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I makes starfish
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Better than my skills at the moment desu
very thanks you
>Bevel the edges for a better looking
>2 light sources minimum, (Do not use the same colour)
>Rendering with Alpha channel and compose it with a texture in the background i.e. a black courtine
To be honest i do not see anything wrong with your artwork, just giving some basic tips to improve it, nice work

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So is there no place to discuss making 2d animation on 4chan, Flash or otherwise? And if not, are there good communities for it elsewhere?
I looked at /f/, but it honestly looks like shit.
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/ic/ seems to be the only place since its about drawing.
theres /f/ but its mostly porn
he already mentioned F, why did you mention it also?

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Hey /3/

I want to make a game in a full hand painted style, but I was wondering if it was possible to create a rock in the style of this pic and still have it behave to light coherently in a 3D environment, make the highlights be where they should according to a light source. By using a special shader for instance?

Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
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If you're using unity, this is pretty easy to do with some shader fiddling. I don't mean programming, I mean literally dragging and dropping uv maps into where you want them.

Take a quick browse through here;

(Get Substance Painter, Simplifies everything)
Make a specularity map so that it only highlights in certain predefined places

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Is it viable at all to model entirely with triangles in Blender?
I gave it a go and it's pretty easy even though you have to create each triangle manually, but Catmull-Clark subdivision turns it into quads which causes some weird distortion at vertices that are part of numerous edges.

The reason I'm trying this instead of box modelling is because I hate how the only easy way to add resolution with box modelling is to create edge loops, which affects the model as a whole rather than just a singular part.
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This is not how you 3d. If you don't like dealing with topology try sculpting
I like dealing with topology, it's useful to easily get exactly the form you want.
What I don't like is dealing with mesh resolution, which box modelling really overcomplicates, but triangle modelling simplifies.
you literally cant model with triangels
unless you like to extrude verticies instead of edges

its 2 steps against one

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How is my character?
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I can't be bothered to model an anatomically correct character model and sculpt all the details on, so I'm looking for some software that can quickly produce human character basemeshes with or without textures and rigging and then export for quick and easy modification in ZBrush. Is Poser any good for this? Can you guys recommend anything?
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Anon, I don't know how to tell you this but... you're lazy.

>I can't be bothered to model an anatomically correct character model and sculpt all the details on
Can't be bothered, or simply can't?

Just use daz like everyone else who can't model.
Makehuman if you use Blender.

Since you're using zbrush, you're probably okay with some freemium thing like DAZ studio, or Autodesk Character Generator.

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I'm making assets for a PC game, and I'm wondering what's the best way to handle objects which have both smooth areas and curved areas?

blender doesn't have smoothing groups so I'm a little bit confused. I tried using the "mark edges as sharp" thing, but it doesn't work properly for some reason... (see following pics)
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and as you can see it looks horrible
that's a good question, i've been wondering this for a while too. Let me know if you get any results op.
use Subdivision surface modifier or beveling?
(the latter seems the best since you want to keep those poly counts short)

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am i missing something here?

im sitting here on my beastly workstation (24 cores and 128gigs ram) waiting a couple million particles in realflow to fill a bottle.

meanwhile, the latest FX films in theatres all feature a quadrillion splashes and particles effects in a million different shots. how the fuck do they get it all done??? do they just have armies of interns with infinite patience?? it would take my computer years to sim any single shot from these films, and yet studios manage to pump out hundreds of these shots with seemingly no effort...to the point where massive liquid sims are just the norm for a lot of eyecandy films these days (pacific rim, king kong, godzilla, etc)

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more computers really
they never render their frames onsite, the usually contact a company that have enough firepower to render frames at reasonable time
Youre not very smart are you? You are comparing multimillion bidget 1000 man strong powerhouses to your milky self in your basement
Movie was okay, 3D was pretty good though.

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Judy thread?
Any news on a good Nick model? Bonus if it's for Blender
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Just got back from the Convention, did you?
can such fur quality work in a video game without blowing up peoples computers?
No, you can at best approximate it with fur planes, but if you look at the tail (both in the render and the blend file), it's just a puffball of super dense hair

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so I'm doing Character In zbrush, this is first which I'm doing from top to bottom. and I want to animate it at the end. I'm doing all modeling work in zbrush and Retopo in 3d coat, I also can use maya if I'll need in anything.
the question is how do I unify the mesh? for example (Pic related), I made this kneepad, which consists of several pieces(subtools), I'll combine them as one piece, but won't it kinda get fucked when animating? should I stitch the whole kneepad?

PS: this is the shit you have to deal when you, learn by yourself...
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the back side
you don't need to unify anything until the retopology phase.

when you are done with retopology merge all the lowpoly details and keep subtools separate then bake
I've kinda almost done retopo on this part already,

so I should just merge all this, and then bake? and won't it be hard to rig?
or should I retopo all these parts as one mesh?

PS. thank you, for answering, man/lady !

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hello people.
I'm barely getting started with 3D modeling, using maya, used it mostly to make stuff on unity. I can't model at all but i'm learning how to UV stuff, using quixel, normal maps, materials and stuff.
Point is, i'm looking for a 3D modeling software that runs on "a toaster" meaning my netbook that has no hardware acceleration/GPU/OpenGL/etc available. It runs a bunch of old 3D games with no problem, so i figure it can handle making a bunch of boxes and spheres on SOME software. Right?

fyi blender wouldn't run, but im open to any alternatives, no matter how useless the software might be to a pro. thanks
pic unrelated
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wings3d is your last chance if blender is too heavy lol

pretty sure 2005 computer can run blender
it's not that it was too heavy, it gave me an error like "nope, can't install on this computer".
It's something about the graphics, because i can run ableton live, photoshop (without the 3D thing the new ones have!) and a few other fairly heavy softwares. Not flawleslly, but still.

Gonna try this wings3d one. thanks
it says it needs openGL, i know it won't run.
Could it be that with a driver update im able to run openGL? it's kinda ridiculous the shit im not being able to run because of this software gimmick

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Can I achieve a similar render look on Arnold?
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Yes, with literally any renderer from the past decade. Stupid thread dude.
get good with a 1 render of your choice and you can achieve that
No, it's completely impossible.

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fucking tear my topology apart i want to be ashamed

also why not just zremesh everything and be done with it? it will deform okay cause games are so highpoly nowdays

people insist on topology just to stay alpha above new people with better sculpting skills
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watch what happens bitch

do it
Zremesher is awful. Good luck getting proper edge loops and not spirals out of that shit. Use only for static things.

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I tracked a motion in AE and imported it into c4d. Any Idea how to smooth that out?
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I know how to clean something like that up in maya, but c4d's animation layers are stupidly broken to the point of being useless.
If you really have to I guess you could manually delete the problem keyframes, but that's going to take a long fucking time and probably not even look too good in the end.

You could also try cleaning it up in AE before importing into c4d. That might actually be your best bet.
Try adding a smooth expression to the position/rotation transforms in AE.
thanks dude!!!

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Hi, I need serious help here please,
I'm working on a animation project, i'm well advanced but my scenes are too complex, I try with cycle, I try with blender internal, but I need FASTER render time. I have to make renders with my CPU, I got a radeon 7950 ( forced to use OpenCL/IOpenGL ). I'm looking for a free real time PBR engine, to make a good compromise between quality and speed. Help me dudes !!!!

Also Blender help thread
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even unreal gives better results m8. And at 60fps lmao

This is going to be implemented into a future release of Blender, but for now, you have to download it seperately.

It's a realtime PBR engine for Blender that has been in the works for awhile. Details here:


Goodluck OP, hope this helps.
looks like shit

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