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Who is your little witch and why is it Diana?
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Sorry I'm only into big witches.
Can anon use this thread to keep dumping Chronicle?
That's not Constanze

It's over, /a/. We saw it through to the end.
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>It's over
Sweet, so does that mean we're getting SZS season 4 now?
what? isn't there shit ton more novels to cover and ever more yet to come?
Isn't Zokuowarimonogatari getting adapted?

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I officially crown Fubuki best girl of /a/ and our new queen. Any objections?
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The eternal queen of /a/ is Yotsuba, not your disgusting cowtits.
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go back to re:ddit
I have an objection, quit being a faggot, op. You don't get to make decisions around here

seeing as this is probably the most elitist board on this whole website, i'd like to hear your honest opinion of one punch man
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The best manga ever made.
It's overhyped by people who have seen very few anime or read very few manga, but it's alright. The most notable thing about it in any incarnation is the art/animation.

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>Hibike Euphonium has good production va-
Fucking rotoscoping and CGI out of the wazoo
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That is neither roto nor cg
Don't forget photoshopped photos used as backgrounds.
shit greentext thread but it mentioned hibike so it'll last for two and a half days with thirty posters

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Seriously, what character traits does she offer other than a pretty face and pantyhose?
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Nice tits and ass
Ojou-sama haircut and seiyuu
Didn't she lose or something. Was that on purpose or what
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yes that was on purpose to get the council's accountant (i'm terrible with names) to play an official match with her.

Why is this allowed!?
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Special permission granted by my penis.
Nice butt, that's all I need to know.
Why wouldn't it be allowed?

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What's your favorite song by After School Tea Time? Mine's Curry Nochi Rice.
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Mine is: This Show Is Shit
I don't remember that one.
They made a song all about your favorite show?

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Is he really quirkless though? His ability to cry rivals that firefighter superheros water power. On episode 18 he looked at the sky and cried so hard that he sunk to the ground a bit.
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Nice meme, friendo
His true quirk is the ability to analyze things super fast.
I bet Izuku actually has a quirk but he hasn't awakened it yet for some stupid reason: in one of the first chapters Bakugou tells him "Why don't you try jumping off a window ? you might awaken your quirk" to mock him but I have a feeling that it was a foreshadowing for when Izuku will fall off some high place in a fight and find out he always had a quirk but never found out...

Why did this dumb cunt marry nobita? the author showed her nice relationship with Dekisugi who is smart, athlethic, and literally showed no bad attittude through 1,344 chapters and 1787 anime episodes not including movies.

Nobita's only redeeming quality is being good at shooting things and playing cat's cradle which are fucking useless, and the reason their marriage didn't get cancelled wasn't even done by himself.
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because Nobita has a cat that is worth trillions of dollars from the future.
She's a dumb cunt as you said.
Doraemon didn't even exist in their future

Are you going to read his next work after Fairy Tail, /a/?
Keep in mind, he's already a well known mangaka, so whatever he does will be approved by the publisher regardless of the premise.
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from rave master to fairy tail, what the fuck happened?
if he knows what's good for him he's gonna go all in on the tits because that seems to be the only thing that people care about from his shit
Not this shit again. Rave Master wasn't good, and you people getting a free pass to praise it because Fairy Tail also was shit are the worst. Mashima was always a terrible writer.

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>End of episode
>Character's stomach rumbles
>Pan to sky
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>Credits roll


>The fat fuck has two jugs of piss at his side as 2l bottles roll off his fat and Cheeto dust tumbles to the floor.

>He waddles over to force pasta on the body pillows painted on mouth, then proceeds to get aroused and rub his dick on it until it's a mixture of pasta sauce and cum
>h-he's fast
please do not disrespect NGE

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>series you're watching is actually decent/good/great
>suddenly one minor detail puts a bad aftertaste and ruins it all

What was it?
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I really wish the last few episodes of Sekai Seifuku didn't exist.
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Aldnoah was honestly a mess after episode 3, but there was a method in its madness

Then S2 came along. They had THREE people survive being shot and gave one of them a cyborg computer eye

I used to be bothered by the calm of mind thing in Uchouten, but then I chilled.

Is she the worst character in dragonball history? Why are her fans so cancerous?
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To be honest I see a lot more of "Caulifla fans suck" in here than actual Caulifla fans.
Because kids and teenagers that just got into DBZ are a lot more cancerous than they were back when 18 was considered the new hotness
That would be gohan fags. You don't see fake ss white pics of Califla do you?

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This is Yamada
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Yamada is for bulli
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Among other things.
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Does it even count as bullying when it's well-deserved retribution for incompetence and sloth?

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