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I want to make some side bucks from doing 3d porn stuff. Does anyone here do it and if so do you have any suggestions? How should I go about it and which site is best for this type of stuff(deviant art maybe?)? Also what is the best way to advertise this type of product?
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patreon. literally every 3d pr0n artist is there and they earn their cash by posing shity daz models and some cliche stories.
Post stuff on hentai-foundry to start and then make a patreon and try to get some fans. Daz shit is usually looked down upon and probably own't be accepted on HF. Try posting on g.e-hentai.org in case you're just another idiot after easy money. You won't do well.

SFM porn animators usually have tumblrs and do videos of popular characters. You can try that too but you have to actually be good and include audio and shit. They seem to do the best financially since they feed on existing franchises.
I don't do DAZ and I'm decent as a legit character artist and modeler. Those SFM short animations seem to be quite easy to make. Is there another site where people post this stuff except tumblr?

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How would you rate the quality of this CG, /3/? Is this acceptable for a weekly anime or did they fuck up?

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I think they change angles a bit too frequently, other than that it works i guess?
Nope. Gotta set them normals for the faces manually
I think the angle changes are because they wanted to keep it as close as possible to the manga, which is known for its frantic action shots.
I've always had trouble to follow what's going on in Berserk action scenes, even in the manga.
This just seems really forced and the animation feels very rough.

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3rd time this....
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I'm gonna cry. I need more digital tutors tuts.
Why not buy them?

Get a job you bunch of freeloaders

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Hey, just wanted to share a one-person short film that i finished recently. One of the main goals with it was to use a fully open-source pipeline:

- Blender for everything 3D and video editing
- Krita for raster graphics
- Inkscape for vector graphics
- OpenMPT for music arrangement
- Linux Mint for the host OS


Questions and stuff welcome!
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looks like a gorillaz music video from 1999

>Linux Mint for the host OS
you really didnt have to do that

for a 1-man project its decent, but it lacks boobs and violence.
I always wonder how much can be made by a single person in a reasonable amount of time. This looks pretty good for that. How long did it take you?

I'd like to be able to do a similar thing one day, though I'm only starting with 3D now.

Did you study 3D (exclusively) or?

Using linux helped a lot actually, rendertimes for Cycles were always about 10% faster compared to the same hardware on Win7. I had XP the first month in and Blender kept crashing because the renders would always exceed the 2GB per-process limit for 32bit systems. At that point the choice was to either switch to 7 or go full /g/entooman.


It took 3-4 years, i started in October 2012 and finished on January 2016. Honestly, if i had to do something like this again, i would definitely get more people to work on it. A major trap with one-person projects is that you learn a lot while working on it, so your standard for "acceptable quality level" goes up with your skills. That way you can easily easily get into a situation where you're constantly trying to make "look better" indefinitely, the deadlines drag on and the film never gets finished.

I did not study 3D exclusively, we had a few 3dsmax classes in my university, but that was pretty much "do this tutorial on modelling a chair" - stuff you already know to do from personal experience. Or at least should know, if you're serious about getting into the whole 3DCG thing. The only point of studying 3D in a college or university is for the degree. Everyone i know that does computer graphics learned most of it on their own.

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dual rail.jpg
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Can anyone model this for use in a VR FPS?
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My nama Jeff
Yes I can
Many people can, doesn't look too hard.

Is this program still being developed?

Also, is it still cool to model dinosaurs?
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Dude. Dinosaurs are always cool.
can't go wrong with dinosaurs



And no.

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so how is this supposed to work

i've been checking it for almost a month and it hasn't been open once
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What are you looking for? Could probably hand out a few things.

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Old WIP thread
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gonna make a racekar brb
who wants to see my gondola

How good is Maya's motion graphics module compared to Cinema4D? Just found out about it. Is it as easy to use as Mograph and can it have a lot of customization like with Xpresso?

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its terrible

dont bother learning it

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Anyone know how to get Thinkbox's Krakatoa for free? (specifically for Cinema 4D, but anything else would work)
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I am waiting for an Iray+ crack for Max or Cinema for ages. No luck. Sometimes you either have to shell out or live without it.
email them and ask politely
Do this and post result

Paul Pepera died.

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how'd he die though?
he tried to triangulate a n-gon that was too big

Your daily reminder that there is NO secret to gitting gud. It's the amount of hours you put into your work.

Why are you here? Close your browser and open up your 3D program. Go on. Scram.
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no, it about knowing what your doing and the fundamentals. You could try to do something over and over 100 times and learn very slowly vs learning the fundamentals and learning correctly
Problem is I'm too lazy to spend hours on making shit look good while I could just pull out my minimalistic/clean card and make people think I'm a genius while I'm considering suicide because everything I've done so far is bland as fuck.
Certainly true.

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Our recent 3d rendering with Vray. Tell us what you think ;)
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better the composition, adjust the background

overall, good work
only complaint would be the wetsuit spec pass seems too noisy, but other than that it looks pretty good.

cool thank you for your advise!

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When did you realize you'll never get as good as you wanted at art?

Pic related was my goal, rip.
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Wrong board? That's 2D.

>aspiring to be as good as some shitty korean animu phoneapp advertisement
anon, you can do better.
That's a cel-shaded 3d model as far as i can tell.
It's After Effects puppetry. Look at the elbow and the way the fingers deform. The elbow is the most obvious, because the shading moves with it since it's on a different layer.
The shoulder to the upper arm deforms as I'd expect AE's puppet tool to, as well.
Look at the way the belt around her chest stretches and contracts. Meshes don't do that with standard rigging.
The 2.5D effect is done with a plugin called Mettle Freeform Pro, to give the illusion of depth.

League of Legends uses this same system in their loading screens.

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So, I know there's no "Better" program in this case, but why does the guy say "anything but blender?"

The girl wanted a basic course for modelling, so I posted a playlist containing a full Basic Blender stuff, the same stuff I started with about three months ago.

The guy seems to be a professional.

So, why does he say that? I only know Blender.
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Blender is a good free alternative to the industry standard. If you're worried about copyright laws, the price, or just like Blender, it is a good solution. However, Blender is notorious for its past decade of problems, bugs, and unfounded solutions to problems already solved by Autodesk and zBrush. Lately Blender has gotten a lot better but one, the stigma of Blender being bad has stuck, and two, it is hard to get rid of old reputations. Also note that most newer 3D users use Blender, and as such most of the art that comes out of the community is garbage. This alone makes those on the outside see it as a clunky newbie software. Blender has good artists using it, but compared to the plethora of professionals using Autodesk, zBrush, and Modo the word of mouth circulates as these products being superior. Finally whereas Blender has a good tutorial and help community, Autodesk/zBrush/Modo have a plethora of professional tutorials you can utilize to create the art you see in games, movies, and renders. While Blender has good professionals, the plethora of content being pumped out for the other products heavily outways Blenders on a AAA level.

Blender is not a bad program, but it has heavy competition which can be debated/argued as better than the free alternative. Use what you want to use, it's more the artist, not the program. As of note, I do not use Blender.
Don't fall for that meme.

Depends on what you're working. If your company has an entire pipeline around some programs, blender will probably not be among them.

But I don't think anything could be worse than 3ds max now. It was good once, but for years only bloat was added. It's kind of in the same position with AutoCAD. People use it solely based on inertia.

Blender is customizable and I've seen good stuff done in it. Yeah you might lack some documentation and it takes a bit to set up, but it's more than worth the time.
Thank you both, this was pretty much what I was thinking about.
I mean, I got used to Blender in just two hours and it was pretty fun to model stuff but I couldn't understand why people shat on it so much(I later found out why after downloading a previous version for a Nif to blend plugin and it was horrible)

So yeah, weird.

I should probably tell her.

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