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How does he make the picture the background in 3ds Max? Also, if I zoom in and out, will the picture stay the same or change?
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download blender and do some basic tutorials

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i know this thread isn't really on topic of board, but i suppose /3/fags would know this

im trying to make an isometric drawing of 2 retarded pipes intersecting. I could find easily on yt how to draw the ellipse, which would represent a circle, but can't find for the ellipse which represents the intersections of 2 perpendicular cyllinders.

tl;dr not on board topic; retard needs help
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what's the problem? What you need is a circumference with a 45 degree inclination in isometric angle. Shouldn't be hard to do. Use descriptive geometry methods if you want it to be perfect.
dropped example pic
sweet, thanks for responding
there's only 1 problem: how do I go about following your example pic?
if you don't wanna waste your time explaining, please refer to a site or whatever where i can read up or something

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I use the bevel modifier + subsurf for my hardsurface models (blender); to speed things up I use hardops, but disable edge crease in csharps because it fucks up with subdiv mostly.

However, sometimes I get this subdiv errors (specially in "holes" in the mesh), is there any "easy" way to fix it other than placing loops manually?

pic related, the problem + various perspectives of mesh for topology.
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Make the other two edges coming from that corner beveled as well. It'll still be flat but it'll continue the edge loops made by the bevels
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Thanks for answering so soon, also ckecked.

I tried that before, but somethimes it gives smoothing / subdiv errors (pic related); less ugly than before, but still not optimal...

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anyone else feeling that way?
I don't follow any 3D artist but I do with literally hundreds of 2D artists.
modeling is fun to me while drawing is nothing but a chore. I'm ok at it but it's no joy at all.
Look up some NPR (Non-Photorealistic Rendering) and you can make your 3d models and art look 2d.
I understand OP

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Does anyone has tips on how to tackle modular vehicle asset? I wish to create it in Houdini for maximum customization, but I don't know from which side should I start. I know that main problem will be with attachment nodes, yet I can't find anywhere informations on that topic.
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hellou my na is Stevee..


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If I'd want just that, I wouldn't be posting here. Besides, I've already seen them. I need something, that'll say about exchanging entire parts of vehicle. The closest example of what I mean was in game Space Rangers 2, where you decided about the type of chassis, weapons, modules etc.
For a vidya? I have a similar thing in my head, but I think I'm just going to make every object have a different set of hitboxes/attach points. Have a mecha class that accepts chassis/turret etc. as parts and have it handle the hitboxes/attach points associated with those parts

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Hey guys.
Been working with Blender (Free) for a year and have made a lot of random stuff, from things to characters, but no matter how hard I try I never manage to nail a proper face.

I've tried to create one from a sphere, from a box with a lot of subdivisions, dynamic topology, and sculpting.

This one was created with a single box cut in half for mirroring. I usually create characters from a box, I like to extrude limbs and details. In my opinion it leaves good topology and a good count of tri's.

I make models for games, so I'm not looking for the most realistic face, but the best technique or starting point to get something that can look good, no matter what it is for.

Usually when creating characters I have created them with masks or helmets to leave the face out, and as you can see I have cheated a bit with a simple beard to make it easier.

Any kind of feedback or tips is appreciated, but keep in mind that I'm not looking to be the best, just good enough for simple games.
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This was the first result, butobviosuly not useable.
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*but obviously

This is with texture and a light source.
I know, the the texture is shit, I draw them myself and I have 0 experience with drawn art. I'm going low budget. (If you have any tips about textures too, I wouldn't complain)
Thanks for any feedback or help.
Please don't be unnecessarily mean or harsh.
And keep the blender discussions somewhere else.

New Question That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread

Got tired of scrolling in the old one
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When Creating depth to a background Image Does it count as 3d if the background elements are 3d even tho it's made up of many layers of 2d?

trying to make 2d background but I want the 3d touch in the background just wondering Thx
like this

the buildings are 3d and the birds

but particals and the HUD is in 2d?
still 3d system or a 2d with perspective?
Correct me if I'm wrong:
Bump map simulates a more complex surface but is actually flat.
Displacement map actually deforms the surface (even if it's just a simple plane)

If so, why not exclusively use one or the other?

Clothes such as complex dresses eith multiple layers seem so realistic. Is Marvelous Designer used? Or is it sculpted in something like zbrush? If so, are there sotes which teach how to create the items realistically, i.e. like a real dress, with thickness and hollow inside?

In the same vein, how do people "simulate" hair? Do they sculpt and shape it? Or is there some way pf simulating?

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particularly the 'looks like' functionality and its failure in pov-ray 3.7
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bueller, bueller...

work all night on it ! Comment ?
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Do a better job next time

Also lighting seems very shiny
Thanks ! I'll make it nice
Too much noise.

A-are you unreal faggots for real about this shit? VISUAL SCRIPTING ?!!!! Unity is so much better than this crap. I cant believe anyone uses this shit.
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wow this is a really COOl post my man really good post I'm reading it I read it 5 times by now oops I read it 7 now hahaha I can't stop reading your post I want to marry this post now that I think about it really GOOD post I'm just kind of not even sure how to proceed from here ahaha I'm a little nervous sorry

Are you upset no one plays your Unity trash?

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Hey everyone!
How do you guys generate normal maps(and other maps) from an image texture?
I've been trying to work with different softwares on this, but he result always looks kind of bad. In the software everything seems beautiful but when I take it to Marmoset/Unity/Any other 3D package the result is horrible. I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing wrong. If you guys have any tutorial/tips, I would be really grateful.
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PS has a built in tool to make normal maps or you could use crazybump.
that honestly seems to be more of a lighting fault than anything, have you tried playing with lighting in your scene? Notice how the MindTex preview has a few strong light sources (with varied colors and positions), while your marmoset scene has some really uniform diffuse lighting and nothing else.

I know crazybump adds a displacement map in the viewer, dont know about the other program. Try importing the displacement map as well to see if it's the same as the other viewers.

some shit for u
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pixarrr when???
fuck off frenchie
if these panels are solar arrays, it's kind of a bad design though. half of them would always point away form the sun.

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If you had to create a beginner to master lesson plan, what would you include?
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honestly i can't answer this.

if a student comes to me and says he want to make cartoon characters and the other wants to make realistic ones. there is an entirely different set of techniques and rules those two must follow.
so i can't really give any begginer or advanced student an advice.
trust me i wasted alot of time on rendering and lightning and i end up eventually doing realtime graphics, this effort could have been concentrated somewhere else.
5 years of 3-8 hours a day learning,
including watching tuts for the first 3 years
It is possible to get into a low job like <4 man mobile game studio or so, after 2-3 years .
Honestly make a good knowledge of videos ( youtube isnt the only source for good tutns, go to cgpeers.com for ex.)

-Subd modeling (basics, at least understanding how it works)

-Basic hard-surface techniques

-Basic sculpting

-UV unwrapping

-Textures and materials (PBR material properties)

-Basic lighting (how to present a model)

-Real life material details/studies (understanding how objects are made, proper use of screws/details/etc, adding wear)

-High->low poly baking

-Videogame modeling/texturing (if going into vidya)

-Anatomy basics

-Advanced organic modeling (sculpting humans, maybe animals)


-Animation (really vast topic, can be learned earlier or separately, and should probably start by using others' rigs)

-Cloth sims/sculpting for characters

-Design theory (composition, colors, balance, story, etc.)

-Advanced lighting (environment)

In that particular order, won't make you a master without practice but should cover all the important fields. There's obviously some stuff you can skip if you don't need it, say character modeling if you want to do environments, but on the other side being remotely proficient at modeling and texturing props is very helpful towards making good character models.

Also learning anatomy is kind of a bitch, it's a big investment and takes significantly more time and effort than a lot of the other steps.

Learning design should come last, so you have practical skills you can immediately apply your knowledge to, and not first like they teach at my retarded school, so you know all the intricacies of 1980s russian cinema but can't bake a normal map.

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Open your eyes scrubs
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what,s the staircase program? seriously asking, never seen that icon b4
Google sketchup

Blender > Maya


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Hey guys just a friendly PSA here. There's an anonymous user who frequently posts in threads where people need help asking to email him. His email is [email protected] I'm here to tell you DO NOT EMAIL HIM.

I had a thread back in September requesting help to model something I've wanted for awhile. I emailed him in the hopes he could do it, and paid him in game codes using a money fund I set aside specifically for this project (3D modelling is expensive). Now he's strung me along since and failed to deliver the model.

And after a bit of...shall we say...:research into him I get the idea he's not the most savoury character. This is a hard earned lesson on my part, but I felt it necessary to warn you guys so nobody else falls into his trap. If anyone knows anything about him please let me know.

On a separate side note, if anyone actually wants to really help me with this model project, I'd greatly appreciate it. I unfortunately cannot offer compensation because he took all of it, but it would be very much appreciated!
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4chan really isn't the place for this kind of stuff. There's no insurance on good conduct or safeguards against theft and fraud.
You're better off finding people irl at game dev conventions.
you paid in game codes, what did you expect?
I understand. Like I said, just warning people because he posts on many different sub boards of 4chan about various things. He's a scammer. I wish there was something I could do but it's too late

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