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She will get cock next time, right? RIGHT?

Also RAW:
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No, the twins will get the dick before Lilia.
Also, trans when?
Don't ask for it, or Someguy will leave us without translation for whole week again.
Lilia will never get the cock. It'll be the one thing she desires above all else yet is denied every time by consecutive strokes of misfortune. She'll die alone in bed thinking of the cock she'll never get while MC has an orgy with the other girls in the room next door.

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>series started out good
>turned to shit

what's her name /a/?
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literally sword art online
turns to shit 2 episodes in, but starts with impression it will be fuckin based
Pic unrelated, right? Season 2 was similar quality to season 1.

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I stopped watching anime because of this.

>first girlfriend self-insert anime

>arranged marriage self-insert anime

Modern anime is so clearly targeted towards 30-year-old virgins that it sickens me.
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Alright see ya.

stay there.
>Modern anime is so clearly targeted towards 30-year-old virgins that it sickens me.
Well your fault for not being a 30-year old virgin. Actually I'm only 25!

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Dumping chapter 11. Get in here.
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Darling in the Frankxx is going to be a mecha.

Trigger x A-1. Masayoshi Tanaka-designed anime. With the [email protected] director, who will also co-write along with Hayashi (Steins;Gate, Robotics;Notes, Plastic Memories).
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This is going to be a disaster.
Trigger sucks massive cock at subtlety, hopefully this being a mecha would need less of that.
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So they're finally returning to their roots, huh?

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So which girl has made you an assman?
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I think I was born an assman.
My waifu. I'm not posting her though.
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I can't decide between boobs and ass. I love them both and they shine differently depending on the girl.

Is this the best OVA ever produced?
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How DEEN pulled this off after the abomination that was the TV series is beyond me.
But that's not the Yorkshin OVA.
Nope. The LvB OVAs are.

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What's the dumbest (maybe goofiest) mistake you've heard someone make in pronouncing an Anime title?
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I don't really talk with other people about anime, and I don't watch westerners talk about anime.
But even if I talked about it with somebody, it's hard in my language to mispronounce shit. I have no idea why westerners (especially english-speaking westerners) mispronounce things so much.
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I barely ever talk about Anime in real life so when I do I always end up saying things wrong even if I know how they're supposed to be pronounced in my head. I think something's wrong with my brain.
talking about anime in public

Best boy is back.
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I have no idea who that even is.
Hitler, if he was a jew.
Is the chapter out?

Those two are going to marry after the war aren't they?
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Girls can't marry girls and Miyafuji needs a man to make lots of OP witches with.
Sorry but Yoshika is my wife and she loves my dick.
Stop forcing shitty generals for no reason other than having a chatroom for yourself and get a clue or join us on >>>/c/2955828

Previous generals from just last two days with one long thread that lasted over dozen hours;

I'm sure you understand that your question has no damn answer, because nobody knows other than the author, go ask him if you really care.

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What is the most attractive thing about Shinka?
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She doesn't discriminate based on race or even species
She doesn't exist.
This is a Stacy of the worst kind what the fuck /a/? Why does she get so many threads?

World's best hand job?
Midori thread
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Best girl

Why was this show so good? With such a silly premise it really had no business being as good as it was.
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>walk in
>see this
What do?
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There are still people who wear high leg panties at this day and age?
cover her because she'll get cold
not everyone thinks about sex 24/7
Kick her out of the house because this isn't her house.

rank them from best to worst
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Kushida > bottom right > all

Kushida > Sakura > Cripple > Others not mentioned > shit > Horikita
Sakayanagi > Sakura = Ichinose > Kushida (bitch) > Kei > Horikita > Kushida (normal)

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