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Dear fucking god, someone help me with this. I'm relatively new to Blender, and have no Idea how to fix this, anyone got ideas?

I deleted the inner faces after connecting the outer faces, and I had expected it to fix this darkening issue, but it remains my bane.
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>>554788 (Cont.)

It doesn't show up in the render, but for future reference; I'd like this answered.
Flip your normals. ..
Now I feel like a retard, thanks though.

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Any pointers on realistic textures and what needs to be payed attention too - in relations to shaders and the way models are rendered within the game environment?
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i noticed what differs a realistic model from unrealistic models is the AO map.

so that's important

hmm what else.. the hair needs to have alpha planes, there is a way to do that with zbrush fiber mesh or something. im not sure how.

don't expect procedural textures to do all the work, add some of your own brush paint in places where you think its needed.
first time i hear about AO maps. in most cases i worked with a uv map, specular and bumps.

just looked it up - will gona look into baking them into a texture, thx so much for the info dude.
roughness and metallic maps are important too. in addition with realtime lightning

rendered in hdri with reflection sphere

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Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I try anyway.

I have a bunch of SFM renders which loop perfectly fine, but only without audio. When audio is added, a small delay occurs when the video restarts.

I use ffmpeg to convert them to mp4 (libx265/aac), and it looks like no matter what I try, the audio is always 20-100ms longer (even with -shortest flag).

Is there any way to force ffmpeg to make the audio and video stream to have the exactly same size, down to the ms?

The files need to be re-encoded so I want the results to be as good as possible. mp4 is not set in stone if another container is better.
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I'm no sfm expert but why don't you overlay the audio in another package? Bit of a shit work around but it would also actually work
The problem does not come directly from SFM, but from the conversion it seems.
From what I understand, it's somewhat related to framesizes.
With eg 30fps, each frame has a duration of 33.3ms. For aac it seems a frame is ~26ms.
The Opus specs say that frames of that codec can be as short as 2.5ms (frame_duration), but I cannot get ffmpeg to create output with a difference of ~2.5ms between video and audio.
If you cut the audio track short of the end of the video track does it still encode blank audio to the end of the animation and cause this problem?
Can you just use a different codec or encoding software?

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Guys what happened to gfxpeers? Are they gone?
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maybe blocked in your country, Spain here, is working
Sorry though was cgpeers xD
It's working for me

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Waddap guys, Im kinda new here. I started studying 3D in October 2016. We use 3DSMax in class, and this is my first project. We were supposed to make an environment, so i decided to make a Dark Souls scenario.
Its only model and Illumination, but i've been working on this a few months already (we've also made some other things to practice modeling, splines, etc.)

What do you think of it? Post your first works (Not your first tries, but your first finished works)
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Questions about blender.

>inb4 watch a tutorial.
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good thread op
File: creative.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
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I have fought with my mom constantly and I keep bringing up how I'm adopted. I say this because after years of work in therapy and the fact that I'm not her blood, I have been objectively trying to figure out what is wrong with me. And all of her mannerisms and quirks, same as dad, has become who I am.
if you press space, it brings up a search field you can use for all of blender's tools

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Ever wondered how the meth addicted cousine from Micky the Mouse looked like

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Disregard this, I suck cocks.
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I like it, it's too simple and too unfinished, but I love the semi-realistic grunge style. I hate this over cartoony shit we see today.

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What's the best way to connect these faggots to the head?
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You don´t. They´re a part of the head, not something like a ribbon you just attach.
Model everything again, from scratch.
add more loops on the head to match the geometry at the edge of the ear that needs to be attached. Ear is too high poly for your head at the current time so make the head all in all higher or make a low poly ear
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Well, that's what I kinda did. It doesn't look too bad

Anyone know any good ways of creating handpainted textures?

Like maybe, generating some UVs for a 3D mesh and painting upon these? Or going even furthur by painting metallic colors and grabbing the normals etc somehow?

All tips regarding this please.
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Also, software for this kind of texture painting stuff?
Literally wanted to post A thread like this just now. bump
need to make cartoony style character
oh god cgpeers is dead right now, I cant search up sht

What is the best way to model an escalator?
What is the best way to model multiple escalators with varying dimensions quickly?

I'm working in archviz and I have no clue how to go about this. All my previous projects had standard sized escalators, so I was able to just pull something of turbosquid and make some tiny adjustments and it fit. But now I need some fucking long escalators with a very small height. Need like 8 and all of them have slightly different lengths..

I found video where someone did exactly what I need in grasshopper, but I couldnt fint the script anywhere and he has not responded to my email. Can I just make the escalators in Revit or something and export from there? Or are those all standard sized as well?
Would Houdini be good for this?
Totally stumped here, please help. I dont want to model each escalator individually, and almost every upcoming project will have a few of them...
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Also curious how to go about these sort of standard pieces in general.

Where can I find good ones and how to best manipulate them?
is it gonna be animated?
not necessarily, but would be cool to have the option.

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Hey /3/D'ers, what would be the best way for me to recreate this (a woodblock print, like a stamp) into a 3D model?

I can get my hands on an SVG/PNG of the graphic/painting on it, which I can extrude on a plane/top of the rectangle. My problem is how would I recreate the chiseled-wood effect/pattern on the model?

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use the alpha as a stencil
shop the png to the edge detail you want, and apply it as an alpha in zbrush on top of a wood surface sculpt.
Thank you! This is exactly what I needed

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Requesting criticism.

Is this decent enough to be rigged?

Call me a nigger if you think it's appropriate.
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where are hands / feet / head

This clearly is a model of an amputee you cis-abled cunt.

I just haven't modeled them yet. I just want some more opinions on the body.

>Share your Artstation profile link
>Discuss each other's work
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you start.
have only one work there right now

Hello /3dcg/, /k/ here asking for some help. I bought a kel tec RDB with the intention of taking an MA5C model from Halo and matching the bottom handguard to the handguard for the RDB and then 3D printing it at my school. I was using AC3D but my trial ran out before I could finish and now I'm trying to find a program that can handle the file. I had the handguard 3D scanned and then modeled around it so it has a fuck ton of edges and thus the file size is massive. I tried using CAD derivations but when I try to convert my .ac files to .stl it fucks up the model. Really any help with this is appreciated. I'll get a picture of the current model to post, but this is what I want the finished product to look like.
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ayy lamo, reinstalling restarts the trail. So here is the current model. I'm basically trying to cover the top in the correct places with planes so it lines up with the receiver. Another problem I'm having though is basically adding material to the inside so it isn't a thin wall. I'm 100% new to this, so again, all help is appreciated
The verts all belong to the model I'm modeling around, the outer shell is what I'm actually working with, so it's not that bad. I really just need help on figuring out how to add a nice solid wall and fill it for the 3d printer.
Just make it a solid and boolean the handguard out.

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I will be making a PBR material out of a texture. I wonder what is the best one to use for you.

Pixplant vs Crazybump vs Bitmap2Material vs Awesomebump vs anything else you know.
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I use awesomebump at home cuz its free and has many options, however it's more prone to crash. I use crazybump at work cuz its fast but it doesn't have roughness or glossiness map generation for me which i have to do in photoshop (workplace also has an old version so i dunno). Bitmap2material probably gives u the most control and u always want the most control but if ur not doing games or character texturing you can get away with just awesomebump
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just wait for nvidia gameworks

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