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Is this a meme or is it actually worth it?
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its actually good but you will need a few stuff.

install this addon http://3dwolf.weebly.com/materials.html
definitely worth it.
this guy seems to take it pretty seriously


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I am trying to apply a plastic bump mesh to a model. But by manually project or drag it to the model, there is always stretch. Is there a easy way to apply a pattern to a mesh without duing with the UV?
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>duing with the UV
Come again?

But yeah, try relax or peel functions.
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>doing a tiny regular pattern by hand
u dun goofed
>pattern to a mesh without duing with the UV
do the uv, anon. DO... the uv.

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I want to start a company , I have been working at some places in the last 5 years and all in all ~9 years experience .
My goal is to have a small Indie / Hobbie company with smaller steam games, maybe one day one of them will actually make some money.
Random eye texture
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1. register your business

There, you have a company.

If you're asking how to manage a company and develop a game then rethink what you're doing
>make game
>hire people to make game
>make company

wow it's so hard
intresting, pitch your ideas

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Should I learn 3ds max or Blender to start learning how to model?
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hard to say.
3ds is better for job prospects
blender is lightweight and won't bother you with license issues
Depends. If you are totally newb, then I'd say go with blender. Its easier to get with 3ds being so expensive, and there are just as many free tutorials to get you rolling.

That being said, I'm a 3ds to the end. I've been using it forever, so i am familiar with it. Also, coming from a CAD and engineering background, 3ds feels more like an artistic version of CAD, which i like.

It also depend on your plans. If you are looking more into modeling mechanical things, the 3ds toolset might feel more intuitive. If you are going more for organics or variable scenes, you may like something like maya or blender better. Or for strictly detailed characters you may like zbrush.

The bottom line is that they all do the same thing and can achieve very comparable results. You pick one based on which type of toolset fits your creative approach. I went with the full Autodesk suite because of familiarity, it contains a slew of progs from straight cad to mudbox sculpting and everything in between. Plus it helps if you don't have any software usage ethics...
Jesus, does no one even read the fucking sticky anymore?

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unmask this
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Get the fuck off /3/ you single mother cause you deserve better than the guy you had unprotected sex with cause you're both stupid cunts but nevertheless you continue to try to take advantage of your feminine "wiles" but realize that having a kid is a turn off to %98 of men so you've come to some obscure board on 4Chan that you don't even know what it's about but 3 seemed like a good number since it's how many times you've been accused of prostitution and posted a shitty pic that makes me question whether you thought you weren't spraytanorange enough so you used your fucking toaster and screwed in a tanning light bulb, threw on some shitty outfit you haven't worn for 3 years while your kid sits in front of the TV burning his retinas and craning his neck cause he's too damn close but hey at least he has something in his life to look up to, no good stupid dumb bimbo cunt.

Kill yourself
this is material

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Hey, I'm looking for someone to make a 3d relief of the wolf in the picture.

I've tried fiverr, but I'm tired of dealing with the retarded Pajeets.

I'd pay $25 to someone who could make a good model.
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You want a wolf's head or a shitty emblem thing?
What kind of fidelity you looking for? Like the one in pic?

You meant $25/h, right?
I can do that. Mail me to work out he details at [email protected]

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Any more good tutorials on how to make anime faces that don't look like shit? Preferably Zbrush?
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The closest I've ever found was Daniel Kreuter

He does nice work and makes pretty informative tutorials. It's the only channel I've seen that has decent anime style tutorials.


>make anime faces that don't look like shit

Cant be done.
>anime faces
>don't look like shit
pick one
i get its a style, but fuck me if they all dont look like aliens

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What is ptex.
A meme?

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Coldnt afford the NEWest 3D soft wares so I bought this at a garage sellout. The fellow man told me he used to work professionals with THIS. Anyone know if its any good? My wife told me I wasted her money but I paid WAY less than the newer 3D soft wares.
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guaranteed replies
Thank you! I HOPE to get replies because I want to get jobs in the 3D world.
>not becoming good with blendur

Let Maya batch render an animation I made overnight and it fucked up the textures on every frame. Can we have a Maya frustration thread?
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your highlights look blown out and your spec plasticky. You suck at this, hope youre not trying to become pro
Lol I love how harsh this community is.

I know the highlights are bad; I rendered to tiffs (they were purposely underexposed) and quickly made adjustments to a frame in Photoshop. I'm not trying to impress anyone here I just wanted to show the Maya glitch.

Also I'm not a modeler, I'm a CS student trying to build up skills in Maya scripting. Those aren't even my models I just got free ones online.

Have a nice day
I might post my scripting demo reel when I finish it next week so you guys can shit one it/give feedback

Does anyone use one of these for there 3d artwork and photoshop

If so would you be kind enough to share your profiles you use for programmes like ZBrush 3dsmax photoshop lightroom etc etc

Many Thanks
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your an layzee phucc
not really I don't know all the shortcuts and things that would be best to have on shortcut keys which are why I'm asking to see others.

p.s you can't spell but I'm not making fun out of you or calling you shit am I.

I use a ps2 controller and autohotkey, p comfy wouldnt change my workflow.

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Hey there! I used to make small things in Blender3D when I was 13-15 and sadly gave up due to a lack of direction. Are there any good resources to start learning again?
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no sorry
Youtube is your best friend in this case.
Udemy has some good classes as well. 10 bucks and you can get good hands on training. If courseYouTube is also good.

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Summer is Coming.jpg
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Here's a thing I made in Blender and Zbrush. enjoy :)
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nice work.
link to work?
fürwahr, aber anon glaubt dass das gesicht selbst noch etwas holziger sein könnte und nicht so glatt

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Trying to get faster in Blender and got wondering if there are any good plug ins for Blender, which can help you with modelling faster and more time effective.

any ideas or links to good plug ins? thanks!
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Layer manager. . F2... node wrangler. .. all good staples. Anything else is kind of up to the user.

Hard Ops
alchemy for blender

needless to say 'archimesh' is a must

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I am taking an existing segment of a vagina and modeling a robot character's torso around it (left). About to retopo this and I thought it would be fun to let /3/ discuss it. On the right is another pelvis I made a while ago.
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What I'm sort of thinking here. Does anyone else just hack their shit to bits then simplify after?
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Smooth shading to show problems

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