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I'm working on making a normal map for a spaceship and am looking for some answers (I'm new to modeling)

From what I understand a normal map is for faking the lighting effects from a high poly model onto a low poly model. Does that mean if you simply use the high poly model in (say a game) then it doesn't need a normal map?

Also as shown in my picture I'm trying to create these groves to make patterns on the surface. I'm using blender and right now I'm using the bevel tool to create multiple parallel lines and then simply sinking in the middle by translating it. But this makes it hard because I have to change the mesh of the hull manually. Is there a tool to simply draw these groves (like a line tool) and have the new vertices append automatically?
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knife tool.

if you want to have all of them connected you can either use grid fill (if its hollow) or triangulate if you have n-gons
Cool thats much better thanks!

Anyone as to my question about normals?
you have to do retopology in order to get a normal map

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/3/ plz tell me how to make this look better, appart from the obvious what am I missing?
Its based off an early 70's dodge challenger.
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Create smooth shapes using a subdivision modifier instead of only beveling.

Look up an intro to subdivision modelling.
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that is using subdivision
jesus christ.

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"What do you think of our guy's famous "floating geometry everywhere" that you then bake down?

Is it the future of modelling?
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Whats wrong with floating geometry?

I think I haven't watched him model anything so I don't really know what his technique is.

Actually, I watched a couple minutes of him do something in SoftImage but it was like watching someone program in Pascal
torrent his tuts from cgp

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when using pose mode in blender, I can't move my bones.
Pic related is what I get, it just shows me an axis and I can't do shit? I'm obviously a noob so I guess I must've changed some option and now I don't know what do to.
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did you click this by accident?
it didn't change anything. still the same thing.
also in pose mode I can move come bones fine (like the hip bone, and the leg bones), but for example all the arm bones wont move at all.
might it be something to do with the way how I connected them to the torso bones?
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forgot pic,
also I can only move the top arm along the axis, I can't, let's say, rotate it or anything

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CATIA V5 question:

I want evenly spaced points on a surface (not perfectly distributed).
The surface is a curved cylinder, similar to a toroid (pictured).

How do I do it?

My current approac:
1) Generate an even cloud of points that surrounds the entire shape.
2) Filter the points closest to the surface by offsetting it and trimming.
3) Project the remaining points on the surface.

I can do the filtering but when I try to project the points they are projected twice (since my surface is cylindrical), one on the close side and one on the far side.

So, any ideas on how to achieve this in CATIA?
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>find distance between each original point and each of the two projected points
>choose points with lowest distance

I don't know that much about CATIA but you can write scripts for it, this shouldn't be too difficult.
There is a near/far function, but applied to the point cloud it would give me just the one point closest to the surface.
so you set up your script to run it in each point in the cloud seperate

>start loop
>project point
>measure distance between original and projected
>choose nearest
>repeat loop for every point in cloud

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Those sites randomly disappear at least once a month.
So they would be back again?
maybe, but high chances they wont
huge crackdown on torrent sites recently, a lot went down

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Old WIP thread
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Still looking for feedback :(
you should use tonemapping like andwew pwice said
needs more dynamic range, if you're in blender then https://youtu.be/m9AT7H4GGrA

also bevels on hard corners and subtle textures. the cupboard doors would be made of several pieces nailed / glued together but i presume it's supposed to be painted so put some painted wood normals on it, like a subtle stucco i guess.

I don't know how this happened, but somehow I have 2 knee joints overlapping with each other. Right now I'm trying to apply bone constraints, but it keeps messing up when I increase the chain length to 2. I didn't have this problem with my arms, which are all set up now.

How do I merge 2 joints into 1 in Blender?
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Alt-M did nothing.

With that said, I found out the problem. The upper leg was upside down, which screwed the parent grouping. All fixed now.
Questions that don't deserve their own thread now bois

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Newfag on /3/ here
First of all i'm sorry if I am posting this on the wrong board.
I recently aquired a 3d printer and am looking for good sites with free models, mostly for miniature game figures but will take anything good to experiment. At the moment I only have thingverse and yeggi.
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free stuff you can find from cgtrader
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Thank you very mucn, do you know one for DD miniatures? I found this guy on shapeways but he doesnt have all i need. (bonus internet if you can find a model for a Lamia)
dont really know bout those :\

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I've been fucking around in Blender for a while now, but I'm only just now trying to learn how to actually use the program. I'm learning the basics, but this is my first project; just a little something that took me about 45 min.
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>>554758 (Cont.)

Brighter color, to show off the ridging and small amount of detail I put in.
Conscious learning will get you very far, be proud of what you've managed and then keep going
Well, I plan to be an 3D Graphic Designer/Animator as my career choice, so I first need to acknowledge what I need to fix and do so.
I love making art out of just things that pop up in my head. Learning how to use 3D Design programs will be helpful for not only my career, but make it easier to make what I want.

I was modelling this for a mocap assignment and it was all going silky smooth since it's mostly cylinders - until I got to the hair.

It looks blocky and easy as shit and it probably is, but the artist drew the hair in two different ways in the front and side perspectives. What do you even do in a situation like this? I don't even know how to get started. I can get bodies done quick and faces done relatively smoothly but I always hang up on the hair.

Here's the reference picture:

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just make it up, you're not going into hollywood
Make it 3 dimensional
Duplicate and resize the already made hair parts and put them in the areas you think fits best.

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What's the fastest way to create hair for games using maya??
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by posting more thicc chicks
ugh, disgusting meat suits.
bet u like anime u lil fag

first of all know that i am fairly new to blender and 3d creation in general.

i got the mesh of an arm, i've done all the rigging and all but i have one problem.

when i parent the mesh and the armature ( with automatic wheight ) all of the fingers armature deform their respective finger of the mesh correctly, except for the index, when i move the index bones the mesh just stays in place.

Someone knows how to fix it ?

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it's just the fucking point of view you fucking tard

however find the answer myself
the bone that isn't moving is the root bone i think.
you need to change it to another bone

Anyone know any good tutorials or websites for getting started with Unreal Engine 4? Trying to find stuff that aren't too out of date.
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Seconded, there's good documentation on programming for UE4 but all the artistic documentation is fucking shit.
I'll tutor for $5/2hr.
Post work? If you're willing to tutor for $2.50/hr you either live in india or are a kid with no idea what he's doing.

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ill just leave this here..
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What a waste of a thread on a board as slow as frozen piss
delet this
you look like a religious nutjob, that thinks their goroup being targeted

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