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How do I go about. doing this style with blender and being able to export as a FBX file I know i can add Edge outlines to models and have it show up when i render it but that only shows up when you render not when you export
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One way I've seen it done is to copy all your geometry, apply a slight push modifier to it, and invert the normals. Dunno if it's the best way, though.
Because you're using a shader to make edge outlines instead of actual geometry outlines.

Basically >>557411 , extrude it outwards away from your model, apply pure black material, invert normals, enable backface culling on render, wa-la
if you're exporting to a game engine, can't you just reapply the effect after you've imported to the engine?

So i was having an issue with maya i use to use 2016 and when i rendered a model with Lambert material it would be fine but if i did it with a texture over it then its a no go it renders black. But if i do it with the texture as a targa file its all good it dose what it has to but i need to do fast processes not make targa files and place them need be. I am an indie dev and just trying to get it to work im using Maya 2017 now using Arnold and still getting same results.
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Instead of showing useless black screen why don't you show the node graph from hypershade? You don't probably have a light in your scene or you haven't specified which camera you are going to render. One out of many guesses.
Also I don't understand what damn gibberish you are talking about Targa files and "fast processes". There's probably something wrong with your "texture". You need to be more specific.
To analyze issues you need to check the render log, open script editor and see what messages outputs when you hit render...

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Red pill me on Quixel Suite 2. I cant use that POS substance and mari seems to be lagging and for ancient grandpas.
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If you already use photoshop its a good way to stay in one program for multiple tasks.
Just suck it up and use Substance because even though it is a POS it's the least bad of various evils.
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>POS substance

Oh, is this another thread where top tier industry standard software is "shit" while some open source knock off garbage is amazing all according to the unemployed /3/ community who's best models look like this?

Do you use one program for modeling, texturing, and rendering, or do you use multiple for different tasks?

For example, do you model in modo and animate in Maya, or do you just use modo for everything?
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Modeling in PowerAnimator animating in Softimage3|D rendering in Renderman. That's how it's done.
Modeling, Animating, Rendering, Video Editing - Blender
Texturing - Substance Designer & Painter, GIMP, Krita

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How do I find a freelancing job?
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Indie dev

Do 2-3 projects at once, so long as you're not the lead and only need to model. Be sure to contract with stated pay/etc...
Cheap prices, many threads on different 3D forums, while also being polite and humble. Just don't do royalty if you just want money. Half and half payment is probably the most compromising - people order art and then decline to pay. Make sure they're serious.

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does /3/ like fractals?
post your own/rate/etc...

wanna make your own fractals?:
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what the hell is a fractal, and why am I scared of it?
Played around with 2D fractals for a while.
Is there a program for creating stuff like this? Can't find any download link in the website.

Please share your Blender layouts? I am looking for something that is minimal; checkout "Zen Layout for Modo"
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Thanks no help faggots.
i keep usual layout.
Knowing the open source community I would say there were more discussions and waging battles about the blender layout than the features in the program itself.
I keep the default one and works fast and good for me.

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What are the best courses on cgpeers about rigging and animating?
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Anon the 3D police has just been warned about your illegal tendencies, your IP has been tracked and they are coming for you.
If you pay for the pro account, you can actually download their stuff. Just so you know.

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any feedback on my robot (its from some bioshock infinite concept art, see pic) before I start texturing? (also dont mind the shitty ao on top, its getting fixed)

link to model: https://sketchfab.com/models/7e19a36e4e094dab9b039dd87d529d72
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you could use higher poly count and put in the details that are missing on the shoes, face and other places. Especially the big wheels are more jagged than they should be. You should also indicate the mechanisms that would get it to move. (something that is not in the concept art because painters don't understand how real things work).
You could also make it a bit less perfectly straight. Like, flair the arms up a bit, turn the legs out, etc.
thanks! appreciate the feedback!
Hello fellow DAE friend

I agree with the first post, the model could use more polys in general to define a little more detail, also to make the wheels rounder.
Your smoothing groups seem to be all over the place, I think some parts that should be smoothed aren't.
And for the love of all fuck, don't use the chromatic abberation on sketchfab. Makes me want to puke.
Pretty good model overall though, keep it up.

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or if anyone can suggest any free equivalents
pic unrelated
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Does anyone know where I could possibly find the labels to these Winsor & Newton markers? I need them for a client and can't seem to find them, but I know they're out there somewhere
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Here are more pictures of the markers
there you go i even cleaned up the background for you
another attempt

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Anybody know where I can find good tutorials for 3ds Max? Was wanting to try digitaltutors but it costs money, so unless theres some torrent with a collection of videos or a way to rip them from the site, I'm lost.

I'm needing to start from the very fucking basics with this program.
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Cute loli oni dude.

Here, try to get on this level.
Shutendojis are suppose to be boys

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I've been trying to replace watching Netflix or music with tutorials while I browse the Internet or play games. I figure it'll help me learn something right?
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donate the keyboards, m50x, and krks to charity first senpai
I guess if you watch general tutorials it could work somewhat.
But conscious learning is way better.
This is like saying that putting a book on your forehead while you sleep will help you learn things through osmosis.

You learn nothing without consciously paying attention to it. You may as well get nickelback on your playlist again instead of some random guy on Youtube telling you how to bake AO maps.

What the fuck is the grease pencil supposed to be used for in Blender?
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its for sketching.

for example you are doing retopology on a model and you want to draw the topology flow before you start working so its possible.
or you can use it to write things to remember later which is useful
For freehand sketching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAsUGy7XGOA

It's also very helpful for blocking out an animation. You quickly sketch out stick figures at certain key frames in the camera view so that the poses, framing and timing all look correct when you play them back. Afterwards you just animate your rig according to that little stick figure anim.

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Instead of unwrapping an object and aligning it on a planar UV map, why not wrap an UV map around an object, aligning it with the normals and making sure it doesn't stretch too badly?
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what is projection mapping for $500
I kimda have this Idwa for retopo :v
you should have points yo ad at places and then, generate mesh around it, then some kind of projection like in zbrush. if someone's gonna automatize retopoing, this is the most logical way

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