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I don't know what's going on. This message pops up whenever I try to freeze transform for any bone. I can't find a single person on the internet with the same issue as me. Can anyone help me?
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Are you freezing translations or rotations?

I don't use max, but in maya you can't freeze translations because of how bones work. You also can't freeze rotations of bones that are already skinned.
I was freezing all transforms. I didn't know you couldn't freeze rotations for skinned bones, I guess that's what's causing it. I thought it was the only way to reset bone rotations but I just discovered you can activate figure mode anytime to reset positions. Thanks for the help!

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>blender is absolute fucking shit
>can't use maya educational for commercial shit, couldn't afford it in 100 years. They'll sue you into oblivion over every shit
>Modo still costs too fucking much
It's simply not affordable. Even the Maya LT option costs too fucking much. I can hardly even afford Photoshop.

This is a big fucking fuck you to all of this 3D software shit.
Why can't you be cool like Pixologic? Why not release something like ZBrush Core, an intuitive great program, every fucking one can afford?
Nooo, everything has to cost 4000 bucks for commercial use, so that these stupid fucks can afford their lawyers.
Blender's interface is the worst horrible nightmare shit I've ever come across.
VRay costs too much.

This game is rigged.
Get out of it as long as you can. Don't even start, you've already lost.
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>do basic blender tutorials
>slowly learn all the buttons
>now is pretty competent in most areas of blender

the funny thing is, i always see how people convert from blender to max and they end up doing the same crude shit.

3D takes time, be patient
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>blender is absolute fucking shit

Haha. You're funny.

Pic related, made by someone else in Blender Cycles.
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EAGB 1.jpg
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Daz Studio for rendering. Free. Great UI, easy to learn and large community for support. Iray render engine and very easy to rig figures.

Hexagon for vertex modelling. Fantastic UI. Only $20. Long in the tooth but still pretty good. Direct bridge to Daz studio.

3D-Coat hobby license for sculpting, texture painting and retopo. $100. Easier to use than Zbrush. Hobby/Education version isn't totally gimped like Zbrush Core.

Total outlay. $120 bucks.

Not many hobbies are cheaper than that. I have hours of fun. Enjoying learning new skills. Enjoying being creative. Enjoying sharing my work on Renderosity and ShareCG. Modelling is a great way to manage stress and anxiety by giving you something else to focus on for awhile.

Hell, it's a cheaper hobby than photography where all your money goes into hardware.

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I know you have some of your renders from when you started modelling. Let's see em.

Optional: Post alongside current skill work.
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bearand friends.png
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File: Render1.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
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Supernewfag here

How does renderfarms work?

I only have experience on motion graphics using AE and i'm starting to use C4D and Maya, which are great. But i just read about render farming using various computers and it seems fairly interesting.
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You don't need to make a new thread for every question, just post here: >>550171
A render farm is just multiple computers/gpus set to each do parts of a render job

Computer 1 does one frame of a render job
Computer 2 does another frame
Computer 3 does yet another frame etc.
This all happens at the same time, so say your render farm has 50 computers, it'd render 50 times faster than your own one (not factoring in the hardware specs itself)

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Hey all, in 3 weeks I'm going to be without internet (outside of my phone) for 3 months while I care for a sick relative.

Decided I'll learn 3d. Because I dont want to deal with keygens and shit breaking Im 99% sure I'll go with blender. I have a decently capable gaming computer (4770k + r9 290 + 16gb ram) and would like to know what I should download/buy/watch now in order to make everything easier.

My goal would be to just know how to do this shit, I like the idea of both objects and characters and while I don't think I'll be the next pixar or anything but I just want to maximize the oportunity here.

Can anyone advise me or ask me the questions you think you would have wanted someone to ask you?
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blender is a fairly capable tool but you need guidance. the internet can be misleading.

for beginners:
for rendering:
>blender guru,blenderhd,tutor4u
for vfx:
>Kenan Proffitt

good luck
for characters
>darine lile
for blender mods and crap to improve workflow
>blender sensei
Honestly since you need to download a lot now, I'd look on cgpersia and pick a bunch of long tutorials

"The Cliff Tower" (if it's still on there) is very good, goes through every aspect of Blender, the only downside is that the speaker is some kind of russian or something so he might be hard to understand, but seriously this project is very complete

I don't like borncg at all, maybe if he went back and redid his old tutorials now that he's a lot better at modeling (this is kind of the problem with Andrew Price as well)

I do however recommend Andrew Price's general videos on composition, lighting, all the sort of general photography type concepts

tutor4u's teddy bear and cup are good but are VERY "paint by numbers", you'll end up with something that looks good but you won't understand how in the fuck you got there, but at the very least you'll realize that Blender in the right hands is quite powerful.

Also Blender's default Materials, default lights, default UI, basically everything by default fucking sucks in Blender and it'll take a while to learn how to configure shit properly so it's actually not garbage.

Also watch this video RIGHT NOW and save it because you WILL accidentally all the windows and not know how to fix it.


There's a much better one by Andrew Price but I can't find it

Also, very important, Save File as Startup will make it so you don't have to delete the fucking cube every time, setup your rendering shit, your UI modifications, common materials, etc

If you fuck everything up click File -> Load Factory Settings

Addendum, Andrew Price's donut tutorials look really good, I would 100% recommend doing / downloading those, as he is a B- modeler but an A+ teacher / orator

How do I into these organic materials and shapes?
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get out of here with your bumps.

this is a slow board. Shit aint dead till it hits like page 3-4.
cloth simulations, basic modeling and some sculpting.

what is this site anyway?

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How is it that a ten year old program consumes more RAM than modern hardware?
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because it's software?

software takes on the properties of a gas.
Not as optimised for newer hardware maybe?

did you ever came to 3D?
I ask serriously
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I will if you tell me where you got that semen demon.
Stupid question, ive come to every format, if its about my fantasies...
>did you ever came to 3D?
what the fuck?

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Hey /3/, i've been using after effects for a year now and basically learned a lot about motion graphics. (i already had some GD knowledge).

But now i feel like 2d is just not enough, i wanna learn how to model, no, i don't know how to draw but i really want to make animated 3d cool stuff.

I already have installed C4D R17, Maya and 3DS Max.

What software should i use?

What is a good tutorial for beginners?

>pic related: some random logo i made on Illustrator just to test on Cinema 4D
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>bumping on /3/
stop that

Cinema 4D is good for motion graphics, but not much else.
3dsmax specializes in modeling.
Maya specializes in rigging/animation.

Take your pick. Neither is better than the other, since they were designed to do different things.
That isn't to say you couldn't animate in 3ds, model in maya, and rig in c4d, but it will take longer, and possibly turn out worse than if you just used the best program for the job.

With that said though, don't try to animate characters in C4D. It sucks.

Read the sticky

Well, let's say that my main focus now is C4D because i want to get better at motion graphics that involve 3D.

Where do i start? I look for many tutorials but i really want to know the basics and start doing some stuff like 3d animated logos or isometric stuff.

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Anyone know of any good reads/watches for the theory behind PBR?
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here you go.

Cool thanks anon.
its a real time meme unfortunately. The only way to fly is with toon shading.

Highschool student learning modeling for the first time here.

I know it's really shitty and has a bunch of issues, but is there any hope for me as a CG artist?
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why do you ask if there's any hope for you as a CG artist if you're a HS student who just started modeling?

just keep modeling more and you'll get good
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First off, I don't know much about guns or at least how they work.


How the fuck does this even function as a weapon?
80% of it is just nonsense.
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/vr/ here, it's the Kriss Vector / Kriss Super V

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azuka rei.jpg
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Is me, or 2D animation is simply superior to 3D?

>huh duh amateur garbage
I'm not talking about amateurs, the best examples of 2D animation always comes as more vivid or more organical than the best 3D shit.

Simply compare paprika to 3D animations and they come as garbage.

Of course 3D is superior to make backgrounds and effects and fluids, but I'm talking about characters.
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it's not just you

there's ways of doing what makes 2d animation special, like not having everything perfectly on-model and letting things organically morph to convey motion and such but no one's going to bother

and it won't have the stylized look of being drawn either

however: i wouldn't get hard to judy hopps if she was drawn
regarding animation smears in 3d animation, you gotta look at overwatch

it may be a casualized tf2 with waifus and shitty stories that have nothing to do with the game but the looney toons shit the animators did is great
apparently their rigs have "noodle bones" alongside the usual bones to help

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Render Final.jpg
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Got bored on friend's mid tier computer and decided to fuck around in Blender on it. How'd I do mates.
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not interesting envo

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holy shit guys i need some help.

First of all: I'm a programmer and until today I never even touched "blender" or whatever else there is. Visual Studio is my thing!

I need a basic cylinder that has its UV coordniates set "right". And by right I mean exactly like if you'd take a sheet (normal letter shape) and roll it up so the top and the bottom touch.

So I thought "It can't be that hard", downloaded blender and... well this thing has like 9999 quadrillion fucking options, funky ass isometric camera... what THE FUCK.

I sorta kinda got a cylinder (without a top and bottom disk just like I wanted) going but I have no idea how to align UV coordinates the way I want them to be.

Yeah I looked up tutorials, but just imagine how well things would go if you're not a programmer and you want some "simple" program...

I think I'm ready to give up, I've been at this for more than 3 hours. I accept that I'm just fucking retarded when it comes to 3D modelling.

Can someone show mercy and take 30 seconds to do this for me?
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cylinder should have 32 sides, no top or bottom disk. radius of 0.5, height of 1 or whatever.
reset blender
double click a , then x delete everything
shift a -> add mesh cylinder , you cna adjust in bottom left if you want
Tab to edit mode,
select top and bottom face and mark it as seam, google how to mark seams
then go to edge select mode and slect one edge of the 32 and also mark it
go u->unwrap and thats it
if you're a programmer you could just generate the cylinder mesh in your program, ain't very hard.

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I'm building a 3D world in Cinem4D for later use as 2D backgrounds in an upcoming animated short.

No 3D animation will take place whatsoever with the scene.

Scenes will not be poly-intensive, but things will be heavily textured.

Am I using the right program?

Any tips? Pic related.
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You may want to look into softimage, even if it isn't supported anymore, if only for the shaders.
I'm fairly certain studio ghibli used softimage for their backgrounds, as well as a bunch of other animu studios.
But C4D should be able to do basic pseudo 2D stuff I suppose if you're set on using that program.

The dude that made your picture used 3ds and photoshop, though, so I don't think the program matters all too much.
It's faster and usaly looks better to do unanimated 2d backgrounds as a drawing of some kind, your going to spend a lot of time making a single shot and may only use one angle of it. If you want 3D backgrounds throw some parallax in there, makes it worth it.

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