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So I was cleaning up my hard drive and I found my copy pasta of what used to be the board sticky.

Part 1:

/3/'s Official README.TXT
If you're reading this, you probably got this linked to you because you posted a
question that has already been asked many many times. Read ahead, and find
your answer.

Scroll to the bottom for useful resource links.

1.) "How do I get started in 3D?"

There are many ways to get started, the quickest way is to actually start
with a 3D program. There are many to choose from, such as:

-3DS Max
-Cinema 4D,
-Softimage XSI
-Blender 3D (Free!)

Once you obtain one the next step is to start with tutorials. There are many
on the net, they range from text and image tutorials to video tutorials. You
aren't going to find a tutorial for everything out there, but most will explain
techniques that you need to adapt in order for you to achieve whatever final
result you want.

2.) "Wow! That's a lot of programs! Which one is best? I heard ______ is best."

You heard wrong, there is no one program that is better than the rest, it has
and always will be the skill level of the artist. Which program you choose is
solely dependent on your own personal taste and which aspect of the 3D industry
you want to be involved in.
Max and Maya are the most hyped and so therefore the most used,
they have the most available documentation online. The interfaces have
a steep learning curve, but there isn't any 3D program you can't learn if you take
the time to use it and follow some tutorials. Go with a generalized package, not a
specialist one.
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Part 2:

3.) "Whoah, Generalized vs Specialized? How do I know?"

A generalised package like Maya, Max, Softimage are packages that let you model, render,
animate, texture, and create dynamics all within the same application. They don't require third party plugins
or applications to add another basic feature, like a renderer or animation tools.
However you can get plugins for these apps to enhance their features.
There are several Specialized applications out there that cater to a specific skill.

Animation: Motion Builder, Messiah 3D.
Modeling: Modo, Wings3D, Silo 3D
CAD: Autocad, Sketchup, SolidWorks
Detailing: Zbrush, Mudbox, 3DCoat

4.) "Ooooo Zbrush, I see so much awesome shit from that, I'm gonna start there!"

No, you're getting ahead of yourself. You should start learning about basic modeling and
topology before jumping into Zbrush. Zbrush is a great program for advanced users to add
detail to their existing models, or to prototype models quickly by sculpting them out. It
is not a good idea to get into Zbrush when you're not very familiar with general 3D concepts
Part 3:
5) "Ok, I see I'm not very good at this stuff, can you model ______ for me?"

No, anybody with any decent skill on this board does this work for a living or for some kind
of gain. Some of those just starting out may pick up the project but don't expect Miets Meier
level of work. You get what you pay for.

6.) "But it's too haaaaaaaaard, isn't there any easy button?"

No, like all things it takes time and effort to master a program, practice makes perfect and
playing around with the interface will get the shortcuts ingrained into your muscle memory.

7.) "So which program is the easiest to learn?"

You shouldn't learn a program, you should learn techniques. When you master a technique the program
becomes nothing more than a tool. As said before Max and Maya have the most documentation but you
should look at learning how to model and the right techniques instead of 'what button does X'. You
can get UI information from the program's help files. F1 and Google are your friends.
Part 4:
8.) "So, what do studios look for when hiring if I don't know program ______ won't I get turned down?"

When a studio judges your demo reel and resume they have an order of priority.

1-Quality of Work
4-Program skills

9.) "So studios don't care what program I use? Why do they care about versatility?"

Except for Animators who are pretty much exempt from most rules of 3D, most studios want people who
can perform multiple tasks instead of just a specialised one. They want modelers who can also texture,
they want riggers who can also do dynamics, they want lighters who can also texture. It's ok to be
specialised in one area, but it doesn't hurt to be versatile, it will always keep you employed.

When a studio looks at your program skills they do often look to see if you have experience in their
preferred in house package, but MANY times you're going to get a studio that has added their own tools
and pipeline so it wouldn't matter what program you know as long as your skills are good. If you know
techniques you can pretty much pickup any 3D package in a matter of days. Of course there are some that
are hard set that you know program ________ but for the most part what package you know is not that
important (yes even you Blender fags can get a job in a studio if you know good techniques.)

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How do you make planes with hair or fur accurately follow a mesh in a video game?

I asume you can't link them to bones, because it would leave huge chunks of a mesh without hair when deforming, or horribly stretched, and in the case of facial animations, when using pose morphs, you can't really move every single plane along for every single pose.

Would some kind of surface constraint be viable for a video game?
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i think you can use fibermesh in zbrush then covert it to planes or something.

im not entirely sure. you can do it manually too, but you will need some nice hair alphas
sounds like you know very little about what you're posting about. A bone in computer graphics engines is just a name for a "node", maybe in a hierarchy. So, what you're saying is that a plane cant be linked to an arbitrary node. You're clearly not cut out for this.

Fuck you too.

I do know a plane can be linked to a bone, but I don't necessarily want the planes to follow the bones. I want the planes to follow the underlyding mesh weight painted to the bones.

So, I want the planes to follow the underlying mesh, and the mesh to follow the bones. I doubt you're supposed to weight paint the planes to the bones as well.

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is this real
that face looks like it was made by an intern 10 years ago
where'd the budget go

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hey 3/bros, I need your help!
I saved zbrush project as zproject and deleted all autosaves. then when I tried to open it it crushes zbrush, I tried to open it in every fucking way...
I'm panicking already
plz help, I'll make it up sopmehow, I'll sculpt anime duck with deadtray gun or IDK.. sculpt pepe's mother...
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>mustache drawing

Heh. Heheh.

Give her a dick, please.
there is a dick
I don't use Zbrush, but usually project files contain (or are a wrapper for) individual assets that you can extract and then do some sort of binary transformation (like with a commandline script or simple program) to get an .obj or the like

So I'd google "recover mesh data from corrupted zbrush project" and work from there

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Anyone here got any tips on making eyes? I got this far on my model and I can't seem to figure it out
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I guess use a texture? Check out >>556260
tone down fucking perspective.. how the hell are you even doing something in that view?
Your anatomy looks really off. Is it a style choice, or is the camera perspective messing with me?

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What you think?
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Your topology on the cup doesn't work -- the handle looks weird. The lip on the top/bottom also doesn't look right. Your environment is very bland and makes it impossible to read the cup as a real object. Your lighting is boring, it lacks a kicker and any indication of temperature.
Thanks man! This is my first 3D model, i'll see about what you typed :D
its cute. you need to work on background elements and add more form to the cup

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Using anything besides the default layout is only for sissy queens who like to buy jewel cases for their iPhones.
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Using blender is only for sissy queens who like to buy jewel cases for their iPhones.
Wow, what a non-issue.
Blenderfags are the dumbest and most untalented wannabes there is.

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Why isn't blender an industry standard yet?
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no PrMan support will ever be possible, no Manuka support will ever be possible. Its literally DOA
>render engine still have a long way to go
>no quick buttons to make mesh operations, only through menu's and hotkeys
>can't set smoothing groups to different polygroups
>can't set grid snapping distances
>something is wrong with fbx exporter. animators say
>texture painting does not allow to paint roughness or metallic's
>does not work natively with algorethmic or nvidia products
>baking process is literal donkey shit
>blender community is focused on retarded things like cycles or motion tracking + user experience shit
>No quick buttons to make mesh operations

>Ctrl+shift+alt+7+w+>+enter to extrude a face
*Tips 3D Studio*

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What do you all think of this thing? Basically a tabet strong enough to handle 3D software. I would not render on it, but it's good enough to do some modeling and drawing, right?

Are there any cheaper alternatives?

I'm looking for a mobile solution where I can do some modeling with 3dsmax, Rhino & Grasshopper, and also draw things or edit screenshots / renders in Photoshop. I'm still in uni so I'm doing a lot of different tasks and studios, but I dont want to carry around my huge ass laptop everywhere. I also have a proper workstation at home. But this thing seems nice to do some work on the fly, in between classes without needing a mouse, on holiday, on the train etc..

Anyone used one of these and can share their experiene?
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Depends. I got a Cintiq 22HD and have regretted it. Screen turns on but the pen isn't detected at all and the software says no tablet is detected on the system. I tried on 3 different computers with windows 7, 8, and 10. Tried old and new drivers and still doesn't work.

I'm out of $1,100 and just got a really expensive monitor. The one you listed might work better since it's a tablet PC with a digitizer and stylus but there is a chance the driver might not work too. It's been a problem with all Wacom tablets apparently. Wish I was one of the lucky ones that had a working product.
yeah I've heard about driver issues... but I figured since this was a standalone tablet, it's a different thing.

Cant you return it tho?
>Worth it?

No. I like Wacom's stuff but I wouldn't put my money anywhere near this thing. You're basically buying a Surface Pro with a mobile Quadro on it, for a very, VERY hefty premium (ECC VRAM is about as expensive as memory gets), when the modern i5/i7 these things usually pack can handle 3D-related workloads and Photoshop perfectly well.


I don't have necessarily a *better* recommendation for you because of storage concerns, but a vastly cheaper one would be to customize one of these to your liking. The build quality is very rugged, it comes with the pen for the drawing workflows, display port on the side for presentations, and the i5-6500u on this thing can turbo-boost like a champ while still remaining reasonably cool at around 75-77 degrees peak.

The sweet spot for me would be the i5 with 8 gigs of ram config. That is a much more affordable 1k dollars, though it depends if you want extra storage. Essentially though, this thing is what you were looking at with a skylake instead of a (probably) kaby lake and sans quadro, except the jump in processor generations gain virtually no appreciable performance gains and it's fairly questionable whether you'd put that quadro through its paces enough to justify the massive price hop.

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this guys makes sculpting in maya easy. why is it frowned upon here?

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It isn't "frowned upon". The guy knows the toolset inside and out so he could make it work anywhere. If you're less experienced than him and are looking for something to fuck around in, it just so happens that something like Mudbox might be better because of its cleaner interface and ease-of-access to macro-detail tools like stamps and stencils. Dynamesh might also be a more intuitive alternative for making hair if all you're doing is extruding planes and toggling the smooth preview on them. You will also note he imported a prefab bust which probably came from one of those programs in the first place, something Maya doesn't have by default, which you would have to sculpt yourself.

There are better avenues for doing something like this. But if you're used to Maya and you can make it work, then good for you.
so is maya not as good for sculpting solely due to how its UI works? is it possible to melscript dynamesh in?
>is it possible to melscript dynamesh in?


Yes, but you apparently have to pay for it.

>so is maya not as good for sculpting solely due to how its UI works?

You can reduce most of Maya's UI to the point where it gets even more minimalistic than something like Mudbox, which in itself, isn't anything more than the sculpting tools, some specific sculpting shaders and retopology tools for meshes with lots of polygons.

The point is that, if you're going to go under the hood to get your Maya in that state, you may as well save yourself the trouble and download Mudbox. Maya can get fairly bloated with all the default plugins enabled and won't handle large meshes the way Mudbox can. zBrush will destroy both as long as you've got the RAM to feed it.

What should I model for my first portfolio piece?
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You have several options. They are:

-A car (maybe a muscle car like a mustang)
-A sci-fi corridor
-An AK-47 or ithaca 37 (textured in SP with tons of edge wear)
-A render of your bedroom (make sure to use Cycles)
-Anything from the Chamferzone tutorials
Competent art. Doesn't matter what it is, as long as it showcases the fundamentals, a decent understanding of topology, and good textures. It's your portfolio, make something worthwhile in the area you want to specialize in.
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Gonna try out the shotgun, thanks for suggestions. Worked on it a bit already, pic related


What is component art? Do you have examples? And I'm not sure what I want to specialize in yet. I've mostly done game assets, so just basic high/low poly & texturing.

Wanted to do freelance. I gotta research what gets the most work in freelance sites such as upwork

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what do you think of this knife i've made?

7 posts and 2 images submitted.
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the other picture
It strikes a resemblance to an instrument used primarily for the act cutting.
Fucking typical plebe.

It's obvious that this is the artist's interpretation of domestic violence in the household, hence why it is a kitchen knife.

I like how the artist brings depth to this piece by adding a reflective chrome that acts as a mirror. It's as tho they're saying "when you hurt others, you hurt yourself".

It's a beautiful piece. I'd price it at 10/10 could download for free off of turbosquid

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whats good putos,

im trying to download some assets from megascans. can anybody point me to a good repository? or would anybody consider doing a groupbuy for a couple packs?

i'm considering the subscription but would like to download more than the allotted amount per month. i dont make any money off my renders so I cant justify dropping more than 20$ on a subscription.
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Company I work for has every single asset and about 800 points left over. I couldn't betray them for you anon - sorry.
its all good no worries. posted knowing it was a long shot. keep grinding.
Can you post some work? Interested in what you can do with MS.
Is it just for floors and ground or other materials too?

There's one thing about Blender which I find weird but barely ever hear anything about it.

See, in 3ds max, whenever you want to connect something, or subdivide something, or inset something, you always get a dialog that asks you the precise value, what technique you want to use, plus some extra parameters that will allow you to reach a very specific result.

Compare 3ds max's "connect" with Blender's "loop cut and slide" for example. One allows you to be very precise, while the other one just does one general thing quickly.

Now, here's my question: Am I just inexperienced with Blender? Or is it Blender's workflow designed to be more intuitive/less constrictive?

Will give nice bj to anyone that has a useful/insightful reply.
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File: 514845156.png (85KB, 1212x679px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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When scaling, rotating or any transform action is made in Blender, Here is where the exact parameter is displayed. If this is what you mean.
i think this is what you mean. can only be set at the time of the action. and there is also an option to make this a popup menu instead of appearing on sidebar.
here is our loopcut menu

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Have any of you worked on VR games, or have any tips creating assets for them? I'm starting a new job next week and wondering what to expect.
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>Assets ?
polished potogrammetry models
>anything but that ?
whatever the style of your game is,
nothing more than normal workflow
>worked on vr ?
>what to expect
shitty projects, underpaid , overpriced
you will mostly make furniture that needs to optimized like a game asset.

its just a shitty job, but better than most jobs
Texture sheets get called twice, one for each screen

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