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My latest work https://www.artstation.com/artwork/EXm92 i made this to boost my skills and my patience further more, i also discovered new techniques for awesome Low poly PBR hairs you can find this technique here and i share it for free http://polycount.com/discussion/182466/soulbreaker-wip-portofolio-piece-in-progress-tutorial-breakdown-tips-tricks#latest its a bit advanced technique! if you got questions i will answer them! if you have an artstation profile come over and leave a comment!
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horrible. learn anatomy for the next 2 years before posting again
Very cool, I think he had a narrower head and prettier face in the concept art but it came out nicely. Thanks for sharing the wip
not my taste but pretty good. the only thing bugging me is that sausage fingers and the fake looking tattoo. the sculpt, clothing and armor looks badass.

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If this is an April Fools day joke it isn't funny.
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/3/, I need assistance.

I'm a long time Maya user, but I want and need to switch to a different DCC package. Thing is, there are very few that are both user friendly and affordable. I want to purchase legally, because I need to make money with it.

I am currently considering Lightwave 2015. It's lacking a few features that I'd like to have, but it's only $600 right now. I'm also considering MODO Indie, which is $300, but the reviews on steam scare me, frankly. Apparently, the 10 series of the program crashes constantly. I don't know whether to believe that or not, but it's enough to worry me.

Can anyone recommend a good package under $1000 -THAT IS NOT BLENDER-, or give honest and accurate reviews of MODO indie, particularly it's performance on Windows 10?

I would just go to Blender, but the rigging workflow (rigging, not skinning) just turns my brain off.
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Maya LT is 360 dollars a year (30 a month) and comes with everything Maya-related except for a couple of features.

For a thousand dollars, you could be subscribed for up to three years, do whatever shit you want to do there, and make your money back easily if you're serious about 3D. And then you don't have to give up on the software.
never gonna make it
>Maya LT is 360 dollars a year (30 a month) and comes with everything Maya-related except for a couple of features.

I have considered this. My issue is that I don't want to be at Autodesk's mercy when they decide to raise the price, and it has no full rendering engine (at least the last time I looked). I need that.

Thanks for the attempt to help tho.

>herp derp derpity derp

U wot m8?

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Lets say I want to make SFM porn, where do I start finding nude models? Do I have to model them myself? For those people earning money on Patreon doing this, where do they get their models from? For 3D models that already exists on the internet like Overwatch I know dicks can be added fairly easy but how are clothes taken off?

pic unrelated
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Literally SFMLab
sfm should make a face scanner so u could make porn of everyone :)
Doesn't have judy hopps :(

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Which do you prefer?

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mari my man
I've been using Quixel the whole time, it kinda has more clean textures, masks etc, but I'm going to use substance for the project which I'm doing now just to see what it is..
but from what I've seen in substance it has much more to offer just because it's bigger and has been much longer, but quixel is veruy veri awesome and same thing can be done in it
If Quixel was a standalone application and not reliant on Photoshop, it would have my vote.

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Well, /3/, I've reviewed your resume and I'm afraid we're currently seeking more experienced candidates for this role.
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Thats fine, I will apply again with a woman's name tee hee
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>Well, /3/, I've reviewed your resume and it looks like under your "qualifications" section you seem to have only scribbled "I CAN USE BLENDER" in crayon. Care to elaborate?

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Tfw too stupid to understand how to UV unwrap things properly in blender. Does anyone else here struggle with this? I love modelling and i love texturing but im just to dumb to make good UV maps that dont have artifacts or bad stretching and none of the video tutorials ive seen have really helped me understand it. I am completely self taught and kicking myself that i didnt go to uni for this stuff. Help please
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the principle is simple, you need to find the boundaries of each thing in your mesh and mark them as seams, then find a path that leads to another boundary and mark it aswell.
very similiar to cylinder unwrap.

step 1 is to apply scale (ctrl+a) then to mark your seams (ctrl+e,mark seam) then hit unwrap (U,unwrap).
the seams in this example are not super accurate but you get the idea
Hey anon, it takes time. Imagine that your model is made of paper, and the goal is to cut it into pieces such that it is able to lie completely flat on a table, no wrinkles or folds. Also, uni is a waste of time and money.
I find that imaging the uvs as clothing helps, and placing seams where youd typically find them on clothing is a good start

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Very courious to see what /3/ will produce.
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implying that mine is shit.
heres the shaders

Anybody ever seen an alternative to Patreon?

This orange logo is everywhere, even on sites that clearly break their no-loli policy. Patreon really love to look the other way until people actually bother to complain about somebody, at which time they just shut down the account.

Are there any other similar monthly donation services that allow you to be Anonymous?

I don't want to support Patreon's hypocrisy and risk myself getting shut down when they simply stop pretending that they aren't aware about what a user is doing. Trying to get supporters to later move to a different service would be near impossible.
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Also before anyone says anything I posted this on 3DCG because it's for my 3D project and I'm 100% sure any kind of info on this subject would interest other browsers on this board.
Patreon is fucking stupid. Paypal has a direct payment link. There's google wallet too. Bitcoin if you do that shit.
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remember i want it to be anonymous, meaning the people that are donating to me will see my account name on the service but that's it. they must not be able to track me down IRL (not via my bank or PayPal or name/address).

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Is Andrew Price /our guy/?
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that looks like shit
>I took an image an image and pressed generate normal map and the result is just as shit as expected
Am i missing something here? In what universe is a tile that bumpy, and grout convex?
I can achieve a better result by blending multiple normals generated with photoshop filters, in about 5 minutes.
In the video he says that that method looks like shit, he ends up using a displacement map with adaptive subdivision and it looks very good.

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ITT: helpful blender hacks

this one really made me think
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haha what

>doesn't know what vertex colors are
>using a texture map to accomplish what a flat shader can accomplish
But wouldn't a 3x2 texture take less space then vertex color information?

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I'm using Maya educational for animation and rigging because I know how to use it, but I really want to export animated cycles to unity for making games. The only thing I'm worried about is them saying you can't use it for commercialised stuff. I'll learn blender if I have to for animating, I'm more just wondering if i'm good to go with Maya or if as soon as I try to sell a game i've spent say 4 years working on the Autodesk Gestapo will be knocking down my door. Pic Related.
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you're going to get locked up and raped to death in federal prison
You can subscribe to Maya LT for a month and save your models in that version, at which point you're *probably* okay.

But yes, expect not very kosher results if your game makes it big and you can't prove you had a valid Maya license when you first exported the models for it.
You'd almost certainly have to report yourself for them to find out. But a cracked version is probably safer than an educational one, which tags all exported files if possible. By best to just use blender imo

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Is it necessary to use a mouse when making 3D models and what mouse do you use?
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I was going to try get you to beleave you needed a £500 mouse but frankly It's too much effort. Just by a cheep as Dell mouse, i have thumb buttons on my mouse that I never use when modelling. Also don't beleave the memes about 3D mouses
Pretty much any mouse will work, but some are better than others, depending on what you're doing. I used a shitty 10 Euro no-name "gaming" mouse with a laser sensor for the longest time, and it certainly got the job done.

When that one broke I decided to do some research and get one that was actually "good" (i.e. decent sensor, weight and shape), primarily for gaming. I ended up with a Zowie EC2-A and I was surprised how much it helped me even outside gaming. Repetitive shit like cutting edges or welding vertices definitely became way easier.
Every year, I buy the same mouse and keyboard that the top League of Legends LCS tournament winner uses so that I get the highest amount of APM and thus the highest quality models

You can also imitate the CS:GO champs as well

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Why are you not procedurally generating all of your textures anon?
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I am :^)
There's some advantages to photo textures, namely speed. If you can get a decent normal/roughness map out of a photo it can help you cut corners to get things done faster, the tradeoff being lack of customization/reusability, and shittiness of normal mapping generation for certain photo texture types.

Personally, however, I've been having a lot of fun with SD and use it whenever I have the chance.
The procedure I use is to paint manually, in Quixel and PS. Whatever works, right?

I'm thinking about hiring someone off the internet to make my company's logo.

Looking for someone with the skill level of pic related.

How much should I expect to pay them? What's the general rate or expectation I can looking forward to hearing? Of course anything is negotiable but generally speaking, what do you think is the going price for a job like this?
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Since it's freelance work payment should be entirely negotiable. Propose your budget and if someone is interested then you can present your logo, state what you expect of them(model, texture, etc), and work from there to achieve a desired model.
the quality of the work will be determined by the artist rating in the website.

and you are surely not wanting to pay a boatload of money for just a quick into, try to find something in the middle.
also support your own native economy and don't hire and paki's or black french
You don't really want a 3d artist for a logo.hear me out, any scrub on this board can make a logo, at lest they can make something 3D from a refrances but what you probably want is a entirely new logo right? Hire a graphic designer and ask him if he can make it 3D, if not hire a 3D artist in addition to the graphic designer.

Also small note, when posting a refrances for skill level make it more relevant, unless your logo has a person in it why would you use your image? Use a image of a logo/asset that reflects the job you want doing.

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