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I pity Autodesk users, this was an email sent out by Autodesk. TL;DR - if you have a perpetual license (IE not on the current cloud-based subscription) than maintenance/renewal prices are going to increase as such:

by 5% in 2017
increase by 10% in 2018
increase by 20% in 2019

Full email can be read in this thread -> http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=2&t=1440034&page=1&pp=15

So basically, this is a marketing ploy to get perpetual license users to jump ship and hop onboard the subscription train. I'm glad I learned Blender, albeit I'm mainly a Modo user now.

Not sure how well the industry will stomach this.
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There is very little I hate more then subscription based application. it's the micro transaction of GCI
let blender become the industry standard for modeling
This, I've already abandoned all autoshit products from my pipeline. All I need is Zbrush, Blender, and Marvelous Designer.

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How much money have you made/do you make from doing 3D? Or is it just a hobby for you?
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I assume you're trying to ask "How much can I make from 3D?", but asking the way you have is going to result in a shit thread because:

Professionals aren't going to disclose their salary, but you can look it up on sites like glassceiling.

People who work by commission are busy working on commissions and you can look up successful people (or at least popular models) on model selling sites, or look at some furry artist on DA and count the number of commissions they've made and how often and what they charge (from their pricing page).

People who are just starting out on commissions and getting some success might answer, but they're going to give you some low total number because they're just starting out.

Anyone is either a hobbyist or trolling (or a trolling hobbyist).
Made $500
enough to make a comfortable living/pay house rent and save 1k every month

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What software would I use to go about making this?
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blender/3ds max/Maya or any other
..with finest LSD that you can afford
definitely Cinema4D. every 3D artist on instagram uses it
Honestly unless there's a very specific effect you're aiming for, you could use whatever 3D software you want. This render isn't that complex so you should be fine

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how the fuck do you use blender
pic related i tried to make a gun
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see tutorials on the subject
how bout you eat my balls

just liek get good.

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Can anyone help a brother out. I'm making an indoor scene and trying to make lights that render out like in this image. I'm using spot lights and the lighting is perfect, I just want the lights, or a similar object to glow, or create the star like shape.
I've played with all the settings for lens flares and glow setting but the spot light still doesn't show up i render.

Please help?
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Heres what is rendering, like I want to be able to see the lights. Tried googling but just can't find anything.

>Mental Ray
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1MB, 1920x1080px
Just realised a photo didn't attach
That might be post-prod, but I'm not an expert.

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Which is a good 3D printer for a beginner?

I'm thinking about Monoprice maker select v2
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I think /DIY/ has a sticky on printers

Not saying you can't talk about them here, just saying /3/ is really slow and I've only seen a handful of people talk about printers
Can you spoon-feed please? Can't see anything in the sticky on 3D printers.
is the link I use to search for them.

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My FLOSS engine continues to live. Check out the source now at https://github.com/bergjones/Shadows_Spider

Added third person movement with a controller and its left and right sticks. Turns out that it was harder than it looked, to get the object to move and point the right way.My next move is replacing the teapot with an animated character that blends between a walk, a run, and an idle depending on controller movement.
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How hard would it be to move it to Vulkan? UE4 and most other engines vulkan support is still a hack job. Since your engine is still fairly early in development you could probably beat their Vulkan support easily.
not OP but vulkan is SIGNIFICANTLY harder compared to modern openGL
You can still get great results without vulkan if you use profiling tools on opengl and use multithreading or similar.

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roof joists.jpg
1MB, 2048x2048px
>get b.arch in 2015
>minors in art history and 3D media
>had one job with an architect that lasted literally 4 days
>currently work part time at a hardware store
>can't get architecture jobs because i'm too aspie or something idk
>wanted to make games since I was 14

I've spent the last year teaching myself to use ue. In the last week I've realized that I kind of know what i'm doing now. I originally picked it up thinking I would use it for vr in an architecture firm, but now all I want to do is make it in the games industry. Is it possible to switch? Do I need to self-publish an indie game first? Do I need to be a top tier modeler with a mind blowing portfolio? Do I just need to kiss ass and get lucky to get a job in the industry? -- note i'm aiming for a

..all of the above? I want a job that makes decent pay with good security that doesn't make me want to kms every day. Opinions?
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i'm aiming for a job with someone like double fine or squanchtendo... so more on the indie/ experimental side of things. Environment artist jobs seem tedious to me with all the uv mapping n shit. I'd like to do level design, but I'm just learning to program.
The render you posted is not very good. But do you really want to change careers and become some shit head cubicle monkey for the rest of your days? Fuck it man, just keep trying and do what you enjoy. Success is a make believe capitalist bullshit word.
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so you're saying keep the job at the hardware store? the only jobs in architecture are cad monkeys, but architects have to wear ties.

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One work by Jesse Kanda... What software does he use in your opinion?
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This is like asking which brand of brush an artist used for a painting. If you're gonna advertise your crap don't try to hide it with a stupid question.
Like... What? :G
you can do this in any 3d software

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What is the difference between a chamfer and a bevel?
Pic unrelated.
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no difference. chamfer is more of a term in cad programs however
A bevel multiplies one edge into various in a uniform distance from one another.

A chamfer splits a vertice into as many lines as its connected to.

An extrude creates as many additional faces as your original selected face has edges.

A cowgirl is when your hot sister rides my cock while I grab her baby-making hips.

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cracked world machine
Sculpting the landscape yourself then using a height based material.
i know you can use ocean modifier or fractal in blender or something

not great but it works

As someone who's almost made it, wats it like to "make it"?
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Depends on your definiton of what it means to "make it".

But I'm gonna take a wild guess here and consider you meant working as a modelling/scultping/texturing/animation and whatnot artist that works for a game/film studio, it's no different than any other job. You go to work in the morning, you come back near evening. If you're passionate about your work, you may start to hate it because you'll have to follow the art director's instructions while working on whatever you're working on. You don't have the luxury of making something with your style and if the art director is not pleased with what you made, you may have to rebuild what you did from the scratch.
>t's no different than any other job.
the job i have now sucks fucking ass and is dangerous to boot, I make less than $12k a year
when i said it's not that different than other jobs, i meant you're eventually be bored of it since you're doing it so other people can get richer and you'll eventually grow to hate it.

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Anyone tried running zbrush/keyshot/photoshop and other 3d programms on AMD Ryzen?
How is it?
Here's a vid from Pavlovich, shows sick results in keyshot, but I wanna real people experiences.
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looks worse than unreal
i really want to upgrade my pc with razen, but i live i a shitty third world country and it will probably arrive here in 2 years
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be carefuly with AMD tech. Hollywood and silicon alley centered companies love to ignore it.

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download (3).jpg
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Does anyone know an easier method for making bump maps from images. The pic is an example of what I'd like to accomplish given an item, a quarter in this example. Coins, fingerprints, animal skin, or even a cloth closeup...

All of my attempts with image filters end up just accentuating shadows instead of accurate bump maps. When i try to trace heights and topography by hand, it takes my amateur skill set way too long to do any meaningful detail.

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Make them yourself or bake them. Trying to make normal/displacement maps from images rarely work well.
I tried making them... but my 2d experience (or lack of) is my biggest hurdle. I have made some displacement maps for landscapes and such, but actual detail is just not my thing...

For smaller items in a large scene I'd use them as bump maps... but for objects that will be closer in flybys will need to be displaced (or actually modeled >eekk <)

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I'm working on this enormous city block. Not too much slowdown.

The problem is when I advance the camera past that green axis (not the green arrow line), I can't pan anymore and moving the camera using "cursor mode" gets REAL slow.

how do I fix it so that crossing beyond that green line keeps the camera functions normal?
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Instancing and render distance culling, if you haven't.
I'm desperate and appreciate all help.

I'm using tons of instances, but what do you mean "render distance culling"? I can't find that option anywhere...
I should clarify. The program doesn't slow down, just the camera speed. As soon as I cross that long green line, I lose my ability to pan left and right.

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