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I've been doing 3D models for the remodeling company I work for for a while now, but I've only recently started looking into rendering programs to produce really high-quality scenes.

I was using V-Ray for SketchUp 2015, but they stopped supporting SketchUp in 2016 and 2017. Any recommendations on the best or your favorite renderers for SketchUp 2017 specifically?
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im looking at thea right now. not bad looking,impressive results all around
Among the dozens of renderers I found, Thea was definitely one of the most impressive looking to me, too. I just don't really know how to judge different products against one another besides their sample scenes. Before I spend several hundred bucks. haha
im sure there are free sketchup renders that can get the job done as well.

the thing is, you don't want a broken plugin in the middle of a paid job

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What programs can I use to extract WoW maps to make them usable in Cinema 4D or Blender? Machinima Tools hasn't been updated for WoD/Legion and Free Far Sight can't be used on anything but WoD 6.2.

Also, is there any way of exporting from Cinema 4D or Blender to Source Filmmaker?

I'm completely new to all of this.
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Pretty sure you can download WoW models off WoW Model Viewer, but it's been awhile since I used it
Yeah, I know how to do that. Just extracting maps is difficult. I don't think a tool exists currently.

Thanks for the help though.
Hey bud, Google taylor mouse adt script. I think it only works for 3ds max but that's how I've always extracted maps.

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wip shortstack.png
2MB, 1500x882px
Old WIP thread
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vk test 2.jpg
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Working on Virgin Killer sweater.
I get what your going for but that head is disturbingly large, your clothes are good though.
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p99 slide setup.png
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just bought a p99 so figured i'd model it

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I know i should go to /r/ but they fucking suck if you're not looking for porn.

Can someone point me to wherever i can download a duchamp's fountain 3d model (AKA the urinal) that's not in STL? i need it for a unity project and i cannot convert STL to OBJ or any other useable format easily.
I'm not a 3D artist otherwise i'd make one myself.

Can anyone help? thanks in advance
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why would u want that ugly thing in ur game bro?
it's not an ugly thing, it's art, and my game pretends to be a commentary on said art, or something.
It's never going to be art. I couldn't care less for its meaning, the dude just painted his name on an urinal. That's it. It's just a new way to accept mediocrity.

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vray guys,
I start to making a 3d rendering, useing sketchup and vray, what programs do u use? what u think about my work? what i could do better?
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I think that looks really really good. If it were me, I would make the panorama you used outside a bit more friendly to look at, I would make the wall on the left a touch less reflective and I would also but a bit of variation in the scene to make it look less sterile.

But none of those are objective improvements, I think it looks really good and definitely a professional standard.
thank you! thats mean a lot to me, because thats my like first render i really like

i use archicad, sketchup and then vray, learing vray like 2 weaks, i will post some other my work
add stock images of people in suits. adds more to it

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i got an email with an invitation to apply for job for a company that has an actual shit for a mascot. anyone interested?
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link here
>invitation to apply
why do people do this
Let me guess: you get hired to work remotely on a mobile game with the promise of profit-sharing after the company recoups all expenses?

I'd rather work on my portfolio and get a job with insurance.

File: Capture.png (1B, 486x500px)
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Update on my GPL engine.

Multiple object animation / skinning with Assimp is finally here (although not profiled and optimized). Why should you care about this? Well, I show an easy way to go about adding this to any graphics programmer. I wanted to get it out soon, so it still has some bugs like errors in the shadow map for the "elongated cube" and an issue of "tightening" around the joints. Bloom and SSR has also been disabled for now as I work on implementing better options.

Please check it out now at


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ssr fixed.png
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SSR is now up and running. On to improving the UI and animation blending.
I might be a bad meme but the extra bounding box might be from a parenting that you've done when you created the geometry in another program
File: aabb.png (142KB, 349x249px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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are you talking about this larger bounding box? That's the desired AABB. I'm trying to get it to move and scale appropriately when the bones move.

File: test11.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
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Threw this together super fast in daz on a bet. Please let me know which one is closest to looking realistic, or how I can fix one really soon.
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File: test11c.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
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File: test11b.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
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File: test11a.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px

whats the easiest way to make a serial plane in 3d to later be printed?
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Seconded for grasshopper
I've had good experience with 123D.

File: desk.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
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lets see /3/ workstations
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File: file.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
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Work blurred out because nsfw.
cleaned it up a bit, thanks /3/
How can people get any work done on these retarded little hipster keyboards?

File: houdini-logo.png (1B, 486x500px)
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in just 2 updates, Houdini when from "particles simulation generator" to full fleshed procedural modeling package

I'm not switching back

Procedural combined with non procedural is the future.

Having absolute control over mesh information is an eye opener for me.

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the only people who care about houdini are people who think that gay little particles are better than meshes
the No Man's Sky of modeling

you can literally create procedural randomized neigborhoods in houdini. you can set it up so that you just use MS paint to draw streets in red with the box tool and areas that houses can be in green, load the BMP into houdini, and have randomly generated parameter based houses, complete with furnishings, and all different sizes of formally set dinner tables, etc.

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Im strugling to make this kind of lamp. I know that most of you will flame me for not having enough skills, but right now my weak mind cant come up with any solution.

Can you help me /3/? Im using 3ds max btw.


Pretty please.

I tryed Twisting, bending, XXX and all sort of ways nothing good came my way.
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Just think how the topology could look like , then make the first part of the lamp thatyou can see and interpretate the other half of it that isnt visible, same for the other part
I really tryed my best efforts to do it, but I faild, this is somehow too complex for me.
I will really apriciate someone giving me more tips on this.

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It's out

The installer is the same for the commercial versions and the free Apprentice edition.
New builds are posted every day or two containing bug fixes:
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Houdini 15.5 worked fine.

Houdini 16 worked for a couple minutes, then crashed. Now it crashes whenever starting up. Gonna wait for a few builds.

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Every time I think I'm getting decent, I see vids like this and it reminds me how much work there is still to do.

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...in terms of what? This vid doesn't look particularly good.
you're just one person. this video was made by an entire team of people. each with there own dedicated specialties that they put into this.

you shouldn't compare your skills to that of an entire team of experts in their craft. you'll just make yourself feel like shit.
Anon...this was made by unpaid highly motivated individuals.


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Why the heck does my model get royally fucked up when I try to do a boolean union of 2 stl's?

I am using MeshMixer, and I am going to guess that it happens because the right side (rectangle thing) doesnt have too many triangles, so when I try to make them a union, it refines it to the least amount of triangles needed.

PIC related... My shitty union... How can I fix?
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This is what I want though
File: 2.png (41KB, 628x352px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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and this is the preview before I click accept... Which I guess i can work with, but it is not ideal.
Are the 2 pieces intersecting? Are the normals pointing in the right direction?

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