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Trying the molecular blender addon. Why do the particles seem so spaced out? As in their collision 'boxes' were higher than supposed to be
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>As in their collision 'boxes' were higher than supposed to be

ding ding ding ding!
I'm not sure op speaks dinglish
underrated post

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Old WIP thread
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I could not get any decent crit on this just people bashing me.

I'm making PS1 Art. Will finish this scene in May.
That is too advanced for the PS1. It is some shitty PS2 scene.

my only input is i have no idea about the limitations of the PS1. like the tiling floor texture, is it necessary for it to be like that? can you not even clone stamp it to make the seams less obvious? not an attack, legit questions.

>install new version of software
>more features have been removed than added
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They probably just got moved or have a different icon. Just guessing you got newest maya
>Substance Painter 2 had 12 generators
>Substance Painter 3 has 4
>substance painter, current year
>not god tier quixel

Why does the cgi Cushing look so off?
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For the most part it doesnt, the lighting effects is what makes look off
incorrect sss. just look at the way the shadows and lighting reflects on both - there is much less contrast on the left.
as usual the eyes. For stuff like this they really should combo face scanning with the mocap. Use the eyes that's the rule.

Hey guys. I was hired to design cubical little mascots. As a 2d artist, I only turned in the textures for the 6 sides of the cube.

I'm really curious to see how they would turn out though once cubified, so I thought I'd ask you guys... what's the easiest way to check this out? How can easily texturize and admire my little cubical mascots?
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ask them if they'll show you the finished result? most 3d programs if you create a 3d primitive cube it will come already UV'd so if you match up your texture to those uv's and apply it to the material you'll be able to see. look up basic texture tutorials and it shouldn't take you long to figure this out.
Are you a complete beginner? What software (Maya, Blender, 3DSMax) do you have? Is it a Minecraft kinda deal?

that sounds like it should be fairly simple but i didn't find any quick guide googling (maybe i'm retarded or used wrong terminology?)

i have blender! yes complete beginner. it's not really minecraft, literally just cubes with painted sides.

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how do i make my edge loop traverse through here? the tutorial im following just says to extrude the geometry, select the edges, then edge loop, but it stops at the last selection rather than form a ring. did i mess up on the extrusion?
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Most likely, you have an extra pair of faces right in the middle there where the two prongs intersect, which is closing the edge loop prematurely.

Try selecting that crotch face and ctrl+delete-ing it.
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it just leaves a hole unless i made a mistake reading your post.
Yeah, you have to fill the hole back up. Select one of the edges, hold shift-right-click, and select "fill hole". If that doesn't put a face in there, go to Object Mode, hold shift-right-click, "Append to Polygon tool", select the edges until the hole is covered in pink and hit enter.

Then try to do it again. If that doesn't work, upload the file and I'll see what's up.

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What the heck is an image stack?

I 3D printed a pollen grain the other day, and someone wants to compare my physical product with the blender model. I got this email:
"Please share an image stack of the pollen, if possible. We can try loading the image stack along with the segmented geometry for comparison in Virtual Reality."
Does anyone know if this means to take a 3D scan, or do I take random pictures of the model, or....?
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Motherfucker just ask them to clarify.
Perhaps they mean this?

i'm guessing like a stack of 2d cross-sections of the geometry or something? isn't that how 3d printing works, by dividing the geometry into slices? if you're not sure just ask them.

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Hey /3/,
Computer science guy here. I recently got an interest in Unity and other 3D game engines, but I understand I cannot work on a 3D game on my own without learning 3D modelling and animation.
On top of that, I don't have any artistic skills. I decided to learn Blender mainly because it's relatively light-weight and free and I'm looking to start with low-poly models, perhaps for a low-poly 3D game. After learning navigation in Blender, I tried to follow face modelling but most youtube tutorials go very fast, constantly using keyboard shortcuts without much explanation, making it impossible to follow.
e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZO77Lgpv57U

So, I am looking for a step-by-step way to learn, explaining each step, and preferably covering face modelling at some point, since I will need it. Can be free or paid, but not too expensive, text or video.

I am also open to suggestions on other 3DCG tools if they'll offer significant advantages to a new guy and have a lot of support.

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> light-weight
Blender is far from light weight, baby.
I recommend Blender for Dummies. It'll teach you most of all the basics and advanced stuff. It's first few chapters focus on breaking down the layout and shows how to fiddle with all the windows.
OP here, thinking of starting with this Udemy course: https://www.udemy.com/blendertutorial/learn/v4/overview

It's down to 10 euro from 195 and seems to be covering whatever I need, including face. I'll also have something to show for it.
Should I?
I tried Blender and pirated Maya as well as pirated 3DS Max. Blender seems more responsive and takes less space.

I will look at Blender for Dummies as well, thanks.

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Hello /3/, I have never animated a model before but I have this unrigged Trex model and a royalty free license for it.

Is it too crazy for me to think that I can use a digital tutors pack to learn to animate this model to do even the simplest of things. Just to walk around or something and open its mouth. How hard is this to do?
If I have to I could make it so that player doesn't get too close to the model and have it only visible in the distance through thick rain. Thanks for the help
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depends on how good you want it to look.
you can't really just jump into animation and expect it to look good. you're going to be doing bouncing ball exercises for a while before that happens.
use a physics simulation for balls bouncing you noob

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Post it if it's yours, I'll start.

Random sci-fi looking device, everything created in Modo.
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Looks like shit. Should have used quixel. When will you noobs learn?
did u try making highpoly version?
Looks good anon

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New to 3D modeling, any useful tips for Max?
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watch arrimus tuts
kill yourself

>I only have yellow clay
>what should I make
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spongebob, naked and erect
yellow devil from megaman

So, i decided on building a new pc for 3DS Max 2016. I made all the component decisions except the one that ties them all together: the mobo.

My goal is shortest final render times on a generally capable PC. Games will be played, but nothing hardcore. I decided on the 10 core i7 6950x. I know its not really worth its cost in most situations, but it'll give me the best render times without moving into a xeon. I want it for the core/thread count and the 40 PCIe lanes. I plan on using an M.2 x4 drive for booting plus want to leave my options open to dual x16 gpu's.

My request for input is mobo suggestions. Its gotta be x99 with an M.2 slot. But everything else is up for grabs. I may OC a little, but not hardcore or water cooled. So many options out there, so many pluses and minuses. I used to be an ASUS fan, but I've been looking as ASRock. I heard MSI and Gigabyte were having quality issues.

Any input, good or bad about suggestions would be appreciated. Tell me to stay away from bad ones or praise the good ones.

Thanks, all, for your time!
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Go ryzen
motherboard don't really have impact on performance. but you want something reliable and well built. id say go either with MSI or ASUS. gigabyte is an option too with their ultradurable feature
Wrong. If OP says render times are priority #1, then 6950x will give quicker renders than any AMD, even their flagship 1800x.

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Am I going to have to learn 2D so I can get some god damn references for my models?

PLS tell me I don't have to spend years learning 2D, just so I can always have a reference available for my hobbies
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What are you making? Pic related?
Welcome to the harsh world that is called real life, anon. A world where artists don't draw character sheets of the characters you like, and even when they do and it's some god-tier level art, they don't do it right all the way.

Along with all the in-betweens of not matching the height of two different perspectives, drawing stuff two different ways in two different views, not drawing important decorations/decals characters use in clothes on a flat, easy to use view, not drawing the hands in, etc etc. 3D modelers get the shortest end of the stick when it comes to modelling cute girls and the average artist isn't likely to change anytime soon.

I yearn for the day when companies start allowing their professional artists to put out their reference sheets for CG students. That will be a day I orgasm without even touching my dick.
I'd love to make pic-related.
But I'm talking about in general.

I'd like to make me some original anime 3D cuties that have great proportions.

I find 3D infinitely easier with a reference sheet though.

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Is there a way to make 3dsmax less painful to re-install after a format?

I like how in Maya has all it's stuff in My Documents. So I just back that up, reformat, stick it back in my documents and bam Maya is exactly the way that I left it.

Is there a way you can do this sort of thing with Max so I don't have to re-do all of my plugins, shortcuts, ui, custom scripts etc every format?
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I think you can set all paths in Max to your Documents folder instead of the installation folder, but it's still going to be a pain in the ass if you already have many files in default subfolders.

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