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Is anyone here interested in helping out with a SHAFT inspired VN? Particularly, modeling backgrounds with similar art direction to the Monogatari Series.

This is a personal project I've been working on for several years now, and we're currently booked for publication. There's a couple 2D Japanese key animators involved, who have worked on shows such as Flip Flappers, Cinderella Girls, and Kizu (in-betweens).

Also, giving advice on the backgrounds is an illustrator who's worked on titles such as Nisekoi, Monogatari, and the Madoka movies.

In short, the story is about a delusional man blowing up a Church with magical girls. Script's completed, with a story roughly the same length as 60% Fate/stay night.
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Money-wise, I can't offer much since we're on a very limited budget.

I can be contacted at [email protected]
Hey I remember you.

I can't model backgrounds for shit, but I remember the 2D stuff you posted looked pretty nice.
You also might want to try looking for people in places other than 4chan as well. Maybe try polycount, reddit, or something like that.

Good luck, anyway.
Are you just looking for 3D artists? Or programming as well? Let me know, I might be interested.

Can I import a Design Doll model in Blender ? (or Zbrush ?)
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yes, just export from Design Doll as .obj then import into blender/zbrush. Why would you though?
also why did you make a thread instead of asking the questions thread?

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why this board act as if doing anime waifus in zbrush is some magical secret technique only autistic japs posess?

so far doing the head seemed like the hard part, but is not hard at all.
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just stop
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post your normal work
Actually it is hard to do well as shown by your poor quality, unappealing sculpt.

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3ds Max Skinning character problem, wtf. Halp
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This fuckboi works in orthographic, he's already too far gone.

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>be me
>make a low-poly model ready to sculpt
>get into sculpt mode for the first time
>start to sculpt
>*Cursor moves an inch* *hangs* "moves* *hangs*

Srsly why is blender laggy and slow af when it comes to sculpting? My hardware specs are pretty o-kay too btw. I tried to sculpt a high poly ball thing in sculptris and it ran just fine.
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I think, because you may be using dynatopo, it is trying to recalculate multiple times to adjust. I suggest you first subdivide before using sculpt.
Maybe your pxl setting for dynotopo might be too low. Maybe you are also trying to do micro changes when you should be focusing on macro details and working in. .. there is a process.

Also, we can't really help you without system specs or a blend file. .. at minimum a screen shot.
Nvm I think it fixed

I made a fluffy pony model that's ready to be loved and abused. Whadaya think, /3/? :3c
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looks like fluffy is game ready
good work anon.
why are there so many faces on the parts of the hooves you'll never see
ugly as shit, autistic as fuck, not even modeled well. kys

Are there any auto-riggers for 3ds max that are decent?
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Mixamo usually do the job, sometimes you have to fix some weights, but other than that
Mixamo works pretty well for humanoids, would love to try Bones Pro but I don't feel like paying that much for it.
I wish they'd release a standalone program so I could pirate the fuck out of it

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Hey /3/ how do you make your faces?
Do you start with the mouth, the eyes, maybe a plane which you cut and shape like some kindergarten art period?

I'm completely new to 3D. This is the most daunting shit ever, because how you start your model will dictate how it will look in the end.

Post faces, tips, and other shit.
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I always start with a cylinder over the right eye. Easiest edge loop ever.
for the eye I just make a circle->extrude->scale up
>Find a face model that I like
>Tweak until I'm satisfied

There are literally thousands of face models that you can download. No need to reinvent the wheel.

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Any true oldfags here?
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I started with 3DS 2, not 3DS Max 2. Took two hours to render a 30 frames animation in 320x200 on a 486 dx 33. Does that count?
I dabbled already with Softimage 3D 3.7, Maya 2 and 3 Studio Max 1.2. On NT4 though, not on SGI. Just a hobbyist who likes to play with ahem 'liberated' 3D pro Apps.
I first got interested in 3d with truespace 3 and gmax, if that counts.

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how the fuck do I reach this autism level?
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Watch anime
you need drive

the rendering work here is insane, and that's not taking away from the great model

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Hello 3D wizards. Your help is needed, I'm planning a greenhouse made from Geodesic Domes for my future farming hydroponics business, and I'd like to talk to some of you about 3D modeling. I'm applying for a federal Grant for Urban Farming and would like to bring some 3D renderings to the table when I apply.

The idea is there will be 13 geodesic domes arranged in the pattern of Metatron's Cube.

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i'm sorry did you have a question or
i don't want to get real specific on how to achieve exactly what you have on the pic, its more to do with the segments on the sphere and the method you triangulate

>make a uv sphere, cut it in half
>use triangulate
>then use wireframe modifier

I think you'd be better of asking the guys over at r/engineering or r/Architects would be much more help to you since this is a real-world building that you're trying to build.

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Where can i find free displacement maps / height maps textures or brushes?
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Nice :)

What about brushes, little details shapes ecc. ?

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I want to sculpt some disney style animal characters but alittle more human than zootopia.
Does anyone know any good reference?
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>a little more human
Anon, just come out and say you want to make realistic pony pussy and benis attached to furry characters and we'll guide you to the correct references.

show us your bad dragon collection OP
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>animal characters
>alittle more human

is there a one button solution for rendering assets?

im fucking sick of setting up my shaders
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PBR materials friendo :^)
Looking for an Easy Button huh? Sonny you ain't gonna find easy in this part of town
Change profession
Closest thing you can get to one button solution is Keyshot

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Redpill me on Arnold renderer. Aparently every VFX company uses it nowadays. Does it difer in quality depending on the application? Planning on using it for C4D.
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i only know that it displays textures in more accurate way

im sure it has more advantages
Dead simple to use. Doesn't fuck up renders or crash Maya like Renderman tends to do.

Supports alShaders for that "holy shit" photorealistic skin.
This guy's YT channel has some awesome examples of Arnold in Maya and I'm sure it's exactly the same in C4D


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