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Hi there /3/, I'd like to play around with making mesh objects for upload to Second Life. I gave Blender a try, but the interface was rather confusing. I'm choosing between Maya, Modo, and Cinema 4D.

I'd like to use one program for more or less everything. My main focus is learning the basics, especially modeling. I'd like to make things such as furniture and little trinkets - not really organic stuff. Clothes are apparently the hardest to make, as you have to rig them to the Second Life avatar skeleton - most people use Avastar, a Blender plugin, for this purpose.

Maya seems like it's overall good, and apparently there's a plugin for rigging to the SL avatar called Mayastar. This would be nice for if I ever want to make rigged stuff.

Modo seems like it's very modelling-focused. However, the Internet's opinion is that it has a very steep learning curve.

Cinema 4D seems like the easiest of the three, but like Modo, it has little resources online for SL-related stuff. Also, it's apparently very focused on VFX and not game design.

Cost isn't an issue - I can either pirate or use a student edition. I'm guessing the metadata is removed when I export as .dae (the required format for mesh in SL)
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I started with Maya (barely knew how to use it), then learned Max, then Modo.

There isn't really a difference in "learning curve", all three programs work basically the same, difference is the amount of documentation you will find. You will find many beginner tutorials for Maya and Max, few for Modo.

Out of the three I would say Modo is the most "convenient" programs, tools are straightforward and work in intuitive ways, while Max/Maya have more bloat and a couple oddities/shit that doesn't work well.

However, if you're starting out, I would definitely recommend going with Max or Maya, simply because that's where all the good documentation is at. Not having Modo's advantages isn't that big of a problem, getting documentation that makes it easier for you to learn is what really matters.
Max isn't really an option for me unless it's far and away better, as I go between using Windows and OS X frequently.

I'll probably look into tutorials for both Modo and Maya - I find that the video tutorials are hard for me to follow, so perhaps I need something text-based. I played with C4D for about an hour on a friend's computer, and it seemed intuitive but like you mentioned, Maya is going to have way more documentation. It's also the suggested software for Linden Lab's new platform, Sansar.

I'll work on Maya for now, and play with Modo later to see if it "clicks" with me in a way that Maya doesn't. Would love to hear more opinions from /3/, especially if you've worked on stuff for SL.
Blender takes a solid day to learn. Just watch the intro tutorials on youtube by guru or w/e.

How viable are low priced subscription software like Modo Indie and Maya LT compared to Blender? Do they offer any noteworthy features you won't get in Blender?
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Honestly, just look up the limitations of each software (ie what the full versions don't offer) and make a decision based upon what you think best suits you. This is seriously just another, "wuts the best software" thread.

In my opinion, don't weigh in the "lite" software versus Blender. Either go all in, or don't go in at all.

By all means demo the software and learn it first though..
you should get both if you care about convenience and ease of use

First of all, there's no reason to use the gimped versions; just get the full versions under a Student trial thing, you don't even need an .edu address for Autodesk

Second, if you actually generate any revenue (such as from kickstarter), you can use that money to purchase license(s) and write it off as a business expense.

If you never go anywhere with your game, you can at least add it to your portfolio, and if you ever end up working for another studio, they'll buy you a license (assuming they aren't also stealing, which they likely are).

Reasons to use Blender at all:

It's light weight so it runs well on old hardware or a laptop, it's never going to jew you with DRM, it's an all-in-one package and extremely powerful

However, all the default settings on just about everything are garbage, and it'll take a long time to learn how to use it properly to get good or great results (whereas Maya et al will give you "good" results out of the box), however ALL software takes a long time and a lot of learning before you get truly "great" results, and all software requires you to ultimately tweak the defaults

If you want to see what Blender can do, look up Gleb Alexandrov on ArtStation

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How would Autodesk find out if someone were using pirated software and what would happen if someone were to get caught?
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>How would Autodesk find out if someone were using pirated software

1. If you upload a file with metadata created by the program.
2. If you post evidence that you use the software somewhere that they can check your details against their licensee records, ie. a 3D professional community where you use your real name or link to social media, your linkedin etc.

>what would happen if someone were to get caught?

Depends on the kind of TOS infringement. Knowingly using pirated or educational versions for profit gets you sued for whatever their legal team can claim, companies that do stuff like infringe on maximum amount of installed copies allowed by their license are forced to pay penalties to cover what they would've spent on the license generally. There's this idea that because they don't pursue typical pirate users who don't use the software for profit they won't pursue you if you use the pirate/educational version for profit and that isn't true: if you get caught they will fuck you, hard, with lawyers.
I opened this thread expecting the first post bashing OP, but instead it was incredibly useful advice that answers OP's question. Good on you, anon.
So uploading to SketchFab or Artststion or some other website wouldn't be smart?
So if you don't post full name on the internet and if one does don't have any evidence of rhem using the software and they're fine right?
How many people do you think use pirated software and make money without getting caught? Not including big businesses

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The SSS on my model is looking like I imagine the average /3/ forum member to look like.
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shouldn't the geometry be closed for SSS to work properly?
=Mom should have been closed...
>average /3/ forum member

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why ths fuck is Lagoa Multiphysics not in Maya? installing XSI just for it is asinine.
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Because Autodesk never created programs like Maya and XSI in the first place.

They have no idea what they've been doing the past the 25 years
im hung up on learning one or the other. it's annoying.

XSI has better modeling tools than Maya. Maya has better animation tools.

Yo /3/, I haven't been here in years.

Did you guys ever finish remaking this?
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No newfag

You're a super cool guy

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So what are the chances that 2D animation will get replaced by 3D?
Pic related.
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Never. 2D will always been slightly different than 3d, and it's just easier to do 2D than to try to mimick the quirks and mistakes of 2D in 3D. For like TV shows and things where timelines are super short, I can see 3D taking over just for time and money's sake. But for anything that cares more about presentation or the 'art' of animation, 2D will always be an option. Things like Kubo are a good example, much of the stuff from that movie was simply 3d modelled and printed, but the director and the film still sold itself as a stop-motion film because it cared about being a stop-motion film instead of just another 3D animated film.
>2D will always been slightly different than 3d

people once said 3d graphics would never replace photos and now the ikea catalogue is entirely renders
3d animation still has a way to go (there's both a lack of tech and skill/technique) but I can certainly see it imitating hand-drawn animation perfectly at some point in the future
for simple colors and stuff like in that webm, 3D can easily pass, provided you put the work in and dont go full retard with the camera angles/animation

for hand drawn stuff like from old disney and animu, we're still at least a few years away from it fully breaking the illusion, but we'll probably get there eventually.
My bet would be on pixar doing it first. They already got pretty close with paperman.

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how do i stop myself from creating depraved shit?
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You don't. Embrace it fully.

When all is depravity, all is normality.
Creating anything, no matter how deprived, is better than not creating.

That is if you're t actually putting effort into your work.

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Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread

I'll start. How do I achieve a higher level of detail when making a normal map from a high poly model in 3DS Max? Aside from a few things I know I need to fix, the details come out looking jagged for me.
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Apart from trying a higher resolution, what file type are you using? I used jpg for a long time only to figure out it's compression was the cause of the low quality in my normal maps.

Try using PNG or TGA. PNG 24 bit is lossless compression. TGA is uncompressed. There is no difference in quality. If you want to save hdd space, then use PNG.
why do we need two of these threads
I have my model skinned with Biped and Skin modifier in 3ds max. Is it possible to attach 2nd model to the Biped and make it collide with the 1st model when I move bones? 2nd model would be static and 1st model would be the one deforming when collision happens.

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yo, why won't my blender bake a texture to my secondary joined meshes?
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hahahaha what the fuck is this shit
yeah, thanks for the quality input dude
Is the secondary mesh unwrapped?

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What am I doing wrong? (I was going for boolean>difference) when I got this error
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It literally tells you in the error
Can you elaborate it a bit, I'm new at this

I selected all the windows, grouped them for easier placement then combined them and tried mesh>booleans>difference but I kept getting this error
See that red bar that fucking says "ERROR"? Now read what it says in there.

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Does anyone have a link to this script? I'm more than willing to buy it but would like to try it out and see if it even works with Maya 2017.
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If you are using blender you can either press f while having the vertices selected. You can control v "connect vertices"
What is this doing? Splitting up planes into smaller, randomized strands?
Ever heard of cgpeers?

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Top Shadow Map.png
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Once in a while, I see this kind of shading. Apparently it's called "shadow map", how do I do this on blender?
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dirty vertex colors in vertex paint.
Do you know about Baking? You can bake Shadows if you want

And then there's all the sort of "visual interest" stuff like AO, using Poitiness node (and then bake that, since 'Pointiness' veries between high and low poly)

Anyway you can literally google 'blender shadow maps' on stack exchange or youtube and get more information
sorry but this is not an AO bake...

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Do you consider people who do 3D art "talentless" and "they do it because they can't draw"? I've been seeing people say this a lot lately and it bugs me.
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WOW whos work is this, this hair work is AMAZING...
Nevermind Found him,
your question is fucking dumb... "people" say many things, it does not mean that you should do threads about all of them
There's one more dimension than some dumb drawer.

Drawists can't wrap their heads around 3 dimensions.

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Good night /3/, I was wondering just what program does the youtuber Cyber 8 uses
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probably max because I remember they have the automatic face movement on sound files or so,maybe it was maya but pretty sure its max

Looks like Daz Studio with default lighting rendered in Open GL.
is the guy from /3/?
that wouldn't surprise me

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