, too.

Also, Episode 9.
That sounds like it's similar to Spice and Wolf. Is it?
it's really enjoyable imo. too bad there wasn't a 2nd season.

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