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What is easier to learn and use, Blender or Maya? I put some 10-15 hours into learning the basics of Blender (with the aim of eventually modelling 3D objects for video game purposes), but I like the interface of the latter better and hearsay has it it's better anyways. Halp, I'm really undecided on which I wanna use.
Pic unrelated, yo
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(it's not the package, but how you use it)

There's honestly not that many differences between 3d modeling packages. Blender will have more free/youtube documentation (for being free itself), Maya will have more paid tutorials (cause it's used in the industry and Blender's not.)

That aside I would say to learn Blender if you're looking to freelance, Maya if you want to work in the industry.
Maya is easier to learn and use.

How 'bout this? Consider learning both options, but here's the catch.

If you learn Blender first, it will still be easy to pick up Maya.
If you learn Maya first, Blender will seem like a nightmare learning it, and you'll be stuck on Autodesk's tit for years.

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Hello /3/, first time posting here, I posted this on /g/ and they suggested me this board.

lets say I want to simulate a ball inside another one. the inner one has a lower density than the outer one, I would like to measure the impact points and if possible, the impact strenght. can this be done with something like blender? I don't know about alternatives.
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not sure about measuring the impact points but pic took me less than a minute on cinema 4d using two balls a boolean for extracting the hole and just a quick dynamics tag and changing the friction/bouncing value.
doesnt look very good desu
well if you put an hour of two it could look like the op pic easily.

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cup of coffee2.png
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how does it look?
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how do you want it to look?
do you think it looks good?
did you enjoy making this cup?

Like someone opened a glitter bomb. You would also cut urself drinking from this cuper.
It's absolutely amazeballs.

How did you, do it?

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Is Blender good to modeling/make games/animate?
- Blender is open source, and you can use it for free.
- I've been practicing low poly with it and is easy as hell.
- You can program in Python with it, and create games (I don't know if this language is great tho).
- You can also animate with it.
- I have it downloaded on Steam, so it updates automatically (I think this is important).
It feels like an all-in-one program, sounds great!
Do you have any ideas and/or comparisons?
Is it possible to just do everything with Blender? (and maybe Photoshop to create textures?)
I am just wondering if there is something more convenient and/or easier.
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>Blender game engine
don't use that. for the love of god use something else.

choose what you like to use or works best for you. I use wings3d and metasequoia for modelling both high (15K+) and low (sub 1K) poly models.

you may be able to do simple textures in blender but photoshop and other apps can't be beat for quality textures.

The only things I feel Blender excels at are uv unwrapping and animating. These are just my personal opinions so take them with a grain of salt.

Except for the blender game engine. Seriously, use something else.
The more I learn about blender the more I understand that is truly a beast of a product for the low price of free.

It is the only thing I know in life that is free and genuinely good. The only thing that has stopped me from using it is pretty case specific stuff.

I switched over to maya because of their unwrapping tools, humanIk rigging and motion capture animation support, and also there morph target support is nice as well.. All things that will come in handy for game development.

However, you can handle any task needed when it comes to 3D in blender. Not to mention I probably put in 1000+ hours on blender between learning and making placeholder art for a current project, switching over to maya from blender to me, felt so counter-intuitive. Once you learn the hot keys in blender your workflow seems to move at blazing speeds. Now that I have spent some time in maya I am liking it though, but god damn box modeling in blender is fucking nice.

Also the dyntopo sculpting is top notch if you can learn how to tame that beast.
If you are going to continue in blender, especially for game development. I would just suggest to invest in the add on called "retopoflow". Absolute gem for retoplogy tasks. Once I had that I truly felt like I had everything in blender (until I watched the maya lt overview video).

Finally if you have never heard of it, cgcookie.com is a gold mine of tutorials, you have to pay but if you subscribe and start taking tutorials with them you will LOL at some of the shit they show you because it seems like common sense after they reveal a trick or technique to you. They make blender a lot less intimidating.

Good lucko bucko
Forgot to mention for textures I would highly recommend substance painter.


Pretty sick stuff, the first time I painted metal directly onto a surface I made, it made my nipples harder than that metal surface I just made.

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is 3D printing and VR are a meme? idk why everyone in the industry gets so worked up over these technologies.
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>is a hammer and camera are a meme? idk why everyone in the industry gets so worked up over these technologies
they're just tools fggt
They're both unproven gimmicks. VR has an edgy name "virtually in some new reality" but really its just putting your phone 2" away from your face like a retard. With 3d printing you'll never get anything useful like electronics, just useless plastic lego tier
> its just putting your phone 2" away from your face

not at all

>With 3d printing you'll never get anything useful like electronics

not true

>They're both unproven gimmicks

how are they "unproven"?

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>mfw making 3D porn and constantly getting a boner so have to fap it out every now and then
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I think I was most productive when I had a vibrator on my dick but didn't jerk off until the end of the day.
Should have been in your ass desu
better yet use two and you got all the corners covered.

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>Doing modelling work for college task
>Gets to UV mapping
>Selects unfold in May's UV editor
>Crashes, I lose nearly 3 hours of work because I'm a retard and forgot to save.

Why do I still use Maya when it keeps crashing at inconvenient moments?
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>doesn't save for THREE consecutive hours
>somehow this is the program's fault
maya doesn't usually crash for me unless i'm doing something stupid, but i save often so it doesn't even matter.

Increment and save every 10 minutes or for every major change you make. Or just set up auto-save if you want to be lazy.

>UVs in Maya
>No incremental saving

You asked for this, you deserve this

Doesn't it autobackup like max.

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Unleash your inner horndog and blossom into a creative genius.

I'll start with Jessica, my first creation on MakeHuman. Tell me who you think she looks like!
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File: JessicaOhShit.png.png (91KB, 536x551px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Not sure if I'll create a backstory for her, depends on vibe

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We have several Blender threads already
Fuck off. All these Blenderfags are so dumb and annoying.
L2 C4D.

D/ic/k here
I been interested in using 3d models for references like in pic related
I used DAZstudio in the past with the stock model but that didn't help, I think I need to fully control the image, I need dressings, props and lights but I don't know how to do it.
What is the best program for this and the best way to do it? Where do I get assets and such?
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Get a Job, you lazy fuck.
why did u Capitalize Job?

Do mean you want to use Daz Studio to make references for 2D illustrations? Or do you mean you want to make 3D renders using 2D images for reference?

If the former you don't need a lot in the way of assets. Just get Hexagon since it has a bridge to DAZ and use it to make simple primitives of the props in the scene. You don't need to produce the scene exactly in 3D you just need something that has the basics of the scene and the lighting of the scene. Having clothing and hair on the model actually makes it more difficult to use the render as a 2D reference. You want to keep the scene as simple as possible. All you want is the lighting, proportions, and perspective information for the reference. Everything else you can draw yourself.

Notice how that photo reference and the illustration aren't even close to the same in terms of detail. The photo is just a rought reference for perspective, proportion and lighting. That's all you need for 3D too.

Here's a tutorial on using Daz Studio alone to create reference images, but you will find it even easier if you also get Hexagon so your reference models can be more complex.


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What software did you start learning recently?
What do you plan on learning in the future?
Are you happy with the programs you know right now?
What did you always want to try but it just doesn't fit your line of work?

And most importantly, how the hell do you decide what program to learn when you don't exactly need it for work? There's so many of em...
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Know how to use Blender

Learning Maya

Glad i know em

Wana try SFM shit

If it aint for work n shit i stick to something

thats free, supported, has active community and is overall good
I know Rhino and a bit of grasshopper. I would like to learn Houdini, but currently learning substance designer and then UE4 for work. I also downloaded Blender but only opened once, didn't have time to do anything. Same goes for 3dsmax.
Fusion 360 also looks pretty cool but so far I dont think any of these programs can beat rhino when it comes to creating Archviz geometry..
i started learning 3d coat for retopo.

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/3 tan
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wat iz 3tan
File: 3tan.jpg (65KB, 564x564px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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like this?

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jesus fucking christ OP, it's been done by a baby orangutan with down syndrome on a commodore64, right?

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dsuckky ok???
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duck gunt
bard so slwwwwwwooowowwww!!!!1!!!!! psleeees respend!!!

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I want to work in Source FIlmmaker but I don't want it to show up in my Steam profile's recently played games list.

Is there a way to bypass this (a non-steam SFM or any other method)?
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Don't bother; If anybody asks, tell them you're making sfm porn and they probably won't believe you. If they say "really?" tell them No.
And then they see 30 hours logged on it and realize maybe you were telling the truth
Just make a new steam profile to use for your porn creating.
Im assuming sfm is free (havent used it desu).
As long as its installed on your computer it should work across profiles. If it needs assets from other games and shit like gmod, I think that will work cross profile too.

If anything just do what the other anon said and just lie. Animation takes a long time, making porn or not. Just say you're making a short or something.

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